MCAT Test Dates and Release Dates

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Planning for your MCAT and need to look up your MCAT test date? Below is a list of available test dates with their respective MCAT score release dates. Exams begin at 8 am and the score release will be by 5:00PM ET on the specified release date. For the most up to date information check the official website here. Testing dates for the United States, Canada, and International Testing sites are included for the upcoming 2019 test cycle. International release dates correlate with the United States release dates.  Dates will be updated accordingly.  Click the links for additional MCAT prep resources and help to figure out what is a good MCAT score. Read more…

What is a Good MCAT Score?

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The MCAT.  It can be scary, stressful, and nerve-wracking.  I'm sure you've heard horror stories from your friends and are determined to ace your MCAT. As you begin preparing for the MCAT you may be trying to figure out how to approach this massive undertaking. Everything you have done up to this point has led to this moment and your future depends on your score. But how do you even get started?  Years of undergraduate coursework tested in one 8 hour test day.  So now you are trying to sort out what's a good MCAT score. Figuring out what a good MCAT score is going about it all wrong. Yes, I said it. Wrong. Stop what you are doing and read this. Read more…

How Hard is it to Get Into Medical School? And How Hard is Medical School Actually?

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The age-old question: how hard is med school and how hard is it to get into medical school? This question invokes strong feelings of scholarship, rigor, success, and difficulty. It is common to have mixed feelings when contemplating medicine. It is a long and arduous undertaking. Every step of the way is made to weed out students and cut the crowd in half; your SATs to get into undergrad, your MCAT to get into medical school, and your USMLE to get into residency. Each milestone is marked by an examination that will either get you to the next level or leave you behind. This is one of many components that makes medical school and after so challenging. While students often get caught up in focusing about these initial elements, they sometimes to forget to ask themselves an even bigger question: how hard is medical school once I'm there? Feeling overwhelmed? Let me help you see what you’re getting yourself into.

Getting into Medical School

Medicine is a subject that encompasses science, methodology, practicality, patience, personality, and empathy. The sheer amount of knowledge required for medicine is difficult, but just getting into school can be even harder. Med school acceptance rates are extremely low. Read more…

What are the Best Pre-Medical Schools for Undergrad?

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Have you tried to research this topic yourself? You google the topic and up pops top pre-medical schools, forums, and blogs all trying to steer you in different directions. The standard list of ivy league schools dominates searches. Advice from doctors, students, and advisors giving their opinions flood your computer screen. Read this blog. Take this test. Consider this advice.  Click here for a list of the top pre-med schools.  So much information leads to misdirection and before long you’re overwhelmed with click-bait articles and are no better off than when you started. Having been in your shoes many years ago, I remember the pressure of trying to decide not only your next 4 years but your next 4 years after that and the next 4 after that. Choosing your pre-med school can feel like a monumental decision. Let’s declutter this problem together.

Your Top Schools

Everyone has their dream school. The place they would want to be if they could get. You might even have a list of schools your interested in. That’s a great start. Read more…

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