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Multiple mini interview (MMI) is the most dreaded type of interview format. But the reality is that it's impossible to get accepted without an outstanding MMI performance regardless of your stats and experiences. Whether this is your first MMI or you've been unsuccessful in the past you are probably feeling nervous because:

  • You are not sure how to prepare in advance and you feel intimidated by the format or having multiple interviewers;
  • You have a mental block and can't think fast on your feet to answer the challenging MMI questions fluently;
  • You're an introvert and hate the acting stations or some of the other unusual types of questions;
  • You don't have a specific strategy for different types of MMI questions;
  • You don't have perfect stats and don't want to give the admissions committee another excuse.

If some of these sound familiar to you, it's understandable because there's a lot at stake here. The good news is that most of our students feel the same at first. But we're able to help them improve their MMI scores by up to 27% fast. That's why we're able to offer bold guarantees. Let's find out how.

Perfect Practice. Perfect Score.

The multiple mini interview is a behavioral type test. You can't prepare for the MMI by reading a book, reviewing sample questions or doing mock interviews in front of the mirror. Think of when you learned how to ride a bike or swim. What did you exactly do? You actually got on the bike and went swimming and you had a coach to tell you what to improve until you got it. The MMI is the same. The only way to do well is using perfect practice. Realistic mock interviews, followed by expert feedback. Repeat until you get it. But there's more to the magic. Here's how our proven process works.

Ace Any MMI Question

We have identified over 20 different types of MMI questions. While it's impossible to predict the questions you are going to encounter on your multiple mini interview, it is possible to have a strategy to identify and answer different types of MMI questions. If you learn this strategy alone, you can ace any MMI interview. Period.

Calmer Than James Bond.

Most applicants are overwhelmed by the stress of multiple mini interviews. The get a shaky voice, sweaty palms and can't think on their feet because of this anxiety. We teach you proven long-term and short-term strategies to manage stress. So, when you go in, instead of sweaty palms, you’ll act and seem calmer than James Bond. 

Realistic Mock MMIs.

Learning strategies is one thing, immersing yourself in realistic mock MMIs is something else. We simulate realistic mock multiple mini interviews so you practice under conditions that mimic your actual interviews. This again helps with stress levels on interview dates because it would help you feel like you have already gone through the interview process. We can even simulate virtual MMIs.

Learn From The Best. Become Your Best Self.

After each mock MMI interview, our MMI experts will go over every single one of your responses and tell you what you are doing well, and what you are doing not so well and how to do better. This allows you to get better overtime by learning for your mistakes. We'll even identify any red flags. By the way, we won't be holding back because we believe it's better to know the cold hard truth now before it's too late. By the end of the process, not only will you have mastered your MMI skills, but more importantly you have learned how to become your best self for the rest of your personal and professional career.

Unlimited Practice. Unlimited Dreams.

While some of our students might be able to get a hang of the multiple mini interview within a few tries, some of our students require more practice. The cool thing is that we keep working with you for as long as necessary until we are confident that your interview skill is absolutely top notch. No more. No less. In fact, our MMI prep programs have been proven to increase MMI scores by up to 27%. Even a few percentage points can mean the difference between an acceptance vs. a rejection.

Top 5% MMI Experts.

Our MMI experts are actual BeMo certified MMI prep experts. We have a very strict hiring process that includes 4 stages of testing and only 5% of applicants who want to work with us get hired at BeMo. Even then they each receive over 100 hours of training before they are allowed to help our students because we will not compromise on quality.

93.5% Success Rate. 100% Convenient.

Everything happens conveniently online. You don't need to go anywhere and can learn from anywhere. We also offer flexible scheduling so you can learn whenever and wherever you learn best. It’s all simple and super fast. Now you know why we have a 93.5% success rate. If you are serious about getting that acceptance letter, schedule your free strategy call now. 

Proven Results. BOLD Guarantees

  • 93.5% Success Rate

  • Unlimited Preparation

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the consultation be online? I don’t have time to travel anywhere.

Yes, your sessions will be online face-to-face via video conferencing so you can take advantage of this program no matter where you are geographically.

2. Who are your interview experts?

Our interview experts are practicing professionals who are highly knowledgeable and trained specifically for interviews, including practicing professionals from top schools who have been on the other side of the admissions process. 

3. Are your programs expensive?

No, our programs are very competitive for the service you receive and the way we stand behind our services. However, it could get very expensive if you get rejected because of inadequate preparation. This is an investment in your future. For every single year of delay because of a rejection letter, you risk losing at least $250,000 per year (very conservative average salary of a practicing professional), plus the cost of re-application process, plus the loss of an entire year, plus all the trouble of re-application. Additionally, we have installment plans available. 

4. I have one panel interview and one MMI and one MPI, can I practice for different formats if I enroll in the Titanium or Platinum program?

Of course you can! If you are in our Titanium or Platinum program or any program that includes more than one mock interview, you can practice for different types of interview formats.

5. I don't have an interview invitation right now, can I still enroll to secure my spot?

Yes, you can. And we recommend that you start preparing well in advance because, depending on the school, you may receive a very short interview notice and interview skills take some time to develop so it's best to start preparing in advance.

6. How long will I have access to the online video course?

You will have unlimited access to the video course so you can watch and re-watch it as many times as you like until end of the current interview season.

7. Do the Titanium and Platinum programs really include unlimited mock interviews until I am ready?

Absolutely. If you are in the Titanium or Platinum program, we will work with you for as long as necessary, for the duration of the current interview season, until our interview experts are 100% confident that you are going to ace your interview. And this is a highly personalized program so the number of sessions and frequency varies for each of our students based on your initial performance and the date of your first interview. We only request that you strictly adhere to the recommendations of our interview experts to get maximum results.

8. Can I enroll in the Gold program now and then upgrade to Platinum?

Yes you can. You can enroll in the Gold program and then upgrade to any program by paying the difference in enrollment fees. However, note that our Titanium and Platinum programs have very limited number of spots because of their consultation intensive nature and we normally reach full capacity before the interview season is over so it's best to secure your spot as soon as possible.

9. Can I create a custom program with a specific number of mock interview sessions?

Yes, you can! Please contact us so we can create a custom program for you.

10. How long is each session?

The duration of the session varies because our feedback sessions are personalized. For example, if someone does really well during their mock interview, the feedback would be shorter, but if someone does poorly, the feedback session will take longer because we would spend more time explaining the concepts and point out strategies for improvement. Typically our sessions mock interview + feedback sessions take 1-2 hours but we don't have a strict clock ticking and our goal is to make sure you get appropriate individual feedback.

11. Are your mock interview and feedback sessions separate or conducted during the same session?

We conduct your feedback session immediately after your mock interview so that you can learn from your mistakes while the memory of your performance is fresh for best results. 

12. In what geographical locations are your services available? What programs do you support?

Our MMI prep programs are available all over the world. We have expertise to help you ace your MMI no matter where you are or what school and program you are interviewing at. 

13. How does your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee work again?

All of our one-on-one consultations are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your consultation, simply tell us immediately after your first consultation session, before you say your goodbyes to your consultant, and we will refund 100% of your investment within 1 business day. (Applies to new BeMo students only. Must be applying to a professional program.)

14. How does your Get In Or Your Money Back Guarantee work again?

In addition to the satisfaction guarantee above, qualifying students that purchase the Titanium or Platinum package will be eligible for the get in or your money-back guarantee. Terms and conditions apply. For full eligibility details, visit our money back guarantee page or contact us. Note: if you do not meet the guarantee terms and conditions you can still enroll and take advantage of the unlimited mock interviews however the guarantee won't apply.

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