7 Challenging Types of MMI Questions You Need to Know

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During your multiple mini interview (MMI), you are going to encounter many different types of MMI questions. Below we'll walk you through 7 common types of MMI questions. If you'd like to learn about the entire 23 possible types of questions including sample difficult questions and answers, click here to grab a copy of our MMI prep book.

MMI Question Type #1: Scenario Questions

In scenario type questions, you will be given a hypothetical situation and a role and you must discuss how you would act in that situation – what actions you would take, whom you would call on to assist, where you would seek information, etc. Scenarios are generally provided in text format, though video isn’t completely unheard of in these stations. These are questions meant to explore your critical thinking, adaptability, creativity, willingness to collaborate, ethical boundaries, and general knowledge of key ideas in the field (e.g., confidentiality, patient autonomy, etc.). These are the most common types of MMI station, so be sure to check out our sample MMI question and answer!

MMI Question Type #2: Policy Questions

Policy multiple mini interview questions will ask your opinion on important current issues – often, these will be related to your field or discipline, but they can also ask about more general current events. For example, questions about health care coverage are common in medical school interviews and Multiple Mini Interviews, and can also come up in veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc. Larger social questions, such as your opinion on “hot topics” in the news, may require some reflection on your own perspective as well as perspectives of those on the other side, showing nuanced, balance, mature reflection. If, for example, you were asked your opinion on the recent legalization of cannabis in some U.S. states and Canada, it is crucial that you demonstrate an understanding of those who disagree with you and the reasons why they disagree with you, before explaining why you think your own position is the more sound option. Read more…

CASPer Test Prep – The Definitive Guide 2019

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Overview of what you are going to learn:

1. CASPer test prep tip #1: Learn the rationale behind the CASPer test

2. CASPer test prep tip #2: Explore the CASPer test components

3. CASPer test prep tip #3: Understand the CASPer test format

4. CASPer test prep tip #4: Investigate how the CASPer test is evaluated

5. CASPer test prep tip #5: Learn strategies for how to prepare for CASPer in advance and get expert feedback

6. CASPer test prep tip #6: Review sample CASPer test questions & expert responses

7. Conclusion Read more…

How to Balance Life and Family Demands in Medical School without Working 24/7

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Image credit: Chris Price - https://www.flickr.com/photos/priceless_video/14777866300/

Are you a medical resident with a family, or are you planning to start a family while pursuing your degree?

As an academic consultant, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of supportive and reliable information for medical school students and residents with families, or applicants planning to start a family during their academic pursuits. In addition, I noticed through interviews that quite a few of my students had children or were on the path to getting married; therefore, starting a family within the next 4-6 years is likely not far from the realm of possibilities. In my own medical school class of 110 students, there were a total of 3 students with children in first year, and 10 by the end of fourth year. In addition, there were likely 5-10 other classmates who had intentionally put their personal family plans on hold to complete medical school.

Planning a family is difficult. There is no perfect sequence of events and there is certainly no instruction manual. Planning a family as a student or professional learner is a balancing act, perhaps even more so than for those with well-established careers. However, with a supportive network and an open mind, it is not impossible to meet both your personal and professional goals. Speaking from my own experience, medical school and the path to it is difficult. That being said, there are many parents who have traversed the road ahead and with it they have left behind some of their wisdom that I would like to share. Read more…

Medical Schools in Alberta

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List of Medical Schools in Canada

This blog lists the medical schools located in Alberta, as well as outlines some features of the province which should be considered by applicants prior to applying to medical school there.

A fast-growing province of over 4 million people, Alberta has 2 major cities, Edmonton and Calgary. Alberta is Canada’s hub of oil and gas production. The warm summers and cold winters, as well as the different terrains, from flat prairies to the mountainous Rockies, allow for a variety of outdoor activities. Alberta is ethnically and linguistically diverse, and would allow for an aspiring physician to practice in a variety of urban and rural settings. Read more…

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