Question 6:

The correct answer is B.

This is a “Reasoning Beyond the Text” question which will prompt you to be intuitive and derive concepts from the passage. Considering the tone of the passage and the author's claims, you must find the best solution mentioned in the answer key.

A. Although this appears to be a smart idea, remember, this is a question that requires you to derive concepts from the passage. The author only mentions regulations once in the entire passage and no mention of such policies. This is not the correct answer.

B. The author is sure to highlight the positive factors of training workers. This solution illustrates that workers are able to grow and receive training, but it also provides incentive to remain in the same company, as the workers may likely not want to repay the money. This is not a perfect solution, but it aligns best with the author's message.

C. As you read in the passage, the author encourages firms to train their own workers and would not likely advocate for this solution. This is not the correct answer.

D. The author does not mention cutting costs as a strategy that is effective. The passage encourages a more proactive approach of investing in formal training of workers. This is not the correct answer.

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