Residency Interview Question #8: Why would you like to join our program?

Sample answer:

When I first started researching residency programs, this one made it to the top of my list due to the opportunity to learn from the best of the best in internal medicine. I like that this is a smaller program but offers diverse clinical experiences and thorough coaching from its attending physicians. This program’s board pass rate is also high, which tells me the program has excellent teaching methods for its residents.

My goal is to become a top cardiologist, and I know the best way to begin is by learning from those who are already at the top of the field in internal medicine. I know through exposure to excellent coaches and unique clinical environments that I will be fully immersed in everything this specialty has to offer. I am especially attracted to the mentor support in this program and the fact that the program has protected time for mentors and residents to have one-on-one discussion and feedback on a fairly regular basis. I think receiving feedback and being able to ask questions of my mentor are critically important, and it's a good sign that your program recognizes the need for this. The diversity of clinical experiences is also a plus for me; as your program is located near a large urban center, I expect there will be no shortage of new and interesting cases. Although I plan to pursue a career in cardiology, internal medicine is a diverse and challenging field, and being exposed to a large spectrum of patients and cases will only help me develop as a doctor.

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