Our Culture

Our Vision

We believe everyone deserves access to education. Access to education is a human right, not a privilege. Regardless of race, culture, economics, sex, or age.

We want to make sure everyone gets to choose their profession based on their own intrinsic motivation, not based on outdated admissions practices that cause bias. You should be able to choose whether you want to be a doctor, lawyer, dentist, or a world traveler. 

We work toward our vision by providing world class mentorship, tools, and resources to help our students successfully navigate the maze of admissions. 

So far we have served  students and our goal is reach one billion students across the globe in 5 years.

Our Core Values

A great company becomes exceptional by living a well-defined culture. 

A code of conduct we live by, encourage, and cherish.

  1. Obsess over students. Our top priority is to provide absolutely the best services to our students. Everything that we do must help us provide profoundly better services than most think is possible, and better than what we did the day before.
  2. Act in BeMo's best interest. We put the team before ourselves to ensure that all of us succeed together. We bring in mature adults that can make good decisions based on this over-arching value. 
  3. Results/week, not hours/week. When things need to be done, we get them done. We don't care much about time of day or day of the week.
  4. Top performance, not average performance. A fantastic company is the combination of its team members. We reward top performance, not average or adequate, because our students deserve the best.
  5. Seek and give feedback. It's not possible to improve without constant feedback. We're totally cool to receive and give constructive feedback to everyone, including our CEO.
  6. Nothing is impossible. When we face a new challenge, we find what needs to be done by researching, studying, and collaborating with our team members. If there's a will, there's a way.
  7. Speed over perfection. While we don't do anything sloppy and pay a lot of attention to detail, we also don't obsess over perfection that can cripple our progress.
  8. Freedom of time and space. We don't believe in locking people up in an office in the name of "team building." We choose the time and space that works best for us to be the most productive.
  9. Everyone is a manager. With freedom comes responsibility. We own our results and take responsibility for our work. We are our own managers.
  10. Speed for short-term; patience for long term. When we make a decision, we take action immediately. We also understand that Rome wasn't built in one day. We are never going to be "done" because there's always more we can do.

How We Create

When creating something new, we first study what's already out there so we don't waste time recreating the wheel. Then we add our own magic and intuition to make it 10X better. 

We don't obsess over perfection. We set the wheel in motion, then we test over time to keep making improvements. 

We love split testing and it never ends for us.


Do you really let team members choose their own time and space?

Absolutely. Everyone at BeMo works remotely. 80% of all department also have autonomy of time. There is only one department that has to be available at a certain time to serve our students (Student Support) and they are also given some flexibility. All we care about is that our team members have access to a private room without distractions, high speed internet, an ergonomic desk and chair and back up plans for internet, electricity and computer issues. We also ask that our team members choose a time that allows them to collaborate with their team and focus on results, not hours. 

How does team building work if you are a remote team?

We meet online weekly for our general team meetings and each department holds its own meetings. Additionally, we have weekly "virtual water cooler" chats for every single member of the team to interact with everyone else and get to know each other. We also have quarterly dinners and lunches. Our quarterly dinners are in person in Toronto and we bring everyone together for a fun evening. Most importantly, because our work is integrated, we work with each other to create things on a daily basis. 

Can everyone really give Behrouz (your CEO) feedback?

Yes! Everyone at BeMo is encouraged to continuously give and receive feedback. Giving feedback is acting in BeMo's best interest because it helps the entire team. When we improve as individuals, the entire team improves. Importantly, no one is too good for feedback. Everyone from our CEO to our junior team members just starting their careers are expected to give and graciously receive feedback. Of course, while feedback is allowed, being a jerk is not allowed. Feedback has to be genuine and actionable. Those receiving constructive feedback should thank the team member who gave it to them and make changes to their conduct at their discretion. 

How can I join your team?

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