DO vs MD: What are the Differences and Similarities? Which is REALLY "Better"?

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We are faced with hundreds of choices a day. What toppings do you want on your avocado toast? How many shots of espresso? Do I share another photo of my dog on my Instagram? (The answer is always yes!) Making these choices are effortless, even instinctual. The choice you made to pursue medicine might have felt similar. What may not seem so easy is whether you want to study allopathic (MD) or osteopathic (DO) medicine.  It is a decision that should be thought of carefully.  Picking a school that is not a good fit for you could end up in disappointment.  Let us help you make an informed decision.  There are countless forums and opinions on the topic; so to cut through the clutter here is a straightforward guide to help.

Here is what you will learn in this post:

  • Similarities between MD and DO programs
  • Application and tuition cost
  • Salary
  • Osteopathic Medicine Overview
  • Allopathic Medicine Overview
  • DO vs MD, which is better? Read more…

Is Medical School Worth it? Or do the Costs Outweigh the Benefits?

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Hi! I know you! You and I are more alike than you know, and I am happy that you’ve found this blog post to help you in your quest to answer a burning question that you’ve been asking yourself more often than not, as of late. Throughout your life, you’ve been living behind the shadows of the old pretense of, “when I grow up, I want to be a…” but unbeknownst to you, that time has quickly come knocking on your front door, and it’s time to start making some adult decisions! Let me start off by commending you for taking the first step in the right direction, by being self-aware, and internally reflecting on where to go from here! Like most of us like-minded beings in the world, past, present, and future, those of us who walk into a cloud of fairy dust, and begin nurturing the dream of becoming a physician, have undeniably held onto this aspiration and vision for as long as we could remember. We’ve tailored everything in our lives to satisfy the path of this dream, from our birthday presents of a plastic stethoscope to our Halloween costumes, our high school and university courses, our extra-curricular and volunteer activities. Whether you’ve been inspired by a family member who is a physician, a physician that showed you infinite compassion, care, and kindness at some point in your life, whether you’re bewildered by the ever-evolving world of medicine itself, or you’re from the camp of souls that have fantasized about being your favorite physician character in a prominent medical-related TV Drama, you are undoubtedly very much aware of the pros that pursuing both a career and life in medicine entails. Again, I know why you are here! That slightly uncomfortable question keeps lingering in the foreshadows as you consistently give your all to climb the steep and long road ahead—is pursuing medicine REALLY worth it?

Pros of pursuing a career in medicine

Let us start off by listing some of the overarching pros to pursuing a career in medicine; first and foremost, from a societal standpoint, physicians are very highly regarded and respected. Secondly, the medical profession provides a great deal of financial stability, and Physicians are humbly aware that they can start and end their days knowing that they are continuously and positively contributing to the overall health, wellness, growth and betterment of their communities. There is definitely an infinite number of additional pros associated to pursuing a career in medicine, but there is a reason this question has been gnawing at your thoughts for a while now, and I assure you, I was right where you were before I chose to pursue the path to becoming a physician. I implore you to join me as we reflect on what many may view as the cons of pursuing a life and career in medicine, as the overarching downsides may be too difficult to neglect. Read more…

Comprehensive List of Easiest Medical Schools to Get into (MD and DO programs)

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As you probably already know, we help thousands of students each year get into medical school and sometimes students ask us for a list of "easiest" or "least competitive" med schools. The good news is that we have created such a list and we are going to share it with you below but first things first. The reality is that there's no such thing as "easy" when it comes to medical school and for a good reason too. As a future practicing professional you are going to be responsible for those under your care, so you have to be well trained and well disciplined. The journey is hard, long and very expensive. We're telling you this because we want you to keep this in mind at all times and whether you are our current student or planning to sign up for our services we want to make sure you understand that we only help students who are serious about becoming an outstanding future doctor and willing to do the hard work to get there. 

OK. Back to our list. There are 3 ways to look create such a list based on how we would define 'easiest' or 'least competitive' schools. This can be done using at acceptance rate, median accepted MCAT or median accepted GPA. We have done all three for you below. Read more…

Medical School Rankings List - 5 Important Considerations

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 Congratulations are currently in order because, you did it! You have proved to yourself time and time again, that all your hopes, dreams and aspirations revolve around becoming a physician. You’ve compiled your personal “why do I want to be a doctor?” list, you’ve curated your premed courses and have been raking in one exceptional mark after the other in your classes, you’ve been putting in your time learning about the profession of medicine, shadowing medical practitioners, and filling your days with infinite health-centered volunteer opportunities. Some of you here have come as far as already having written the MCAT! I’m happy you found us, because I know how you’re feeling right now. Us type-A personalities are always looking at our lives through the lens of the future when it comes to today’s decisions, in tandem with their consequences and repercussions. That pit in your stomach seems to be growing bigger and bigger by the day, as you try to navigate the inter-webs, attempting to read through a plethora of medical school ranking lists in hopes of finding the holy grail of answers relating to what medical school you should apply to, and how this very decision will inevitably impact the rest of your life/medical career! PHEW! That truly was a very loaded and heavy realization, wasn’t it? I KNOW how you’re feeling, because I was right where you were. I just wish there was a corner of the internet that existed when I was looking for such answers, instead of always leaving my searches feeling inundated. Here’s hoping that we at BeMo can serve as the vehicle in overturning that deficit for you wonderful aspiring future physicians of tomorrow, by virtually holding your hand, cheering for you on the sidelines and guiding you through this rather tumultuous journey! Let’s aim to feel less burdened and bogged down leaving here today, than you initially started! Who’s with me?

Still here? Well, let’s get to it! Something I wish my wiser and more experienced self today could have asked my younger-naïve self, years ago upon starting this journey is the burning question—does the medical school you attend truly matter when it comes to securing your residency placement for post-graduation, and ultimately set the precedence for the rest of your medical-career and life? In short; does a medical school ranking list truly matter? Let us slowly lead up to the answer, shall we? First and foremost, what can we all agree on that truly DOES matter? Read more…

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