Question 5:

The correct answer is A.

This is a “Reasoning Beyond the Text” question that prompts you to apply and derive concepts from the passage. The question asks you to find the best response which supports the practice that will best promote the outcome attributed to increased worker involvement in the production process.

A. When discussing the automated production process, the author mentions “encouraging workers at all stages of their operation to demonstrate expertise and responsibility.” Using a computerized bulletin board to share tips will allow workers to be more involved, thus this practice will increase worker involvement in the production process. This is the most suitable response.

B. Based on the passage, the author encourages workers to display expertise and responsibility. This cannot be achieved by being managed very closely without the room to develop skills and being challenged. This is not the correct answer.

C. Although involving workers in the hiring process of co-workers could be extremely beneficial in many ways, it has no direct correlation to the production process under question. This is not the correct answer.

D. While a profit sharing program may incentivize work ethic and increase the stake workers have in the firm, it is not necessarily linked to giving workers more responsibility or increasing their technological skills in the production process. This is not the correct answer.

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