Medical Schools in Kansas

Updated: June 6, 2020

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This blog lists the medical schools located in Kansas and outlines some features of the state which you should consider if you are applying to a medical school in Kansas.

Kansas's population is distributed in urban and rural areas, allowing you to study medicine in different clinical settings. A state with a strong agricultural industry, and a history as a place of settlement for a variety of immigrant and Indigenous groups, Kansas's medical school will allow you to learn about many clinical presentations and prepare you for your career ahead.

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Medical Schools in Kansas:

University of Kansas School of Medicine – Location: Kansas City, KS

The University of Kansas School of Medicine's mission is "to enhance the quality of life and serve our community through the discovery of knowledge, the education of health professionals and by improving the health of the public."

Prerequisite courses

  • Biological sciences at the level of a biology major:  2 semesters
  • Inorganic (general) chemistry (with lab): 2 semesters
  • General organic chemistry (with lab) OR general organic chemistry (with lab) and general biochemistry lecture: 2 semesters
  • Physics (with lab): 2 semesters
  • English composition or writing-intensive courses: 2 semesters

Recommended courses

  • Immunology (strongly encouraged)
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Natural sciences
  • Behavioral and social sciences
  • Humanities
  • Oral and written communications
  • Social determinants of health (strongly encouraged; examples include cultural or social anthropology, public or population health, epidemiology, environmental health, health economics, health policy, history of medicine or public health, ethics related to health care)

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