BeMo Academic Consulting ("BeMo") offers 4-months and 1-year research programs for premedical students looking to bolster their med school applications.

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BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. 

These literature review research projects are conducted 100% online. Here’s how it works:

A team of researchers will help each student conduct a research project on a high-impact topic of their choice, such as COVID-19, substance abuse, vaccines, diabetes, heart attack, cancer, obesity, and more. By attending guided workshops and completing training exercises, the students will learn scientific research methodology and how to conduct research properly, how to present their findings, as well as how to publish their research. Every week, students will meet with their supervisors to get guidance and feedback on their progress. At the end of the project, students will receive official certificates of completion that they can include in their medical school applications.

Dr. Behrouz Moemeni, PhD, Founder and CEO of BeMo, explains: “Research experience is a great way to stand out among thousands of medical school applicants, but you need substantial and quality experience in order to do that! Often, students find it challenging to find a supervisor; or they take on projects that are simply unexciting and unhelpful in building relevant research skills. Plus, it’s hard for premeds to juggle academic work, research, extracurriculars, shadowing, and so on. Our premed research internships are designed to help students not only to strengthen their applications but actually learn lifelong research skills they can use throughout their careers. We also want to accommodate them by offering research projects that can be done online, without wasting time or money or effort on travel and scheduling.”

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