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1. What are you looking for in a medical school?

2. If you couldn't be a doctor, what would you be?

3. How would your friends describe you?

4. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

5. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

6. If you were selected to choose three items for a time capsule to be opened in 500 years, what would you pick?

7. After your college experience, what would you look back and say you wish you could have done?

8. What makes a good medical student and what qualities do you have that would make you a good student next year?

9. Is there anything about your application that you'd like to clarify?

10. What books have you read recently?

11. Can you tell me about a time when, intentionally or not, you harmed someone else?

12. Can you tell me about someone you admire?

13. Can you tell me about someone you’ve mentored or coached?

14. What is one thing you wish more people knew about you?

15. Can you tell me about a time when you disappointed yourself or someone else?

16. What is the number one issues facing the practice of medicine today and what can we do to fix this issue?

17. Why don't you want to pursue other healthcare professions?

18. Tell me about [an item from the application].

19. What are you excited about in the future regarding medicine?

20. What was your involvement in a research project?

21. Why do you think you will become a good doctor?

22. From your shadowing experience, what was a behavior by a doctor that was inspiring?

23. From your shadowing experience, what was a behavior you saw by a doctor that could have been better?

24. Where are you from?

25. What are your hobbies?

26. What specialty are you thinking of?

27. What makes you mad?

28. What do you want to be when you grow up?

29. What is your favorite song?

30. Who is your hero?

31. What do you really dislike doing?

32. What do you wish you still did?

33. What is your greatest achievement?

34. What is something that you regret?

35. What will you do if you're not accepted?

36. How would you balance your outside interests with studying a degree?

37. How do you cope with stress?

38. What responsibility do you have?

39. What do you think will be your greatest challenge in completing medical school and becoming a medical doctor?

40. What have you gained from your work experience?

41. Do you read any medical publications?

42. Why should we choose you?

43. I see that you did not perform well on x section, please explain

44. If you were to do anything differently in your preparation for medical school, what would that be?

45. What do you see yourself doing in ten or fifteen years from now?

46. Where do you plan to practice?

47. What field of medicine are you interested in? What branch of medicine most interests you?

48. What is your concept of the doctor/patient relationship?

49. What makes you a better applicant than others?

50. Is this school your first choice?

51. What role have your parents played in your decision to become a physician?

52. What is going on in your life?

53. What makes you happy?

54. What concerns you about medicine?

55. What other medical schools have you applied to and why?

56. Do you think that doctors are being paid too much or too little? Why?

57. What questions do you have for me about our school?

58. Describe a typical day from your elementary school days.

59. What is your weakness that concerns you most?

60. What would your best friend say about you in convincing me I should admit you to our medical school?

61. If you could be any character in history, who would it be, and why?

62. How do you view abortion?

63. What are three things you want to change about yourself?

64. How would you describe the relationship between science and medicine?

65. Name something you are most proud of…

66. What do you think is wrong with the current health care system in the US?

67. Which languages do you speak? Why?

68. Which of your college courses interested you the most?

69. In your present living situation, how do you settle disputes with your roommates?

70. What kind of community/volunteer work have you done?

71. What is the most rewarding experience of your life?

72. Who is your favorite author?

73. Have you worked while you have been in school?

74. Have you had the opportunity to travel abroad?

75. Tell me about the most difficult period of your life. How did you deal with this?

76. How do you handle adversity?

77. Can you see other careers in which you could achieve the same goals or meet the same needs?

78. What steps have you taken to find out more about medicine/dentistry as a career?

79. How do you study? How do you manage your time?

80. Describe a situation where you've worked with people from different backgrounds.

81. What type of person do you enjoy being with? What type of person irritates you most and how have you dealt with these types of people?

82. Do you have any particular populations you would like to work with? Have you worked with this type of population in the past?

83. What problems do you predict that medicine will face in the next decade?

84. How did you hear about our medical school?

85. How did you study for the MCAT?

86. Tell me about a time you had to step up as a leader and it didn't turn out well

87. If you could go back and change your study habits, how would you change them?

88. What is one thing you would want us to know about you that is not in your application or resume?

89. What do you do for fun?

90. What does integrity mean to you?

91. How do you handle failure?

92. What super power would you have if you could pick one?

93. Name an uncomfortable situation you previously found yourself in. How did you deal with it?

94. How do you learn?

95. What is professionalism?

96. Tell me about a time when you had to think outside of the box to solve a problem?

97. Can you talk about a time you experienced conflict with a coworker?

98. What are the 3 worst things about you?

99. What are you afraid of seeing in medicine?

100. When have you overcome adversity? 

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