This blog lists the medical schools in Utah including their course requirement and admission statistics. It also outlines some features of the state which you should consider if you are applying to a medical school in Utah.

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Being the 13th largest state by area, Utah is a center of transportation, mining and is a very popular tourist destination for outdoor recreation. In fact, Utah is only behind California and Alaska for state with the most national parks. Utah's population is spread out over a large geographic area, and, with only two medical schools, any medical student can gain experience in rural medicine, alongside practicing in urban areas.

Medical Schools in Utah:

University of Utah School of Medicine

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Founded in 1905, The University of Utah School of Medicine's mission is to "serve the State of Utah, our medical school and the healthcare profession by admitting well qualified and prepared medical students. Through a holistic culture based on valuing teamwork, professionalism, compassion, and communication, we strive to select a diverse and innovative class who exemplifies dedication, service to their community and patients, leadership, research skill, and academic excellence." The University of Utah School of Medicine receives around 4200 applicants, interviews roughly 500 applicants and admits around 120 applicants each year.

Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine - Southern Utah Campus

RVUCOM's mission is "to educate and inspire students to become highly competent osteopathic physicians and lifelong learners prepared to meet the diverse healthcare needs of tomorrow through innovative education, relevant research, and compassionate service." The success rate at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is 6.1% with roughly 130 students accepted into the program each year.

Location: Ivins, UT

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