What to Wear to Medical School Interview

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The way you present yourself at an interview is much more than the way you respond to the interviewers’ questions. This guide will provide you with information about all of the important things you may not think about when preparing for an interview, including how to dress and present yourself professionally, how to minimize stress, and what to do before and after your interview.

First Impressions are Everything!

Studies have shown that the first impressions formed within the first few seconds of meeting an interviewer can set the tone for the rest of the interview. Your overall appearance and hygiene are among the first things an interviewer will notice. As such, you should present yourself professionally because you want to be remembered for your friendly personality and strong interview responses, not for your fashion statement! 

Attire Guide for Females:

Female candidates should wear a Read more…

Top 10 Tips to Get Rejected from Med School (and be Generally Unsuccessful in all Aspects of Your Life)

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I often write articles of the “how to” variety with strategies for admissions success, but I recently read a blog post by one of my longtime mentors about how to be unsuccessful in life. It inspired this blog post, so today I will give you foolproof tips to absolutely guarantee an unsuccessful academic and personal life.

1. Spend time on online forums. A lot of it.

Online forums are your best friends in the quest to being unsuccessful. There’s nothing less productive than browsing thread after thread of empty opinions from anonymous users (“BeardedDog” or “Premed101-Reject2095”, anyone?). If you are in it for the win (err— loss), try bickering with Read more…

When Should I Take the MCAT?

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One of the most common questions we get from our students is: "When should I write the MCAT to maximize my score?"

There is both a simple answer and a practical answer to know when it is the best time to take the MCAT

 The simple answer is that you should write the MCAT when you feel 100% ready to write the MCAT. Period. How do you know you are 100% ready? You know you are ready when you consistently score in the 90th percentile or above on your realistic mock practice tests. The keyword here is "consistently". That means if you scored well once, that's not sufficient you should score really well at least 3 times in a row to feel confident that you are ready and when that happens, you should write the test immediately. Read more…

How to Choose the Best University as a Premed to Maximize Your Chances of Acceptance to Medical School

Former Admissions Committee Member Reveals Her Top Strategies for Choosing the Best Undergraduate University and Program to Maximize Your Chances of Acceptance to Med School - (Hint: You do NOT have to do a traditional premed program or go to a prestigious university!)

If you are senior high school student applying to college, or a current university student considering switching to a different university or program of student to increase your chances of acceptance to med school, this one is for you.

As you already know, you must do really well during your undergraduate years in college to have a realistic chance of acceptance to medical school and one of the biggest keys to academic success is using self-reflection to decide what you want to study. Recall that medical schools do not have a preference between traditional, non-traditional, and mature applicants. This means that you have the option of studying whatever program you want and can still be successful while applying to medicine. The only condition to this is that you complete the necessary pre-requisite courses and credits and have fantastic grades and GPA. (Click here to learn how to maximize your GPA) Think long and hard about what you want to do. What are your strengths? What motivates you? What is important to you? What do you value? Just as importantly, reflect on what you do well and what program you think you can receive the highest marks. Also consider what program will allow you to dedicate time in pre-requisite courses and courses that are helpful for the MCAT. Read more…

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