The Vault™: The Ultimate Pre-med & Pre-residency coach

Available on a first-come, first-serve basis for max 100 people per month.


Here's What's Included (Limited Spots Available):


Instant Access to Top 5% Pre-med & Pre-residency Experts:

Up to unlimited private one-on-one consultations for your toughest challenges during your entire medical career.

Use your private consultations for anything you need during your pre-med and pre-residency journey.

Get personalized help with applications, interviews, standardized tests, and stand out at every single step.

Unlimited email access to pre-med & pre-residency experts with a 24-hour turnaround time during business hours.


Unlimited Application, MCAT, OSCE, Interview & CASPer preparation:

Unlimited access to the only realist interview and CASPer simulator.

Unlimited access to 10 panel simulations via InterviewProf®.

Unlimited access to 10 multiple mini interview simulations via InterviewProf®.

Unlimited access to 10 CASPer simulations via CASPer SIM™.

Up to unlimited consultations for applications, OSCE, MCAT, interviews, CASPer & more.


Ultimate Career Network:

Network with other aspiring and practicing professionals.

Online and offline exclusive member events.

Training workshops and masterminds.


Exclusive Bonuses from BeMo’s Secret Vault:

Get instant access to all of BeMo current AND future books.

Access to the ultimate pre-med & pre-residency accountability tracker.

Find the best extracurriculars to make your candidacy stand out.

Online clinical shadowing experts with DocShadowing™.

Get insight into the day-to-day life of various specialties via SpecialtyExplorer™.

MCAT practice material: Easy step-by-step lesson plans, & proven strategies to score 520 fast.


Loyalty Rewards & Bold Guarantee for Titanium, Platinum and Gold programs:

Get a whopping 10% discount from future BeMo purchases for becoming a member.

100% love it or your money back guarantee so you can give it a try absolutely risk-free.


50% Off for Current BeMo students:

Enjoy the reward of being a BeMo student by saving 50% standard pricing.

Save even more whether or not you are a BeMo student by choosing yearly membership


Ridiculous value at a fraction of the cost.

Dive deep into unlimited prep or start free with limited access if you’re on the fence.

100% value for 20% of the cost.

Cancel Anytime. No Contract. No BS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Vault for pre-med or pre-residency students?

The Vault is for both! In fact some students join us during their premed years and continue to stay with us all the way through their pre-residency years and beyond. Whether you are a pre-med or a pre-residency the are resources for you included and the private consultation sessions can be tailored to any needs you may have during your pre-med or pre-residency journey. For example, we can help you with your pre-med or pre-residency applications, interviews, and CASPer. We can also help you with MCAT, OSCE and whatever else BeMo has to offer.

What's the deadline to take advantage of this offer?

The Vault opens once a month for a maximum of 100 people. The offer expires as soon as 100 people sign up each month or by end of the day

How do I join the waitlist if the offer shows “sold out”?

Use the instruction to join the waitlist. There should be a link or a button for you to add yourself to the waitlist.

I joined the waitlist, how long before I get notified?

Usually, the waitlist take a few days up to a week depending on the number of people ahead of you. Note that once it’s your turn you will be notified via email so make sure you keep an eye on your email because you’ll be give only one day to sign up and if you don’t act by the deadline, we’ll regrettably have to give up your spot to the next person in line.

What if I want to cancel my membership later? Am I locked into a contract?

You are not locked into any contracts. You can cancel anytime using the cancelation button inside your member area or by simply contacting our support team at info[at] Simple. Please note that the monthly payments will stop as of your notice date. For example, if you provide notice before your next billing date you will no longer be charged. If you provide notice on or after your billing date, you will not receive any refunds for past payments, only subsequent payment will be stopped.

Can I upgrade to a different tier or one of BeMo’s other programs later?

Yes you can. Please contact our support team at info[at] and we’ll be more than happy to help you upgrade.

How long is each private consultation session?

Each private session is booked for an hour.

What can I discuss during my private consultation sessions?

You can discuss anything you like. This can be regarding any aspect of your pre-med or pre-residency applications, interviews, strategic planning, CASPer, MCAT, OSCE, other standardized tests and almost anything that you may encounter during your medical education. All you have to do is to let us know in advance when you book your session, so our experts know what to expect before your session.

How does your 100% Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee work again?

This applies to only Titanium, Platinum and Gold programs. Take us for a spin risk-free: If you're not 100% in love, let us know immediately after your 1st private session and we'll issue a 100% refund. No questions asked. Must be a new BeMo student and make request after the first consultation and before any subsequent sessions are booked or utilized. If you have utilized any practice tests, the cost of practice tests will be deducted from any refund amount. If you have used more than one private session, then we can only cancel your membership but cannot refund the fee for the months used. Fair enough? Let's go!

What does “unlimited” private sessions mean for the Titanium program?

Simple. If you are enrolled in the Titanium program, you can book as many private 1-hour sessions as you like each month for a maximum of one session per day based on availability. No B.S. However, note that if you book a session and don’t attend your session, you’ll be subject to a cancelation fee of $200 per missed session free before you are allowed to book any additional session and all your outstanding sessions will be on hold until the cancelation fee is paid in full. This is to make sure our session times are only booked as needed.

I have some more questions, can I speak to someone before I enroll?

Yes you can! Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We'll answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect plan for you.

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