Are you the needle in a haystack? 

Would you like to help students, who are genuinely interested in becoming outstanding future professionals, successfully navigate their way through the maze of admissions process? Would you like to make sure no one is treated unfairly due to their cultural, racial or social status?  Would you like to help us create the next generation of educational programs and admissions screening tools?

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Here’s a little bit about us:

We believe everyone deserves access to higher education regardless of his/her cultural, racial or socioeconomic background.

You've probably never worked with anyone like us before. We're a dynamic team of practicing professionals, researchers, and scholars, with a passion to help students reach their academic and career goals. We often go above and beyond to deliver the best possible services we can to our students. We make sure we are highly knowledgable about the ever-changing landscape of admissions by studying and researching admissions trends. We're not just mentors, we're tech-savvy revolutionaries. We're creating the next generation of admissions screening softwares that are light years ahead of current admissions screening tools out there to help universities select better performing applicants while reducing time/cost and promoting diversity.

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