Examining nursing school application resume examples is a great way to learn about the key elements of this crucial component for your nursing school application. Along with your nursing school personal statement and nursing school letter of intent, an impressive resume will give a fuller context of your profile to the admissions committee. By now, you may be aware that the idea behind creating any resume is to provide information about your background in relation to the position or the program you are applying to. Similarly, your nursing resume helps in presenting your suitability for nursing. Without much ado, let's get started on how you can create an outstanding nursing school resume to get selected for your dream nursing school.

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What is a nursing school application resume? What to include in a nursing school application resume? What is the best format for nursing school application resume? Tips for writing a nursing school application resume Nursing School Application Resume Examples FAQs

What is a nursing school application resume?

As we already mentioned, the main purpose of a nursing school resume is to present your background, experiences, and suitability for nursing school. Whether you are applying to a nursing school directly after high school or after completing pre-nursing education at a community college, a nursing school application resume will help you emphasize relevant past achievements. 

The primary goal of every part of your application is to help the admissions committee assess whether you would make a great addition to their school. Take time to prepare your resume by calling attention to your relevant academic, extracurricular, and work experiences. A strong resume, along with an excellent nursing school letter of intent can convey your qualifications and background such that the admissions committee is convinced to select you. 

What to include in a nursing school application resume?

A nursing school resume should contain all the essential information about your pre-nursing background, including your educational endeavors and your work experience. Remember, if you do not have any formal work experience, your volunteer engagements also count. Here are a few major elements of your nursing school application resume.

Want to see a quick overview of the section below? Take a look at this infographic:

Contact information

The top section of your resume should mention your contact information. You must include your contact number and email address. You can add your LinkedIn profile URL to show your online presence and credibility.


An objective in your nursing school resume should be a short description of your skills along with your intent of joining a particular nursing school. It will give the admission’s committee a bird’s eye view of your profile.

For example,

Aspiring nursing professional with two years of volunteer experience in pediatric care, seeking acceptance to XXXX University’s nursing program.

Past work and volunteer experience

Nursing schools value candidates with practical skills. You should mention your past work experience and the organizations where you worked. Remember, it is not always necessary to have a paid job experience to list in this section. Volunteering at a healthcare facility and shadowing experiences work as well. Refer to your nursing school personal statement so that you do not miss out adding any experiences. Also, make sure that your resume and personal statement donot contradict each other.

If you have worked in a non-healthcare job, such as a part-time job on campus, you can mention the skills you gained that are applicable to nursing. For instance, the communication skills you gained in your part-time job as a customer service representative work for a nursing school resume because good communication skills and customer service skills are essential skills for a nursing professional.

Education details

This section in your resume should include the details of your educational qualifications for nursing school. Make sure to include your highest level of education and even your GPA if it is impressive. You can also mention the relevant coursework in your undergraduate degree. For example, if you have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, you can mention that you studied anatomy as a subject. The admissions committee can understand that you have foundational knowledge about the human body and are suitable for a nursing program. 

Nurse training certifications

If you have undergone any relevant training certifications, you should mention them in your nursing school resume. It will demonstrate your commitment to nursing and a proactive attitude. For instance, it is good to include CPR or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures training on your resume. Similarly, training certifications such as Basic Life Support, Certified Wound Treatment Associate, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, etc., are useful if you wish to become a nurse. Nursing training certifications will show that you have done the necessary preparation on your part to become a nurse in the future. 


You should add a separate section that lists your relevant soft and medical skills. For example, if you have experience handling medical equipment or conducting a medical procedure, you can mention that in the “Skills” section. Similarly, if you have developed soft skills such as managing a team or leading a project, you can include them. Remember, these will inevitably come up during your nursing school interview questions, so, presenting the admissions committee with these experiences right off the bat ensures them they you possess these valuable qualifications!


Did you accumulate accolades that you are proud of? This section is a great place to describe those achievements. For example, if you received an academic accolade such as Dean’s list, you can list that on your nursing school application resume. Your accomplishments demonstrate your eagerness to excel and your sense of purpose. 

What is the best format for nursing school application resume?

A reverse-chronological format is best for a nursing school application resume. A resume in this format starts with your most recent and relevant position or academic endeavor. This type of resume is useful in any field, whether it be an MBA resume or a nursing resume, because it gives an overview of your career and allows the admissions committee to understand how you developed relevant skills throughout your journey to nursing school. Start your resume by mentioning your latest work experience and continue to list your experiences based on recency. Similarly, in the education section, mention the degree you completed most recently and then go back to your previous undertakings.

Tips for writing a nursing school application resume

A great resume compels the admissions committee to invite you to a nursing school interview and ensures them that adding you to their school will improve the quality of their program. Here are a few tips to make your nursing school application resume better:

Nursing School Application Resume Examples

Let us take a look at some of the example resumes for nursing school:

Example 1

Andy Clamson

65, Sudbury Street

Detroit, MI


[email protected]



Recent graduate seeking a professional nursing program at Wayne State University to gain academic training in the field of nursing. Proven experience in handling medical emergencies with a sense of purpose to provide excellent care for patients. 

Medical Experience

Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI

Preceptorship Nurse, Month 20XX- Present

  • Assisted 5 patients above the age of 60 years, in walking and specimen collection, and received 90% positive feedback.
  • Updated information on vital signs and assessment results for assigned patients with 99.9% accuracy as observed by the preceptor.
  • Achieved an improved patient satisfaction rate by 50% in 1 month through my communication and problem-solving skills.

John D. Dingell VA Medical Center, Detroit, MI

Clinical Practicum in Acute Care, Month 20XX- Month 20XX

  • Responsible for the assessment and diagnosis of 20 patients with 98% positive feedback in evaluations.
  • Planned the daily care and treatment goals for 5 patients with a 15% improvement in recovery time for 2 patients.
  • Improvised patient care activities to reduce supervisor’s daily routine check time by 40%.

Other Experience

Wayne County Community College, Detroit, MI

Student Research Assistant, Biology, Month 20XX- Month 20XX

  • Mentored 2 junior assistants in preparation of lab materials for instruction.
  • Devised 3 new protocols for efficiency of experiments through an improvement in workflow by 30%.


Wayne County Community College, Detroit, MI

Bachelor of Science (Biology), Month 20XX- Month 20XX

  • GPA 3.8.
  • Relevant coursework in Anatomy, Pharmaceuticals Oncology and Biochemistry.


  • CPR/First Aid
  • Basic Life Support
  • Data recording
  • Patient care routine planning


  • Advanced Wound Care Certification
  • CPR

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Example 2

Jamie Owen 

994, Clement Avenue

Miami, FL

 [email protected]



Bachelor of Nursing graduate with 2+ years of experience seeking admission into the nursing program at SONHS, University of Miami. Practically skilled with patient monitoring and care in a clinical environment.

Medical Experience

Baptist Health South Miami Hospital, Miami, FL

Student Volunteer, Month 20XX- Present

  • Responsible for recording the vitals of 10 patients every day with an accuracy of 99.9%.
  • Assisted 18 patients with daily hygiene and personal care and received 100% patient satisfaction.
  • Removed peripheral IV under the directions of the daily supervisor.
  • Reduced delay in meal serving to patients by 95% by delivering food and snacks to them as directed by the senior supervisor.
  • Implemented routine check diagnostic procedures with 100% efficiency.

Holtz Children’s Hospital, Miami, FL

Nursing Intern, Month 20XX- Month 20XX

  • Assisted in reducing the severity of conditions in young adult patients post surgeries by performing 90% of medical assessments.
  • Worked with a team of 5 nurses in rotation to earn the trust of young age patients.
  • Reduced inventory shortage issues by 80% through constant communication with the inventory manager.


Miami Dade college, Miami, FL

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, GPA 3.6, Month 20XX- Month 20XX

  • Relevant coursework in advanced health assessment and community health nursing.


  • CPR/First Aid
  • IV Management
  • Interpersonal Communication


  • CPR


  • Volunteer of the Year 20XX, Baptist Health South Miami Hospital, Miami

Example 3

Olivia Jones

34, Pink Boulevard                                                                  


[email protected]



Graduate student with a passion for providing care seeking the nursing program at XYZ University. Exceptionally skilled in communication, teamwork, and clinical assistance.


  • OSHA and HIPAA Compliance
  • CPR and BLS
  • Patient Care
  • Data maintenance
  • Data reporting

Clinical Experience

Community General Hospital

Nursing Volunteer, Month 20XX- Month 20XX

  • Assisted in triaging patients and recording vital signs with an intake of more than 30 patients weekly.
  • Reduced errors in the hospital database by 60% through running accuracy checks.
  • Prepared patient paperwork for intake and discharge in 30% less time by introducing automated data flow through XYZ software.
  • Participated in routine checks with RN and supervisor.
  • Received 95% positive feedback from patients for daily care service. 

Baycare Health Network- North Hospital

Nursing Assistant Volunteer, Month 20XX- Month 20XX

  • Attended 10+ patient calls per night with reduction in turnaround time by 35%.
  • Assisted 7 residents with daily care activities and meals.
  • Observed vital signs in non-intensive care units and reported data to RN with 100% accuracy.
  • Moved and transferred patients minimum 3 times in a shift for diagnosis and general activity.


Alliance College of Nursing

Bachelor of Nursing, 3.9 GPA

Month 20XX- Month 20XX


  • CPR
  • BLS

Research Publications

  • Considerations of Control Conditions Designs in Trials of Exercise Interventions in Diabetes Patients, Journal of Nursing, Month 20XX


1. How do I write a resume for nursing school?

Your nursing school resume should focus on your previous study in a related field and practical skills that will help you in a nursing degree. 

2. How do I write a nursing resume with no experience?

If you do not have formal paid experience, you can mention volunteering and shadowing experience. Describe your accomplishments and learnings that would be relevant for a nursing degree.

3. What do I put on my nursing resume?

Start your nursing resume with a resume objective, and list your experience and education details. Mention your hard and soft skills.

4. How long should my nursing school application resume be?

Your nursing school application resume should be one page long. A resume longer than one page fails to impress the admissions committee.

5. Should I mention work experience on a nursing school application resume?

Yes, you should mention relevant work experience in your nursing school resume. If your work experience is in a different field than healthcare, emphasize the skills relevant to nursing.

6. Which is the best format to write a nursing school application resume?

The reverse chronological format is the best for writing a nursing school application resume.

7. How do I write a good objective for a nursing school resume?

Frame your nursing school application resume objective using 2-3 best skills along with what you would like to achieve using your skills.

8. How far back can I go in my nursing school resume?

Always keep your nursing school application resume as current as possible. Mention only the latest and relevant education and experiences. 

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