The BeMo® Diversity Advocacy Scholarship

BeMo to Offer Bi-Yearly $2,000 Scholarships to Pre-medical and Medical Students.

The scholarship will be offered twice every year with application deadlines on May 31st, and October 31st.

At BeMo, we believe education is your most valuable asset and that everyone deserves access to higher education regardless of social, cultural, economic or racial background. We also understand that the costs of tuition and application process to medical school place a significant burden on some applicants and their families. To help students and their parents in this noble journey, we’re excited to offer a $2,000 scholarship to those in need. The scholarship will be offered twice every year with application deadlines on May 31st, and October 31st.

Eligibility requirements:

All full-time pre-medical OR medical students in good academic standing are eligible.

Application procedure:

All applicants must complete and submit the following:

Applicants participate by joining our social media challenge #BeMoDiversityScholarship #BeMore. To do this, they must record a short video (1 to 5 min) and share it on their social media pages as per the instructions indicated below. You can record and share your video any time before either of the Scholarship deadlines, May 31st and October 31st. Winners are contacted directly and announced on our website on June 15th and November 15th of each year.

How to apply:

Step #1: Follow us on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

Step #2: Record a video indicating how you plan to help promote diversity in your school and community both during and after completion of your medical training. The video must indicate how the scholarship funds will help you with this goal. Your video must end using the following call to action to others: “Thanks for watching my video. Please support me and BeMo in our journey to advocate for diversity in medical education by sharing this video, commenting and liking the post. If you want to participate in the scholarship, go to”

Step #3: Once your video is completed, share it on your social media pages and in the description for your video, you must include #BeMoDiversityScholarship #BeMore hashtags and a link to our scholarship page ( The more social media channels you use to share your video, the more points you gain. Note that you must use your own, legitimate accounts, not fake ones and the post must be made public so we can verify the post. Recently created accounts that don’t have any friends, or any activity are not eligible. Use an account that you genuinely use regularly. The post must remain and left as public for at least 1 year on your account.

Step #4: Tag our social medial channel and as many friends as possible. The more people accept your challenge, the more points you get! You will also gain points with every like, share, and comment. If you are using Instagram, save/highlight your post on Instagram.

Step #5: Lastly, send us the URL to your social media post(s) for review at scholarship[at] Your post must remain on your account(s) as public for at least one year. 

Selection criteria:

We select the winner based on the impact of their proposed contribution to diversity in medical education.

We will also take into consideration the quality of your video, number of people who accept your challenge, number of people you tag, and how many likes, comments, reshares your video gains.


The scholarship is offered twice each year in spring and fall. The deadline for the spring scholarship is May 31st and for the fall scholarship is Oct. 31st.

Winners are contacted directly and announced on our website on June 15th and Nov. 15th of each year.

Applicants can re-apply each time with a brand-new video submission and social media post.

Applicants who have previously won the scholarship are not eligible to re-apply. 


All questions can be sent directly to the scholarship coordinator, at scholarship[at] . 

Past Scholarship Winners:

  • November 2020: Uduak-Obong Ekanem from Tulane University School of Medicine - Congratulations Uduak-Obong!
  • May 2020: Candace Osei from Clemson University- Congratulations Candace!
  • November 2019: Matthew Brown from Confederation College - Congratulations Matthew!
  • May 2019: Mahoor Javad from University of Windsor - Congratulations Mahoor!
  • Nov. 2018: Ariel Yang from Stony Brook School of Medicine - Congratulations Ariel!

Here's Who We Are & What We Believe:

We’re an energetic academic consulting firm, comprised of a team of researchers and professionals, who use a proven evidence-based and scientific approach to help prospective students with career path development and admissions to undergraduate, graduate and professional programs (e.g. medicine, law, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.)

We believe your education is your most valuable asset and learning how to become a great future professional or scholar doesn’t need to be complicated. We also believe that every student deserves access to higher education, regardless of his or her socioeconomic, racial or cultural background. Our goal is to create ridiculously useful (and scientifically sound) programs and tools that work and provide more than just some trivial information like other "admissions consulting companies" out there! We want to make sure everyone has a fair chance of admissions to highly competitive professional programs because when admissions is open to all, society benefits.

We do whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions…and then implement like mad scientists. We’re passionate about mentoring our students and obsessed with delivering insanely useful educational programs and we go where others dare not to explore. 

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