How to Stand Out During the Pandemic

Free Training for Med School Applicants

Dear 2020 med school applicant,

We are witnessing one of the worst pandemics of our generation. About the only thing on people’s minds is the pandemic these days.

Most importantly the academic life has been interrupted and you are probably worried about applications, MCAT, and interviews. You are also concerned that you won’t be able to get the required clinical, research, volunteer experience required during the pandemic.

But the reality is that if you have the right strategy, this is actually a Golden Opportunity for you to stand out, especially while your competition uses the pandemic as an excuse to fall asleep.

We recently held a webinar to talk about specific strategies for you to make your application stand out during these uncertain times and you can watch it below absolutely free.

During this free training we’ll share:

  • How to make yourself stand out from your competition
  • What to do if your classes have been canceled
  • What to do if the MCAT test dates have been canceled
  • What to do if your interviews have been canceled
  • How to gain clinical, research and volunteer experiences
  • And much more with the help our team of admission experts

Watch the free training below now because we don’t know how much longer we can keep this training up.

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