Wondering how to publish as a graduate student? Publishing in academic papers and journals is highly competitive but also crucial to your future success in your chosen discipline. Graduate students strive to get a few publications on their resume to advance their studies and increase their chances of landing a job after grad school. But publishing can also provide invaluable professional skills for students who go through the rigorous process, and its an asset on your graduate resume. If you want to know how to write a CV for graduate school, for example, its important to know how to include your publications and research credits, too. In this blog, we’ll look at how to publish as a graduate student, why its important, and tips for finding publishing opportunities.

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How to publish as a graduate student

As a graduate student, you might be wondering: how do I publish my research? Where can I submit my work? How do I get started? There’s plenty of questions and its not always easy to find the answers. If you want to publish your research as a graduate student, its the best idea to start as early as possible. Publishing as a grad student takes time, and getting your work approved and submitted to academic or research journals can take several months. Other than starting as soon as you can, the most important thing is to be well prepared and commit yourself to the publishing. It can be long and arduous, but publishing as a graduate student can be your key to how to find a job after grad school and establishing yourself in your field.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s a quick guide of what you need to do to get started:

Why publishing as a graduate student is important

Publishing as a grad student is important to your studies and your future career. If you plan to pursue a PhD, having some publications under your belt can help you get into a competitive program or snag a coveted job. If you’re enrolled in a PhD program, its guaranteed that you’ll eventually publish some of your work, and this in turn will help you land a postdoc position. Publishing as a grad student gives you some experience with academic publishing and builds up your professional skillset in numerous beneficial ways. Publishing as a grad student also allows you to share you work and research with the larger academic or scientific community and can contribute positively to your field of interest as well as your personal and professional development.

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Tips for publishing as a graduate student

Publishing as a graduate student is not easy, and there are many instances of rejection. Academic journals receive thousands of submissions, and very few make it into print. But its important not to give up. Publishing is extremely competitive, but many grad students give up after being rejected and lose out on other chances to publish. Always keep eyes and ears out for opportunities to publish and get creative with your research. It’s wise to keep a notebook with you and jot down potential ideas when they come to you, or do independent reading and research in your areas of interest to see what’s already been published and what hasn’t been explored yet.

Other tips for graduate students looking to publish are:

  • Invest in writing skills
  • Keep an eye out for calls for submissions
  • Look at academic journal databases
  • Talk to faculty or advisors
  • Co-author or collaborate

Keep in mind that your master’s thesis or PhD dissertation can also be published, as well as any interesting research papers or projects you’ve worked on. Remember that one of the most important things is to invest in developing your writing skills. Being able to write well and write persuasively can certainly help when writing proposals or a research interest statement, but its also great for writing submissions to journals.

How to find publishing opportunities for graduate students

The top places to look when searching for opportunities to publish as a graduate student are:

  1. Faculty, teachers, and advisors
  2. Conferences and professional networking
  3. Journal directories and databases
  4. Calls for submissions

PhD consultants and grad school advisors can point you in the right direction for finding publishing opportunities. They may know of the top journals to submit to or be able to point you to the right database or directory to sift through. Faculty of teachers may have connections you can exploit or be able to offer review services to help you polish your work for publication. Your professors will likely need research assistants as well for their own projects, which can equal a publication credit if you can contribute significantly to the project.

Conferences, seminars, and events are excellent places to network with your peers and colleagues. You might find someone you can co-author with, or you may hear about publishing opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Its key to get out there and begin building a professional network. Students can also sometimes submit their work to conferences!

Plenty of journals send out calls for submissions on specific subjects multiple times a year. Keep an eye out on the calls for submission and be ready to jump on any opportunities that pique your interest. There will be some competition here, but this is where superior writing skills and practice can help you out. So be prepared to get to work!

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1. Can graduate students publish?

Graduate students can and do publish their work all the time. While publishing is very competitive, and most academic journals have very low acceptance rates, its important to try to publish as a graduate student and many do get at least a few publishing credits by the time they graduate.

2. Where do graduate students publish?

Graduate students typically publish in recognized academic journals or publications, and sometimes submit papers to conferences or student forums in their specialized fields.

3. Is it important to publish as a graduate student?

Publishing as a graduate is sometimes a requirement, depending on the program, but it is important for students who want to pursue careers in research or academia. Having some publications can boost your chances of landing a job after school and develops crucial professional skills.

4. I haven’t been able to publish as a graduate student. What can I do?

If you’re not having luck in publishing, consider speaking to an advisor or a faculty member about your work. Perhaps you need to revise your work or choose a different publishing avenue for a better chance of success.

5. How many publications should a graduate student have?

Typically, PhD students have 2 or 3 publications by the time they graduate. Some universities have publication requirements for their PhD students.

6. How do you successfully publish as a graduate student?

To successfully publish, its best to start early and commit yourself to the work. Keep yourself open to any ideas and do your due diligence in researching the academic journals that might be best to publish your research in. After you’ve finished writing, its important to have your work reviewed at least a few times to ensure there are no errors or changes that need to be made. Once you’re ready for publication, be patient but tenacious as you may have to wait a while to hear back, and you may experience some rejection as journals have historically low acceptance rates. Its important to keep trying and follow up if you haven’t received a response about your submission.

7. Are publications good for grad school?

Depending on your program, publishing as a graduate student might be a requirement or highly recommended. Research experience and publishing experience can definitely be assets on your professional resume.

8. Can I publish my thesis?

Yes, plenty of graduate students publish their thesis if it has been developed for publication in an academic journal. If you want to publish your thesis, be sure to get it reviewed before submitting it for publication.

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