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Updated: June 27, 2020

How To Get Into McGill University's Medical School:

McGill University Faculty of Medicine MDCM Program

Established in 1824

McGill University Medical School - Mission Statement:

The purpose of this curriculum is to prepare students for careers as key members of the medical community, whether in clinical practice, in medical education, in research or as leaders of the health care system. To this end, the curriculum is based on a set of premises and orienting statements:

1. The foundational sciences (biological, physical, social and behavioural) and scientific methodology are the pillars of medical knowledge. The application of scientific approaches to clinical evidence and to interpretation of the literature is a fundamental skill of physicians, whether they work primarily in clinical practice or the creation of new knowledge.

2. The two roles of a physician, those of a professional and of a healer are complementary to each other and are served simultaneously. The healer role, which is at the core of the medical mandate, is focused on the patient’s well-being.

3. Professional responsibilities extend beyond the patient-physician relationship to include public health, global health and social accountability. Moreover, while not incumbent on every graduate, the responsibilities to educate the next generation of physicians, to contribute to the creation of new knowledge and to improve of the health care system are also intrinsic to the medical profession.

McGill University Medical School - Curriculum:

Year 1: Classroom-Based Learning

Year 2: Classroom-Based Learning, Transition to Clerkship 

Year 3 & 4: Clerkship Rotations, Electives & Research

McGill University Medical School - Admissions Statistics:

Class Size: 179

Overall Success Rate: 7.3%

Class Composition: In-Province: 93.3%, Out-of-Province 5.6%, International 1.1%

Average GPA: 3.89 for In-Province, 3.92 for Out-of-Province

MCAT: Only required for applicants with a bachelor's degree from outside Canada. Refer to McGill University's website for more information.

McGill University Medical School - Prerequisites:

A bachelor's degree is required. Applicants must also have completed 2 courses of introductory biology, 2 courses of general chemistry, 2 courses of organic chemistry, and 2 courses of physics (all courses must have lab work).

McGill University Medical School - Contact Info:


Email: [at]

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