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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the consultation be online? I don’t have time to travel anywhere.

Yes, your written documents will be reviewed and returned to you via email. And if your program includes any one-on-one consultations, your sessions will be online face-to-face via video conferencing so you can take advantage of this program no matter where you are geographically.

2. Who are your admissions experts?

Our admissions experts are practicing professionals who are highly knowledgeable and trained specifically for admissions, including practicing professionals from top schools who have been on the other side of the admissions process.

3. Are your programs expensive?

No, our programs are very competitive for the service you receive and the way we stand behind our services. However, it could get very expensive if you get rejected because of inadequate preparation. This is an investment in your future. For every single year of delay because of a rejection letter, you risk losing at least $150,000 per year (very conservative average salary of a medical doctor), plus the cost of re-application process, plus the loss of an entire year, plus all the trouble of re-application. Additionally, we have installment plans available.

4. I have some more questions, can I speak to someone before I enroll?

Yes you can! Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We'll answer all your questions and create a personalized course of action for you to get you started.

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