Residency Personal Statement Examples

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Applying for residency is already complicated.  In addition to everything else you need to compile to apply, you need to write a compelling personal statement. If you are having trouble getting started, you are not alone. Many students find that the personal statement can be one of the most challenging components of your residency application. The personal statement can make or break your application. Get started on the right track by following the guidelines outlined for you below.  

This blog will outline what types of things to include in your residency personal statement. It will also give you 3 examples of personal statements from 3 different specialties written by actual students who matched into those fields. Use these residency personal statement examples for reference as you work in filling out your residency application.

What to Include in Your Personal Statement

Most residency programs, whether through ERAS (US-based) or CaRMS (Canada-based) require applicants to submit a personal statement or letter. Check out the definitive guide to ERAS here and keep your application on track.

Some programs will include specific instructions for what they wish you to talk about, while others will not give you a topic.

ERAS, as well as most CaRMS programs, ask that your statement be within a one-page limit, about 750-850 words. Please check the specific program requirements through the ERAS or CaRMS websites. Check out this definitive guide to CaRMS here.

Your essay should indicate why you are applying to a particular program and how you came to that decision. Read more…

MCAT Test Dates and Release Dates

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Planning for your MCAT and need to look up your MCAT test date? Below is a list of available test dates with their respective MCAT score release dates. Exams begin at 8 am and the score release will be by 5:00PM ET on the specified release date. For the most up to date information check the official website here. Testing dates for the United States, Canada, and International Testing sites are included for the upcoming 2019 test cycle. International release dates correlate with the United States release dates.  Dates will be updated accordingly.  Click the links for additional MCAT prep resources and help to figure out what is a good MCAT score. Read more…

What is a Good MCAT Score?

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The MCAT.  It can be scary, stressful, and nerve-wracking.  I'm sure you've heard horror stories from your friends and are determined to ace your MCAT. As you begin preparing for the MCAT you may be trying to figure out how to approach this massive undertaking. Everything you have done up to this point has led to this moment and your future depends on your score. But how do you even get started?  Years of undergraduate coursework tested in one 8 hour test day.  So now you are trying to sort out what's a good MCAT score. Figuring out what a good MCAT score is going about it all wrong. Yes, I said it. Wrong. Stop what you are doing and read this. Read more…

Navigating CaRMS: The Definitive Guide to the Canadian Residency Matching Service

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What You Will Find In This Post

  • What is CaRMS?
  • What is postgraduate education?
  • What if I go unmatched?
  • Application timeline
  • Pre-clerkship years
  • Clerkship Electives
  • The Application
  • Interviews
  • Rank Lists

This post will explain the process of applying for postgraduate medical education in Canada.  CaRMS is the online portal that applicants use to apply for a residency training position.  This can feel overwhelming and intense.  That is why I have put together this guide to help you and give you some insider CaRMS tips.  It will also cover what medical students can do throughout their medical education to prepare for your CaRMS application. These CaRMS tips and tricks will have you on your way to a stellar application.  Lastly, it will cover every aspect of the CaRMS process and suggest helpful suggestions to ensure your application is successful. Read more…

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