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Dear Admission Committee Members,

It is my great pleasure to write this recommendation letter to support Anna Smith in her application for your medical school program. Ms. Smith has been one of the best volunteer observers in my 11 years as a family physician at X General Hospital. In total, Ms. Smith has spent over a year shadowing me during the work process.

Ms. Smith is a responsible and reliable individual. She carefully prepared for each day’s work by familiarizing herself with patients’ history and diagnoses. She has always indicated a high level of knowledge about patient’s circumstances by asking me questions and giving appropriate advice. For example, after a patient’s visit, Ms. Smith accurately commented on remedies for the patient’s abnormal blood pressure. Her awareness and attentiveness constantly impressed me.

Ms. Smith demonstrated her dedication and compassion during patient interactions. She handled patients very professionally with a kind and welcoming tone. Patients personally approached me to compliment Ms. Smith on both her friendliness and compassion. She has a great reputation as being dependable and reliable among our patients and staff. Other volunteers and nurses have informed me about Ms. Smith’s friendliness and readiness to help, and I consider her a great team player.

Ms. Smith possesses excellent comprehension skills. She follows directions and requests with utmost diligence. More than that, she has been able to develop a highly intuitive approach to assisting me. Her level of knowledge and experience has prepared her to flawlessly support me in my work.

Ms. Smith will make a great addition to your medical school program. She is incredibly mature and responsible. Over my years in clinical practice, Ms. Smith stands out as one of the best potential physicians I know. Her attention to detail, compassion, and ability to learn quickly and efficiently endorse her as a skilled professional. I recommend Ms. Smith without reservation. If you have any more questions about Ms. Smith’s candidacy, I will be glad to help.


Name of Writer, MD

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