Regardless of how many college essays you’ve written, if the idea of writing your thesis on your own intimidates you, thesis writing services might be exactly what you need. Your thesis will probably be the most extensive and challenging piece of writing you will ever have to face. It will play a big role in determining whether you will obtain your degree, so you want to make sure to have the right guidance throughout the process. Thesis writing services will help you choose a topic, manage your time effectively, follow the guidelines of the school, and conduct the right research, among other important steps of the thesis writing process. But how do you know if you need this kind of assistance and how to find the right service for you? This article has the answers to those questions and more!

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What Is a Thesis? Do I Need Thesis Writing Services? How Can a Thesis Writing Service Help? Are Thesis Writing Services Legal? Tips for Finding the Right Service for You Conclusion FAQs

Do I Need Thesis Writing Services?

If you’ve worked with a grad school essay tutor or a grad school admissions consultant in earlier stages of your education, you might already have an idea of what to expect from a thesis writing service. From how to find a PhD topic to adjusting the format of your writing to meet the school’s guidelines, your thesis writing journey will present challenges that most people can’t face on their own. By the time most students start writing their thesis, they will probably have acquired valuable knowledge of their fields of interest, but little experience developing documents of this magnitude. In a few words, they have never written a thesis before, and having experts to rely on is absolutely fundamental. Writing your thesis will require a very sophisticated set of skills that only an experienced academic professional can master.

What Is Challenging About Writing a Thesis?

The process of writing a thesis can be frustrating, yet highly rewarding. Your thesis is likely to be the longest and hardest piece of work you will ever have to face as a student. It is full of upside-downs and requires strong commitment, dedication and motivation. They often involve analyzing statistics, following strict guidelines, interpreting complex literature, and working in collaboration with others. You also will be required to find reliable sources and elaborate a literature review section, edit and format your work rigorously, and answer thesis defense questions about your thesis once it is submitted. But the main reason why writing a thesis is so challenging is that it has to be absolutely spotless. The longer a document is, the harder it is to keep error-free, and the average thesis is 100 to 300 pages long. Thesis requirements tend to be extremely demanding, and the stakes are sky-high.

Thesis Failure Rates

The number of students who fail to obtain their degrees because of their dissertation has always been highly intimidating for Master’s and PhD aspirants. The Council of Graduate Schools reported that only a staggering percentage of a little over 50% of PhD students obtain their degrees after finishing their thesis. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that half the dissertations get rejected. Out of 49,000 students attending 30 institutions, only 56.6% completed the program successfully, meaning that a good portion of the other half might also be composed by students who simply dropped out. Statistics shouldn’t discourage you, but rather motivate you to do everything in your power to become a part of that 56.6%!

How Can a Thesis Writing Service Help?

1. Topic Selection

One of the main graduate school interview questions you were probably asked during your admissions interview, was about your research interests. You might even have covered the subject in your statement of purpose, research interest statement or even in your CV for graduate school. Most students tend to have a topic in mind since way before they finally face the challenge of writing their thesis, and don’t need to hire a service to help them make up their minds. However, many of them make the mistake of biting more than they can chew. At first, most students choose topics that are too broad or impossible to cover with the time and resources they have. Thesis writing services can help you narrow down the scope of your research by helping you come up with more specific themes. Your topic should be narrow enough to allow extensive and thorough research without becoming overwhelmed by the volume of materials in the process.

2. Time Management

At the very beginning of your thesis writing process, when you still have several months ahead, it is normal to feel like you have time to spare. But the truth is that there is never enough time. Writing a thesis is extremely time-consuming and the research that needs to be conducted before and during the writing process can take up a good fraction of that time. Procrastination is another common struggle among students, as they are tempted to put off challenging aspects of their dissertation. A grad school advisor can help you overcome this obstacle by helping you design an effective work calendar for you to focus on a single objective at a time. Moreover, even though they can’t control the progress you make at home, they can help you catch up during your one-on-one sessions and provide you with strategies to maintain an efficient work rhythm. Experts know exactly how you should accommodate your priorities so that you don’t get stuck on issues you can’t solve without solving others first. Organizing your time and your tasks efficiently will make the process go much more smoothly.

3. Research

The research part can be harder and more time-consuming than the writing itself. Even if you have already chosen a topic, your thesis might end up going in a completely different direction after analyzing certain sources. Getting carried away during your research process is extremely easy, and sooner or later, most students lose track of the areas of knowledge they’ve already covered. Dissertations also involve high volumes of literature, which is not only hard to cover, but also hard to interpret. You need to be able to place the literature within the context of your thesis in a way that makes sense for the reader, while making a genuine contribution to your study.

While researching is something you will have to do on your own, your thesis supervisor can help you by recommending materials, interpreting the literature, and suggesting relevant topics, statistics or hypothesis. They can also help you build the literature review section and the references section at the end of your dissertation. However, given the number of students they have to pay attention to, it is nearly impossible for them to dedicate enough time to each one of them individually. This is when thesis writing services come in handy. You will be able to resort to experts whenever you need, and obtain feedback and tips on how to keep track of your sources and organize your research materials in the best way possible.

Looking for thesis writing tips? These college essay tips are helpful for thesis writing too:

4. Personalized Feedback

Working so hard on your thesis and putting so much effort and dedication into it can make it difficult for you to receive feedback without getting frustrated, discouraged, or defensive. But the truth is that every text needs a second set of eyes, and without personalized feedback, you won’t be able to identify the aspects of your thesis that you need to focus on. The first thing that a thesis advisor is likely to do is tell you which parts of your thesis are not clear. Some things might be obvious to you because you spent countless hours researching your topic, but they might not make sense to someone that doesn’t have your knowledge.

Thesis writing services are meant to guide you by highlighting those aspects of your writing that are correct, and those that need improvement, so having one-on-one sessions with an expert academic writer will make a huge impact on the quality of your final draft. Feedback is not always easy to handle, but it is fundamental to improve one’s skills.

5. Formatting

Every school provides a unique and very strict set of guidelines. These style guides are long and detailed, and following them is much harder than most people imagine.

Style guides usually cover:

Implementing so many rules and getting your thesis to fit exactly the format they are looking for is next to impossible if you are not used to following such specific writing instructions, especially considering you still have to focus on the quality of your research.

Formatting is one of the main issues students face when they start writing their thesis. Thesis writing services can handle that for you, by proofreading your work and making sure it meets the standards of the school you’re applying to. Formatting guidelines are especially hard to follow if you don’t master the software you are using to write your thesis. Programs such as Microsoft Word might seem intuitive, but not everyone knows how to carry out simple tasks such as customizing page numbers for each section of the document, or adding footnotes properly. Moreover, any thesis will include at least a few tables and charts, which are not easy to design without a solid knowledge of the tools you’re working with. The ideal thesis writing service should offer the technical expertise needed to get the most out of your word processor of choice. 

Are Thesis Writing Services Legal?

There is no denying that thesis writing services and capstone project writing services are booming as an industry. This is due to the fact that students do not tend to have enough support from their academic supervisors. Getting professors to set aside the time to sit with each individual student to provide personalized guidance is not realistic for most schools, so students have to find that support elsewhere. However, many people question the legitimacy of thesis writing services.

Can you simply pay someone to write your thesis for you, or even buy a thesis that was already written by someone else? Well, what genuine thesis writing services offer is completely different. Using someone else’s work as your own is considered a severe academic misconduct and can lead to a variety of consequences, such as getting expelled from your school, or facing legal issues related to fraud and copyright violations. Your work should always be 100% original and thesis writing services should only be used as a source of guidance and support.

Looking for help with thesis defense questions? Check out this infographic for tips!

Tips for Finding the Right Service for You


You shouldn’t hesitate hiring thesis writing services if you’ve never embarked on a thesis-writing journey before. Thesis writing services are completely legal and ethical, as long as you do your own work and hire the right professionals. To find the perfect service for you, check their reviews to find out what previous clients have to say, read their qualifications carefully, and make sure your thesis is going to be in the right hands by asking them about their confidentiality policies. Working one-on-one with an expert who can provide personalized feedback will help you take your thesis to the next level and obtain your degree!


1. Do I need thesis writing services?

You probably do! Thesis writing services will be essential for you if you lack the tools or the knowledge to take on such a challenging project. From choosing a topic to proofreading your work and making sure it meets the school’s guidelines, your thesis will require an incredible amount of time, effort, and skills that not everyone has. Thesis writing services can provide guidance and support throughout the process.

2. Can I pay someone to write my thesis for me?

Paying someone to do the work for you is unethical and strictly discouraged. You are the author of your work. It should be original and you should never take credit for what someone else wrote.

3. Will I get caught if I buy an essay online?

Technology has provided us with countless tools to detect plagiarism. What’s more, if you bought an essay online because it was cheap, it is likely to have a very questionable quality. The consequences of getting caught stealing someone else’s work are severe and not at all worth the risk. Committing fraud can ruin your academic and professional reputation forever.

4. What can thesis writing services help me with?

Thesis writing services will help you choose the topic of your thesis, structure your research, interpret the literature, build charts and tables with statistics, follow the style guide of your school, manage your time more effectively, and proofread your work as many times as needed once your thesis is finished. They should go through the whole process with you and offer you support the whole time.

5. How do I know if a thesis writing service is legit?

Unfortunately, there are many websites offering services that are unethical, or even worse, an absolute scam. To check the legitimacy of a thesis writing service, you should check out their reviews to see what previous clients can tell you about them. You can also ask the company about their fees, their conditions, and what their services include.

6. How long should my thesis be?

This will depend on your school’s guidelines, which should be easily found online. Thesis or dissertations are usually between 100 and 300 pages long, although this number can greatly vary depending on your field and your degree.

7. Can other people use my thesis?

No. You own copyright of your thesis, which means you, as the author, have the right to use, reproduce, and publish your thesis. However, your thesis might include third-party copyright material, which is copyright material created by other people, in which case you will need to seek permission to use their work, just like you need to grant yours to whoever wants to use your thesis.

8. I can’t handle negative feedback, what can I do?

Always stay open to suggestions. Handling feedback and getting the most out of it takes more time and practice than you’d think. If you’re not pleased or if you don’t agree with the feedback you received, start by asking as many questions as you need. Once you understand the editor’s comments, you will be in a better position to decide whether that feedback was constructive or destructive. Whatever you do, don’t take it personally!

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