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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the consultation be online? I don’t have time to travel anywhere.

Yes, your sessions will be online face-to-face via video conferencing so you can take advantage of this program no matter where you are geographically. If your program includes application review, your written documents will be reviewed and returned to you via email.

2. Who are your admissions experts?

Our admissions experts are practicing professionals who are highly knowledgeable and trained specifically for admissions, including practicing professionals from top schools who have been on the other side of the admissions process.

3. Are your programs expensive?

No, our programs are very competitive for the service you receive and the way we stand behind our services. However, it could get very expensive if you get rejected because of inadequate preparation. This is an investment in your future. For every single year of delay because of a rejection letter, you risk losing at least $250,000 per year (average salary of a practicing lawyer, depending on specialty and experience), plus the cost of re-application process, plus the loss of an entire year, plus all the trouble of re-application. Additionally, we offer interest-free installment plans to make sure anyone can take advantage of our services.

4. What does unlimited LSAT consultation hours mean in the Platinum and Titanium packages?

Unlimited consultation hours means that our admissions experts will spend as much time as may be needed with you to prepare you for your LSAT exam, until we are confident that you are ready, for one test date scheduled within one admissions cycle. Note that you'll be required to strictly adhere to their recommendations because coaching only works if you listen to your coach.

5. Can I enroll in the Gold program now and then upgrade to Platinum or Titanium?

Yes, you can. You can enroll in the Gold program and then upgrade to any program by paying the difference in enrollment fees. However, note that our Titanium or Platinum programs have very limited number of spots because of their consultation intensive nature and we normally reach full capacity before the application season is over so it's best to secure your spot as soon as possible.

6. How long is each session?

Sessions are typically an hour but sometimes they can be more or less. Our goal is to complete the lesson for each session and answer all your questions. As you progress, it is natural for session duration to decrease over time.

7. How does your 100% Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee work again?

On the fence? Take us for a spin risk free: If you’re not 100% satisfied with your first consultation session, let your consultant know immediately after your 1st session and before you say goodbyes to your consultant and we’ll issue a 100% refund. We’ll only ask you a few questions to see if we can help improve our services. Must be a new BeMo student who has never purchased any BeMo services in the past. The refund request must be received immediately after your 1st session, and your dissatisfaction must have been provided to your consultant before you say goodbye and before you book any subsequent sessions. If you do not request a satisfaction guarantee refund from your consultant in your very first consultation with BeMo OR if you book any subsequent sessions, we assume you are satisfied and would like to continue and are no longer eligible for any refunds. Additionally, if you have utilized any practice tests or Qbank questions, the cost of these materials will be deducted from any refund amount. Applies only to Gold, Platinum and Titanium programs. Fair enough? Let’s go!

8. How does the Whatever Score. No B.S. FREE Repeat™ Guarantee work again?

If you don’t like your LSAT score you can repeat your LSAT prep FREE on us! No questions asked. No fine prints. No B.S. To activate your repeat all we need to see is a copy of test date and results for your test written after you started your prep with us to show that you did indeed write your test.

9. How does your LSAT 175 Guarantee work again?

If you enroll in one of the eligible programs, we will help you increase your score by 10 points or your money back according to the following terms and conditions.

  •  If your baseline score is under 165, we guarantee at least 10-point increase.
  • If your baseline score is 165 or more, we guarantee a score of at least 175.

Visit our money back guarantee page to see the full terms and conditions.

10. How does your Get In Or Your Money Back work again?

That applies to the Titanium tier only which includes unlimited LSAT application, and interview prep. Visit our money back guarantee page to see the details.

11. What does unlimited application and interview prep mean in the Titanium program?

Unlimited Application and interview preparation means our experts will keep working with you until they are confident that your applications are ready for submission and you are 100% ready to ace your interviews.

12. I have some more questions; can I speak to someone before I enroll?

Yes you can! Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We'll answer all your questions and create a personalized course of action for you to get you started.

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