Want to know how to get into the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta? The University of Alberta law school is one of the top law schools in Canada, and among the most selective law schools in Canada per statistics. The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, located in the provincial capital of Edmonton, offers top-tier law education combined with an active campus life and plenty of opportunities for students. In this blog, we’ll look at the programs at the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, application requirements and statistics, application timeline, tuition and funding information and everything you need to know to apply.

Please note: although we have made every effort to provide the most accurate information, admissions information changes frequently. Therefore, we encourage you to verify these details with the official university admissions office. You are responsible for your own results. BeMo does not endorse nor affiliate with any official universities, colleges, or test administrators and vice versa.

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Mission statement

Within a vibrant and supportive learning environment, the University of Alberta discovers, disseminates, and applies new knowledge for the benefit of society through teaching and learning, research and creative activity, community involvement, and partnerships. The University of Alberta gives a national and international voice to innovation in our province, taking a lead role in placing Canada at the global forefront.”

Available programs and curriculum

The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta is the oldest law school in western Canada and ranked in the top 100 law schools worldwide. The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta offers a comprehensive foundation in the study of law and opportunities for upperclassmen to pursue specialties in the law with its three-year undergraduate Juris Doctor curriculum.

First-year students complete 7 core courses of foundational legal learning and have access to both a faculty member and an upper year student as mentors. In the upper years, students complete required courses as well as choose from a variety of elective courses which explore specialty topics in the legal profession. Students at the University of Alberta law school can participate in cultural exchange programs, internships, research projects or the competitive moot program, which allows students to engage in mock legal proceedings to get hands-on learning experience in a legal simulation.

Graduates of the JD program can also enroll in the University of Alberta Master of Laws (LLM) program or the Doctor of Philosophy/JD program.

As far as campus life, the University of Alberta is in the provincial capital of Edmonton, the home of the province’s legislature and legal hub. The University of Alberta is well-known for its numerous students’ clubs and exciting student life, whereas the city of Edmonton is known for its urban park areas, active arts and theatre scene, top-rated restaurants, and a vibrant sports community.

Admission statistics and requirements

Admission to the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta is very competitive. The average acceptance rate has hovered around 15% for the past decade, with an average of 160-180 students admitted each year. The U of A Faculty of Law has one of the lower law school acceptance rates, and it has high standards when it comes to applicants.

The average GPA and LSAT score of applicants are typically quite high, so the University of Alberta is not among the easiest law schools to get into in Canada. The LSAT is a requirement for all applicants, as is completion of an undergraduate degree, although there is no preference for the type of degree. Exceptional students can apply with two years of undergraduate study complete, provided their GPA is a minimum of 3.7 and their LSAT score is in the 90th percentile.

  • Overall success rate: 15%
  • Average GPA: 3.9
  • Average LSAT: 165
  • Location: Edmonton, Alberta

The application requirements for students wanting to study law at the University of Alberta are:

  1. Undergraduate degree or equivalent (minimum 90 credits)
  2. Official transcripts
  3. LSAT scores
  4. Law school personal statement (750-1,000 words)
  5. 2 letters of reference (Indigenous applicants only)
  6. Law school resume (Indigenous applicants only)
  7. English Language Proficiency Test (if your first language isn’t English)

Acceptance rate for the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta

Indigenous applicants are admitted through a separate application pool and must meet all of the same requirements as regular applicants. Proof of Indigenous status must be provided as part of the application process. International students are also able to apply for the JD program at the University of Alberta, provided they meet the same requirements as regular applicants and have the necessary Canadian study visa. Transfer applicants, visiting applicants and part-time applicants will need to complete additional application requirements. More information is available on the University of Alberta law school website.

The admission requirements for the Faculty of Law are quite straightforward and deceptively simple. However, the academic standards in particular are very high and the average competition is tough to beat. Many students seek out Canadian law school admissions help to coach them on preparing their applications and providing expert feedback. If you want to apply to the JD program at the University of Alberta, it’s best to focus on meeting the minimum requirements and putting together a whole and complete application. Applying early is also an advantage, as the application pool will only grow larger the closer to the final application deadline, lowering your chances of success.

Next, we’ll look at some of the selection factors used to determine admission decisions at the U of A Faculty of Law and some tips for strengthening your application.

Eligibility and selection factors

The JD program at the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta is an undergraduate law degree, but all applicants must complete the minimum number of years of an undergraduate degree or the equivalent credits before applying to the Faculty of Law. There is no direct entry for high school students.

The University of Alberta’s admissions process relies more heavily on grades and LSAT scores to determine a candidate’s eligibility, and the standards are high for academic performance. However, you should still submit a strong personal statement and perform well in the admissions interview if you are extended an invitation.

Indigenous applicants will need to submit a law school recommendation letter and a law school resume on top of the usual requirements. Recommendation letters can be written by employers, teachers, volunteer supervisors or similar. They should be written by individuals who know you well and can attest to your skills, strengths and personal qualities. Review some law school resume examples to get an idea of how to structure this document, as it should contain any paid or volunteer work experience, achievements and awards and any extracurriculars that help you stand out in your application.

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Admissions interview

The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta does not generally use law admission interviews for its regular applicants. However, interviews are sometimes used in the admissions process for transfer applicants and other undergraduate programs, so you may be invited to interview if you are an excellent candidate for the JD program. If you are extended an invitation, accept it! A law school interview is a great way to cinch an offer acceptance and show the admissions committee you should be admitted. You can use a law school mock interview to prep for a potential interview and rehearse your interview skills.

Tuition and financial aid

The tuition costs, cost of supplies and books and living costs are estimated to be $18,597.26 CAD per year to study at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law. This estimate will be slightly higher for international students to encompass fees, travel costs and accommodation costs.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta provides a cost-of-living calculator for students to use to estimate their costs of living and studying in Alberta. There are also numerous scholarships, awards and bursaries students are encouraged to apply for to help fund their studies. Many of these scholarships and bursaries are based on academic excellence or merit, so it’s a good idea to apply and explore as many funding options as possible. International students also have access to funding through the Canadian federal government. An international student scholarship advisor can help you find the funding opportunities available to you.

Application timeline

Applicants wanting to apply for the JD program at the University of Alberta should apply in the year before they want to matriculate. More information on deadlines, campus tours and information sessions are available on the University of Alberta website.

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Acceptance and waitlist information

Starting in November of each application cycle, the admissions committee will admit students on a rolling basis. This means some top applicants may be admitted as early as December for the following September term start. It’s best to apply as early as possible as there is a maximum of 185 students who are admitted to the program each year and the competition is fierce. All applicants are given the final decision by the first week of July each year, but those who are not extended an offer of acceptance may be placed on the waitlist. Applicants on the waitlist may be accepted as late as early September, so being placed on the waitlist does not mean you have been rejected. If you are placed on the waitlist, you can write a law school letter of continued interest to sway the admissions committee to admit you if a spot opens up late in the application process.

Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll need to make a $500 tuition deposit to secure your spot and confirm acceptance. A second $500 tuition deposit will be made later to confirm your attendance in the program. Both deposits will contribute to your total tuition costs.

Contact information

Official website: https://www.ualberta.ca/law/index.html

[email protected]



1. How hard is it to get into the Faculty of Law at U of A?

The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta has only a 15% acceptance rate, so it is quite competitive to get accepted.

2. Is University of Alberta good for law?

The University of Alberta Faculty of Law is one of the top law schools in Canada and is one of western Canada’s most prestigious schools.

3. What GPA do you need for U of A law school?

The average matriculating student at the U of A law school had a GPA of 3.9, so the competition is quite high. Its recommended you have as high a GPA as possible when applying to the University of Alberta law school.

4. What LSAT score do you need for Faculty of Law at U of A?

The average accepted student at the U of A law school had an LSAT score of 165, so its best to earn at least that score or higher to be considered a competitive candidate.

5. How long is law school in Alberta?

The JD program at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law is three years long.

6. Is the University of Alberta law school prestigious?

Yes, the University of Alberta is considered one of the best schools in Canada and around the world, and its Faculty of Law is top-rated.

7. What is U of A law school known for?

The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta is best known for its vibrant student life. The university has hundreds of student clubs, events and activities, and is located in Alberta’s capital of Edmonton, which boasts an active theatre and arts scene, sports community and top-rated restaurants.

8. What is the tuition at the Faculty of Law University of Alberta?

Students at the Faculty of Law at the U of A can expect to spend around $18,500 for their JD degree on tuition, fees and associated costs.

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