What’s the best MCAT private tutoring service? Finding the best MCAT private tutor is an important part of your MCAT prep if you want to earn a high MCAT score or increase your chances of getting into a top-tier med school. Some students also consider hiring an MCAT CARS tutor just for that specific section of this notoriously difficult exam. In this blog, we’ll explore how MCAT private tutoring can help you, its advantages over other types MCAT prep, and how to choose the best MCAT private tutoring service.

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Is MCAT Private Tutoring Worth It?

Every student getting ready to face the MCAT wants to know if MCAT private tutoring is worth it. In most cases, the answer is yes. It’s a difficult exam, and an important one. How hard is the MCAT? The MCAT is a crucial part of applying for medical school and studying for the test is arguably the biggest challenge for pre-med students.

Dr. Monica Taneja shares her experience on whether the MCAT is the be all, end all of medical school admissions:

“MCAT and GPA are important as screening tools. They won’t be the end all for you to get in or be rejected from a school, but they are often that first look.” – Dr. Monica Taneja, MD, University of Maryland School of Medicine

It's no wonder that students want all the extra assistance they can get when preparing for the MCAT. The big question is: is MCAT private tutoring the best MCAT prep? And if so, how do you find the best MCAT tutor?

In fact, some students choose to postpone their futures because their MCAT score is not good enough. A tutor can help mitigate this kind of situation!

“I was not confident with my MCAT score so I did not submit by application” – Cadan, BeMo student

And a poor score can really affect your confidence:

“I currently am discouraged, even though I know it wouldn't be likely to get in on my first application cycle. But, I will apply again even though I am dreading having to redo MCAT” – Alexander, BeMo student.

But with the help of our MCAT private tutoring services, thousands of students have gotten their desired MCAT score and went on to apply and get accepted to their top choice:

“Hi, I'm Edmund and I had an onboarding session with Tyler Chiasson. He is a very knowledgeable person about MCAT, very patient and could listen to my input. He was on time, very smart and took me through every component of MCAT and what needs to be done and how perfectly to prepare. I enjoyed the whole hour with him and he assured me of the best results provided I'm open to their professional advise and follow through. Thank you, BeMo Academic Consulting, and like I said from my orientation session, I'm ready to work this out with your team and get the best results to put me into the medical school. I thank you once again.” – Edmund, BeMo student

So, how do you find the best private MCAT tutor? Let’s dive in!

Do you need an MCAT prep course or an MCAT tutor? Watch this to find out:

Advantages of MCAT Private Tutoring

There are some distinct advantages to MCAT private tutoring over other methods of studying for the MCAT. MCAT private tutoring offers personalized, one-on-one studying help with an MCAT expert. Many private tutoring services employ tutors who are former med students themselves who have taken the MCAT and scored well or are otherwise well versed in what is required to ace the MCAT.

Private tutoring also ensures students receive individual help and a tailored studying experience that matches their needs, identifies their weaknesses and coaches them on how to overcome them.

"Before working with Dr. Henry, I used to believe I was terrible at chemistry and physics. It felt like I had been cheated in my undergrad experience by not having a good professor to guide me through these challenging subjects. However, Dr. Henry has been a beacon of light in my academic journey. His teaching style and patient explanations have gradually turned my negative perception into a newfound appreciation for chemistry and physics. Studying for the MCAT, which used to be a daunting task, has become an enjoyable experience. Dr. Henry's guidance has not only improved my scores but has also instilled a sense of confidence. I no longer feel like an imposter; instead, I am rediscovering my love for these subjects, thanks to Dr. Henry's expertise and dedication.” – Sunny, BeMo student

With private tutoring, you have someone in your corner who can walk you through how to study for the MCAThow to review the MCAT CARS section or how to create an ideal MCAT study schedule and much more.

As Rishi, a student we helped get into the Carver Medical School, said, applying to medical school is an “extremely complicated and extremely competitive process.” Getting help with any part of this process, whether MCAT study prep or MMI and CASPer prep, is “smart as an investment.”

There are four types of students who might find the advantages of MCAT private tutoring the most beneficial.

  1. High scorers
  2. Students who struggle with test-taking
  3. Students retaking the MCAT
  4. Non-traditional medical school applicants, including mature applicants

While private MCAT tutoring can help anyone preparing to take this test, there are some scenarios where it is the best choice overall. We’ll take a closer look at these four types of students below and see if these situations reflect yours.

How to Choose an MCAT Private Tutor

Why is BeMo the Best MCAT Private Tutoring?

Why should you choose us as your top pick for MCAT private tutoring? Simple: because BeMo ticks all the boxes for best MCAT private tutoring services.

We have a proven track record of student success and student satisfaction. BeMo comes highly recommended by its students. You can check out what our students have to say about our services on TrustPilot. And we make sure we can offer the best value for your money. We also offer the only MCAT 515 guarantee, which means we guarantee to improve your score by 15 points if your baseline score is below 500, or to help you achieve a score of at least 515 if your baseline is 500.

“My experience with BeMo Academic Consulting was excellent. Right from when I was about to purchase the course, the customer service was great and prompt. Ferd was very prompt and professional with addressing any concerns I had, and also with scheduling all my coaching sessions. My coaches were excellent and very knowledgeable. Excellent online resources were provided to me as well. Please do not hesitate to use BeMo. It is money very well spent. I absolutely recommend this program again and again to anyone needing their services.” - Liz, BeMo student

If you’re looking for the best MCAT private tutoring or want expert, professional help on your med school journey, get in touch with us today for a free initial strategy call!


1. Is it worth getting an MCAT tutor?

It depends on the student, but yes, getting an MCAT private tutor can be a very wise investment, particularly for students who want to achieve high scores, need to retake the MCAT or for non-traditional applicants.

2. How do I choose an MCAT tutor?

Choose an MCAT tutor that is reliable, comes well-recommended and offers the services you need to excel. Choose a trustworthy and professional service that will give you the best value for your investment. 

3. Which MCAT prep is best?

There are many different MCAT preps available, including prep courses, online classes and prep books, as well as MCAT self-prep. But for students who need that extra bit of help to excel, MCAT private tutoring can be the best choice.

4. Is BeMo good for MCAT tutoring?

Yes! BeMo is the best MCAT private tutoring service, with a proven track record of student success and student satisfaction. BeMo offers expert, professional advice and unlimited support for our students. We also offer 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee, because we stand by our services and dedication to help our students succeed.

5. How much does MCAT private tutoring cost?

MCAT private tutoring services range in price depending on the company but private tutoring can cost as much as $8,000 for some services.

6. What is a good MCAT score?

It’s recommended that you score at least 510 on the MCAT. This places you in the 80th percentile of MCAT scores. Although many students strive to achieve even higher scores, a 510 is generally considered acceptable for most medical schools.

7. What’s the best way to study for the MCAT?

The best way to study for the MCAT is to use practice tests and high-yield study strategies. If you need extra assistance, an MCAT tutor can make a big difference in your studying.

8. Is private tutoring enough for the MCAT?

Many students use multiple MCAT prep strategies and resources to help them prepare for the MCAT along with self-studying, but private tutoring can be the best overall investment for acing the MCAT.

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