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BeMo is one of the most sought after academic consulting firms in the world famous for helping students get into highly competitive programs and its staunch advocacy for fair admissions. BeMo is the leader in CASPer test prep, MMI coaching, interview preparation and application review for highly competitive graduate and professional programs such as medicine, law, dentistry, and many other programs. 

We believe education is anyone's most valuable asset and learning how to become a great future professional or scholar doesn’t need to be complicated. We also believe that every student deserves access to higher education, regardless of his or her social status or cultural background. However, in our opinion, most of the current admissions practices, tools and procedures are not necessarily fair and for the most part out-dated and more importantly, remain scientifically unproven.

Our mission is to make admissions fair through our mentorship programs, free content creation, advocacy for access to education, and our research and development of the next generation of admissions screening tools that are better at selecting top performing while remaining fair to all applicants. 

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US News & World Report

Diverse Issues in Higher Education

University World News

Nature Blogs

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Admissions in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

Admissions screening

Higher education

Technology in higher education

Diversity in higher education

Our founder:

Dr. Behrouz Moemeni is the founder and CEO here at BeMo. He is compelled by a vision to change the education system. He believes everyone deserves access to higher education. Specifically, he is determined to create and provide admissions and educational training programs that reduce the social barriers at professional programs. He is also driven by a mission to create the next generation of admissions/candidate screening tools that are more fair, while technologically and scientifically light years ahead of current admissions screening tools out there.

Dr. Moemeni is meticulous about scientifically proven programs, services and products created here at BeMo. He blames this on his training as a scientist and he holds a Ph.D. in the field of Immunology from the University of Toronto. He is the recipient of 19 awards for his work during his undergraduate and graduate years, including the Prize in Biology. He has delivered several presentations at international scientific conferences and his scientific work in the areas of cancer biology and immunology, has culminated in several discoveries and the publication of 3 peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Moemeni has also taught a course at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and an undergraduate level course at the University of Toronto.

He is one of the world’s most expensive and sought-after admissions screening experts and is hired by institutions around the world for his expertise. His motivation-based admissions screening strategy has appeared in Diverse Issues in Higher Education, University World News, CMAJ News, and Nature Jobs. He regularly presents thought-provoking presentations to an international audience including appearances at TEDx WLUBrantford and Beyond Sciences Initiative. Click here to watch his TEDx talk.

Dr. Moemeni continues to make time to directly interact with our students here at BeMo and he takes their success personally and advocates on their behalf.

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