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"Boosted me into an interview! I bought this when my school of choice announced it was implementing the CASPer. My stats are borderline but I got my interview invite! This book gave me a blueprint I needed to answer anything the test could throw at me. I was confident writing the test. The examples were great and the instructions on how to approach the questions were amazing. I would highly recommend this book." - Gregg B. (Verified Review on Amazon)

"There's nothing else like it! Above all, this book has given me confidence heading into my CASPer test (still haven't written it for this cycle). I did the CASPer last year without any formal prep. I found myself feeling the time pressure more than I thought I would. I usually don't get test anxiety, but I found myself panicking to write anything that sounded sensible. This book helped me be more systematic about my approach to CASPer. I particularly liked how it included examples of both "bad" and "good" answers. This really helped gauge where my answers fell and allowed me to identify which elements of my response were strong and which were poor. I recommend this resource to anyone planning to write the CASPer, as it provides a simple approach that can be used for virtually all CASPer questions.- Amazon Customer (Verified Review on Amazon)

"A very helpful book; probably the only one out there. I've applied to medical school twice now (including this current cycle). The first time, I took the CASPer test without any preparation and I did not feel good coming out of it. I got no interviews in the end (from schools that required the CASPer). I remember running out of time, not knowing how to respond to the tricky scenarios, and my responses were a complete mess. This book changed the way I approached the test. What I found very helpful was the "framework" suggested to answering every question. What really drove it to a 5-star is the sample answers given for the sample questions, and explanations on what is a good or poor response. This book really walked me through step-by-step on how take on each scenario/question the right way. I just wrote the test again a few months ago, and I felt very good about it this time. Let's see if I'll get interviews...:) - QC (Verified Review on Amazon)

"I love the book so much. It will even help with your MMI or panel interview. Tips in here are extremely helpful, and the questions they ask are very representative. The framework is so clever. really helps me organize my thoughts so I have something nice to write even when I don't know anything about the topic. It really improved my score I believe.The best part is all the useful example answers. I purchased the book in addition to signing up their prep program. Super helpful feedback. Love it." - Luku Liu (Verified Review on Amazon)

"Essential before taking the CASPer test! I really enjoyed the BeMo CASPer prep e-book! I felt much more prepared on test day after working through the book and taking notes. The e-book gave me a better idea of what the CASPer raters are looking for and what types of responses are likely to be flagged. This e-book not only helped me with my CASPer test preparation, but also showed me areas of my life in which I could improve my code of conduct to align my actions with my values and live a more ethically consistent life. I would highly recommend the e-book to anyone who is planning to sit the CASPer exam." - Natasha (Verified Review on Amazon)

"With so much to do as a part of the medical school admissions process, it's easy to overlook the importance of CASPer and its associated preparation. While many people may tell you that there is not way to prepare for the test, this simply is not true. Essentially, that's like saying there is no way to prepare for an interview -- which any med school applicant should recognize as being completely false. This preparation book was a great way for me to understand the right way to approach the CASPer test. With great advice and loads of practice questions with expert feedback, it was a great opportunity for me to hone my skills to be ready for my actual test day. It's a great way to get a better idea of what the CASPer test is all about and I would recommend it to anyone." Amazon Customer (Verified Review on Amazon)

"I enjoyed preparing for the casper exam with this prep book. It was straight forward and provided in depth guidelines on how to tackle different scenarios. Will be using BeMo for the MMI prep." - Ashley Henrickson (Verified Review on Amazon)

"I recently bought and read this book and I could say that this book especially its sample scenarios is by far the best available CASPer resource. I totally recommend it to anyone who is preparing for this test." - ST (Verified Review on Amazon)

"This is a great book to prepare for CASPer and provides a lot of information about what's CASPer, how it's structured and how to ace it. The chapter on scoring gives details on how the raters score the exam. Another excellent chapter is on Sample CASPer scenarios and gives examples of good and bad answers. It also includes two mock CASPer tests which is a great way to get the feel of the actual exam. However, I would suggest that to get the maximum benefit, use it with the online simulated exams in a timed manner to get the real feel of CASPer." - Kiran Fatima (Verified Review on Amazon)

"Worth the money! This eBook is essentially a combination of both their CASPer course training videos and plenty of practice questions. Compared to all of the other CASPer prep courses available, this eBook is definitely the best in terms of value. I purchased the book nearing the end of my training, so I used the questions more than the course. Still, it was very helpful as there are plenty of questions with expert answers plus an additional two sample tests. Would definitely recommended to anyone who is studying for CASPer." - Amazon Customer (Verified Review on Amazon)

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- The 5 problems with CASPer you need to know that are absolutely crucial to your success. (Page 3)

- How CASPer is really scored by the test raters. Hint: it's not what you found on that forum.  (Page 11)

- The 2 myths about CASPer preparation they don't want you to know that leaves your competition behind and gets the admissions officers fighting for you. (Page 19)

- 17 proven strategies to prepare for and ace ANY CASPer test. (Page 29) 

- How to choose the best solution to complicated scenarios that don't seem to have a clear solution that will completely set you apart from all other applicants. (Page 39)

- The #1 reason why you should start preparing for your CASPer test well in advance and how long it takes to fully prepare. (Page 20)

- Step-by-step killer strategy to breakdown any possible CASPer question. (Page 44)

- How to identify and successfully answer the 21 different types of CASPer questions including sample questions and answers. ( Page 43)

- How the test raters are trained to score your tests (Page 73)

- 36 challenging CASPer questions with expert analysis and answers - the answers are detailed and intentionally long so you can see how it's possible to provide many different types of appropriate vs. inappropriate responses to seemingly impossible scenarios (Page. 12) 

- 2 full-length CASPer practice tests designed by former CASPer raters (Page 131)

- How to show professionalism and maturity in your responses with this simple tactic that will not only help you score high but would literally change your life (Page 37) 

Here's what you'll get:

1. How CASPer is really scored by CASPer raters

2. BeMo's proven formula for acing any CASPer question,

3. 17 proven strategies to prepare for and ace any CASPer test,

4. 21 possible types of CASPer questions and how to successful answer each type of question,

5. 12 difficult sample scenarios with expert analysis and answers,

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7. a total of 108 sample CASPer questions,

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1. What's the catch? 

Absolutely not catch. We are doing this because we know once you see the value in this book + bonuses, you'll choose us to be your long term mentors.

2. When will I get the e-book? 

You'll receive the book instantly after successful checkout. We'll send you an email with login information to your member's area right away. If you don't receive it, please check your spam folder.

3. Is this the paperback copy or the electronic version? I don't like paperback books. 

This is the electronic version of the book. 

4. How can I receive the bonuses? 

After you sign up, we'll send you an email with your login and password details to your member's area which includes access to the book and bonuses. The book also includes details about the bonuses.

5. Is this book good for any profession and discipline?

Yes! This book is for anyone who is anticipating a CASPer test for any discipline. For example, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant, nursing, physiotherapy, teacher's education, optometry, and so forth. 

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