Residency Interview Question #1: What do you do for fun?

Sample answer:

In my free time I enjoy kayaking. It’s something I’ve enjoyed for many years, being able to take a weekend away and camp and kayak and enjoy nature. Being out on the water gives me a great deal of peace and recharges my batteries. During medical school, when I had some free time, I would take my kayak out for a quick trip. The break from studying helped reduce stress and improve my mental health. In addition, it keeps me physically fit, which improves my endurance and focus. Kayaking can be either leisurely or challenging, depending on the waters you're in, so it does require intense focus, quick decision making, and the ability to read the water and adapt. It is a hobby that can be both mentally relaxing and mentally challenging, as well as physically demanding. I have found it to be an exciting and stimulating activity that keeps me on my toes.

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