Sample Law School Personal Statement

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Students are always asking what goes into a great law school personal statement. After all, advice from most universities is vague at best. Take this zinger from the University of Chicago: “Write about something personal, relevant, and completely individual to you…Just be yourself.” For motivated students with the world at their feet, it’s a tough ask to narrow your character down into a few hundred words!

We thought we’d show you an example of a great statement that is “completely individual” but highlights the self-awareness, professional skills and writing ability that law schools in the U.S. are looking for. Feel free to use it as a template for your own statement (but don’t plagiarize, of course!). Read more…

What the &*#$ is the CASPer® Test?

what is the casper test, casper test, casper

What is the CASPer test?

CASPer stands for Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal characteristics. As the name implies, this is a web-based tool that is used by some medical school, nursing education, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary, and medical residency programs to gain a better understanding of the candidates’ interpersonal skills and decision-making abilities. In essence CASPer is a test that allows the admission’s committee to identify those candidates who posses the level of maturity and professionalism that is required of a professional school student such as a medical school student, nursing student, or a medical resident. Read more…

Top 7 Pro Tips For Turning Your Average Med School Personal Statement Into An Interview Invitation Magnet

medical school, amcas, amcas application, personal statement tips, medical school personal statement tips

Personal statements are a blessing and a curse for admission committees: on the one hand, they give them a better glimpse of who the applicant is than simple scores. On the other, they are long and time-consuming to read. And often, they sound exactly alike. On occasion, however, a personal statement really makes an applicant shine. Here's how to turn any average medical school personal statement into an instant interview invitation magnet:

Pro Tip#1. Tell a good story. 

Admissions committees don’t want your resumé in narrative form. The most boring essays are those of applicants listing their accomplishments. Remember, all that stuff is already in the “activities” section of application. Rather, this is where you should discuss interesting or important life events that shaped you and your interest in medicine (a service trip to rural Guatemala, a death in the family, a personal experience as a patient). One suggestion is to have an overarching theme to your essay to tie everything together, starting with an anecdote. Alternatively, you can use one big metaphor or analogy through the essay. Read more…

The MOST Important Quality You Need to Get Into Med School (Or Achieve Anything in Life)

medical school, how to cope with the stress of being a premed

There’s a phase in every pre-med’s life, we call “TOO MANY EGGS. TOO FEW BASKETS”. It looks something like this:

Assignment #2 is due tomorrow, lab report #3 the day after, and exams are just around the corner (the registrar has made an error, AGAIN, and three exams are scheduled on the same day, and they don’t give a damn to even respond to emails). Never mind the MCAT, which is fast approaching.

She’s just turned 21. She works one and a half jobs to pay for school. Not to mention, the research, the volunteering at the hospital and the 17 other extracurricular and club memberships.

Her emotional reserve is on “E” for empty. Emotional support? What emotional support? No one seems to give a damn.

One morning, she has to call in late for work, because an argument with Mom has turned into End of the World scenario. Read more…

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