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Dear Admissions Committee Members,

It is my pleasure to communicate my support for the application of Jessica Stone, who I first met when she was in my Introduction to Biochemistry course. Although this is a large class with over 500 students, Jessica made herself memorable by actively participating in class and meeting with me several times during my office hours to discuss course work and her ultimate goal of attending medical school. Following her completion of the course, I took her on as a TA due to her academic excellence in the class and her motivation to mentor other students. For her efforts, she was awarded the X award two years in a row.

In addition to considerable intellect and exemplary performances, Jessica is a warm, engaging individual who teaches others by example. She is inclusive, outgoing and consistently exhibits motivation to learn. On top of her busy schedule, Jessica attended all lectures, three hours a week, and walked around the class of over 500 students to answer questions about concepts and problems covered. She came prepared for all classes and tutorials, having researched the relevant topics in order to provide quality help to the students. One of the most important factors that distinguish Jessica as being truly suited to be a physician is her profound passion for helping others. As a mentor, she was continuously attentive to the students’ needs. Jessica would go above and beyond to ensure every student understood the topics. I remember her walking around during problem sessions and engaging directly with students who seemed shy, asking them if they understood the material and if she could help clarify anything. She was able to break down course concepts to students by first understanding their perspectives and difficulties and then providing them with out of the box techniques and means of looking differently at a problem. For example, she would draw problems on her iPad as she explained them to support her explanations. Jessica was even available beyond classes to assist the students by email or on the TA Facebook group.

During her two years as a mentor for my class, she has proven to be responsible and trustworthy. Her positive energy and her willingness to collaborate brings out the best in people. Beyond class, Jessica was always reliable and dependable as she was available to help with extra work while demonstrating important leadership skills. The summer before her first year as a mentor, she took the initiative to help write and organize class documents and assignment corrections. She also contributed by posting weekly polls on the class’s Facebook group to understand what topics the students had the most difficulty with, then she spent time explaining them. She was always happy to assist with bringing materials from the office and volunteered to be an exam proctor when we needed help at the last minute.

In my years, I have never met a student who so exemplifies the combination of both facility in the sciences and the emotional intelligence required as a physician. She has already proven that she is genuinely interested in helping others and looking out for their well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica for admission as I am sure she will excel in her studies and positively contribute to her class and to the community. If you have any additional questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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