Learn how to write captivating intros for medical school personal statements in this blog. Plus, read a sample personal statement introduction to get some ideas for your own!

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How To Write A Compelling Introduction & Opening Sentence


“I was convinced I was going to grow up to be a professional chef. This was not just another far-fetched idealistic childhood dream that many of us have growing up. There was a sense of certainty about this dream that motivated me to devote countless hours to its practice. It was mostly the wonder that it brought to others and the way they were left in awe after they tried a dish that I recall enjoying the most creating as a young chef. But when at the age of 13, my grandfather was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, I realized that sometimes cooking is not enough and quickly learned about the vital role physicians play in the life of everyday people like my family and myself. Although my grandfather ended up passing away from his illness, the impact that the healthcare team had on him, my family, and myself will always serve as the initial starting point of my fascination with the medical profession. Since that time, I have spent my years learning more about the human sciences through my undergraduate studies and research, have developed a deeper understanding of the demands and challenges of the medical profession through my various volunteer and extra-curricular experiences, and although it has been difficult along the way, I have continued to forge a more intimate fascination with the medical field that has motivated me to apply to medical school at this juncture of my life.”

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