What you need to know to get accepted

without perfect stats or extraordinary experiences...

What Do You Need to MAXIMIZE Your Chance of Admission?

If you are well positioned, there are only a handful of things you need to do to get into to undergraduate, graduate or professional programs. 

But if you do get in, there is an AVALANCHE of opportunities that are going to open up for you.

This is called the ultimate advantage that will keep you afloat for the rest of your life. This is the ADMISSIONS ADVANTAGE™. 

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

ATTENTION serious applicant:

My name is Dr. Behrouz Moemeni and I am the CEO here at BeMo.

The most sought-after firm for competitive undergraduate, graduate and professional school applicants. 

If you are applying for the first time or if you have been rejected in the past, 

This probably sounds familiar:

  1. The writer's block: You don't know exactly how to write compelling personal statements, essays or list of past experiences for your applications. You never took any writing classes or you don't really enjoy writing about yourself. Most importantly, you don't know how to make your application stand out instead of being cliche and just like any other application.
  2. The choice overload: You don't know which schools to choose to maximize your chances. You don't know which schools are best based on your stats and experiences. You don't know if you should apply to schools in the US, Canada, the UK, the Caribbean, Europe or all of them. You don't even know how many schools you should target. 
  3. You are worried about your stats: You don't have perfect grades and standardized test scores. You also didn't go abroad to build homes for the homeless because you have been busy trying to get into med school. You don't know if you have had enough research, volunteer, clinical and extracurricular experiences. 
  4. The standardized test scares the #$@% out of you: What's this test and why are the "officials" so vague about it? Why do they pretend that it's not important to prepare? If it wasn't important to prepare, then why use such a weird test. You can't find any patterns and have no clue how to prepare in advance. 
  5. The dreaded interview: You get sweaty palms just thinking about the interview. "What are they going to ask?", "What if I can't think on the spot?" , "What if I say something stupid and get red flagged?" 
  6. You are running out of time: You are worried you won't have enough time to prepare for your applications, standardized tests or interviews, given the rolling admissions and the fact that you are still full-time in school or working to pay the bills. The application process seems like a full-time job and a half by itself. 
  7. You don't know who to listen to... Everyone and their dog seems to have an opinion. From online premed forums, to family and friends. Even your friends who clearly got lucky and got in, don't seem to be reliable. Everyone gives a different 'advice', yet nobody seems to have actually successfully helped anyone to know what works and what doesn't. 

Here's what's worse...

Even worse, you know that if you get rejected, it's going to waste so much of your time, money and energy. And not just the cost of reapplication but the cost of losing one year of income as a practicing professional, with an average salary of $250,000/year. You can't even think about what you would tell your friends and family if you get rejected. 

But if you get accepted, you'll enjoy...

  • The ability to have a meaningful impact on our society.

  • Having a financially and intellectually rewarding career.

  • The freedom to become your own boss.

  • The privilege to become a respected member of your community.

So what's the solution and why am I telling you all of this?

It's because here at BeMo we have helped  applicants get into any school you can think, anywhere in the world, and virtually from all types of backgrounds. We have helped first-time applicants and re-applicants. We have helped traditional applicants and non-traditional and mature applicants. We have helped applicants with fantastic stats and we have helped those with average or below average stats. Not only that, in the process we have saved them so much time, money and energy. We know what works and what we do works consistently. 

Most of our students start with a simple free strategy call with us first. If you are convinced, click here to schedule yours now. During the call, we're going to identify exactly what you should and should NOT do in order to maximize your chances of acceptance and plan a personalized course of action. Then if you are a good fit for our paid programs (most don't qualify), we'll tell you how our services can help you like they have helped  of other students (proof below).

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

If you are still on the fence, here’s the proof:

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

Imagine going on Amazon and seeing a product with over a thousand 5-star reviews...

We have thousands of such reviews on our website & TrustPilot.

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

You're in Good Company

77,648 of applicants around the world have used BeMo

This is why I created BeMo:

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

Here are the top 7 reasons why most students choose BeMo and why we have become a leader in academic consulting:

The ONLY firm with scientifically designed and proven programs.

The ONLY firm with a 100% satisfaction and get in or your money back® guarantees.

The ONLY firm that heavily invests in research and development of a new fairer admissions screening tool.

The ONLY firm with rigorously trained and tested admissions experts with over 53 years of combined experience.

We're not the best at everything but we are the leaders in strategic planning, application review, interview, and standardized test preparation.

Unlimited mentorship included with select programs.

Outstanding success rate.  

Most students know these facts about us and they have heard them from a friend because we have a 91% referral rate but what most students do NOT know is that BeMo is also popular because there are certain things we will NEVER do:

You will never have to wait more than one business day to get a response from us.

You will never have to go to our “office” because all of our services are provided conveniently online.

You will never have to make yourself available between 9-5 because we offer flexible scheduling.

 You will never be called our "client" unlike the other guys because we consider you our student.

You will never be encouraged to sign up for our services if you don't have a realistic chance of getting in. We cannot and will not try to steer a parked car or promise to perform magic.

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

Why should you sign up with BeMo instead of signing up for traditional coaching with someone else?

Most trusted name: we're not perfect but we have the most (third-party verified) 5-star reviews than all of our competitors combined.

24/7 Dedication: Unlike some of our competitors, we're 100% full-time dedicated to the world of admissions and our mission here at BeMo to make sure everyone has a fair chance of admissions to their dream educational program. This is not a second job or "side hustle" to us. We don't practice other professions in our day job. This is our 24/7 job. This is what we eat, breathe and live every single day.

Unlimited coaching: When you choose one of our Titanium or Platinum programs you'll get unlimited support. We'll keep going until we are 100% confident that you are fully prepared. No need to worry about the clock ticking.

Expertise: We know what we are talking about and that's what generates the word of mouth and demand for our expertise. For example, our Ultimate Guide to Med School Admissions has hit the #1 spot on Amazon's best sellers list multiple times and is voted as 4.9/5 stars.

 Experience: We help thousands of students every single year and we have helped students get into any medical school you can name. I'm not telling you this to brag, but I'm telling you this because I want to emphasize that what we have learned is based on our experience working with many students. We know exactly what works and what doesn't.

Sought-after by Media & Universities: Our expertise is sought after by media and even several universities. For example, I have been invited to write articles for Student Doctor Network (SDN) (here & here); BeMo's resources have been listed by University of Waterloo, University of Michigan, Emory University, and McGill University career and pre-health advising offices; I have been interviewed by US News and World Report (click here and scroll down to see my comments about the medical school resume presented in the article); I have even been invited to present at international conferences about admissions (click here to watch a replay).

Scientifically Proven Prep: Our programs are in high demand because they work and they work really well. In fact, we offer the only scientifically proven admissions consulting programs. You see, I am a scientist by training and I have been published in several peer-reviewed articles, have given a dozen of international invited talks, and I do everything like a scientist. This is why all of our programs have been scientifically tested and proven before they make it to market. Below is the result of a study we conducted recently with applicants in our CASPer and interview prep program. Our students significantly improved their multiple mini interview (MMI) and CASPer practice scores by an average of 27% and 23% respectively. And our success rate, for applicants in our Platinum program who are invited to interviews, is anywhere between 93.5% to 100% each year because when you are competing with hundreds of excellent applicants, 23-27% increase in your scores means the difference between a rejection and acceptance letter.

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

My final thoughts:

If you are completely satisfied with your strategies to get accepted and you are confident that you can get in on your own or with the help of Dr. Google or a random online forum, then our programs are probably not for you.

If you are looking for a magic pill or for cheap quick dirty "tricks" to get in, this is also not for you.

If you are serious about making every aspect of your application stand out - and as a result have schools compete for the privilege of having you as a student - and willing to spend the necessary time, money and energy, then this is exactly for you.

Since you have come this far, I hope that some internal resistance, procrastination or cost doesn't stop you. The cost of our programs is considerably lower than the cost of the re-application process if you get rejected. The cost is even minuscule to the benefits of becoming a high-earning, well-respected future professional. Remember, when you get in and become a practicing professional, you'll be reaping the financial and non-financial benefits for the rest of your life and you'll have bragging rights and the rightful sense of pride that you made the right choice to invest in yourself at such a pivotal moment forever.

So to make it easier, here is my guarantee.

BeMo's 100% Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee:

"If you are not completely satisfied with your first consultation session, let us know by end of the day of the same day of your first consultation and we will issue a full refund."

Click the link below to schedule your free initial consultation today. We'll schedule a time for you to speak with one of our admissions experts and plan a personalized course of action. Then if you are a good fit for our program, we'll tell you about our services and you can choose to enroll at your discretion.

We look forward to working with you. Welcome to the team!

To your success,

Behrouz Moemeni, PhD

CEO @ BeMo

UPDATE: Only a few spots remaining as of .

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