5 Hardest Pharmacy School Interview Questions and Expert Answers


5 Hardest Pharmacy Interview School Questions and Expert Answers

As is the case with many professional programs, to gain admission into pharmacy school, applicants generally must go through an interview as part of the review process. Whether this is in MMI Interview (Multiple Mini Interview) format, a traditional one-on-one interview, interviewing with a panel of experts, or any other interview type, you will likely face some tough questions. The interview is the admissions committee’s chance to understand who you are as a person – what your strengths and other assets are, what values you maintain, whether you’re a mature professional, how effective a leader or communicator you are, and so on. Such interviews are part of the larger process of “holistic review”, whereby candidates are evaluated on much more than their academics (though academics are still very important). Even your extracurriculars, work experience, volunteering and other efforts have already been examined at this point, via your application package, so your general interpersonal skills and overall demeanor are under particular scrutiny in the interview component of your evaluation as a candidate.

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