A PA school cover letter is a short, concise document attached as an introduction of sorts to your application package and introduces you to the admissions committee. A good cover letter can boost your chances of acceptance, too. Considering the competitive physician assistant acceptance rates in Canada and the US, a cover letter is an excellent addition to your application. A well-written PA school cover letter can convince an admissions committee to extend an interview invitation, but don’t forget to practice your PA school interview questions as well. In this blog, we’ll talk about what a PA school cover letter is, why its important and how to write one. We’ve also included some examples of PA school cover letters to help guide you!

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What is a PA School Cover Letter?

A PA school cover letter is a valuable tool you can attach to your PA school application. A cover letter is essentially an introduction to your application, and it should highlight the key elements of your application, specifically the experience, skills and accomplishments you have which make you a competitive and ideal candidate for any PA school.

With physician assistant acceptance rates in the US being so competitive, a well-written PA school cover letter can certainly help increase your chances of getting into the best PA schools in the US. A PA school cover letter is rarely listed as one of the PA school requirements, but it is definitely a good item to include nonetheless. Why take the time to write a PA school cover letter? Because it can help not only your application to PA school but learning how to write an effective cover letter will benefit you when you begin searching for job positions as a newly minted graduate.

Freshly graduated Pas often submit their physician assistant resume without bothering to write a cover letter. This is a big mistake. A cover letter helps inexperienced or new PAs to secure interviews and better stand out from other applicants in the job pool and the admissions pool at PA schools. Rather than relying on admission committees or potential employers to comb through your resume and hope they see your potential, a cover letter draws their eye to your highlighted skills, experience and professional accolades using a narrative. Just as a PA personal statement helps an admissions committee get to know you as an individual instead of a set of academic scores, the PA school cover letter personalizes your professional profile, making it more accessible and more attractive to the reader. So while it may not be a hard requirement, a PA school cover letter is a fast and simple way to improve your chances of getting into a competitive PA school.

How to Write a PA School Cover Letter

A PA school cover letter is a short, formal letter, no more than a page long. It needs to include a professional letter format, as if you were sending it through snail mail or in a professional email. It should begin with your contact information, a formal greeting, followed by the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion before a respectful sign-off and your name.


A PA school cover letter should be short and concise, getting right to the point. Its not meant to restate information from your application but provide context and illustrate exactly how you are the best possible candidate. It can also answer what contribution you can make to the PA profession. Physician assistant application help can be useful in preparing your cover letter, as professional services can give you expert, personalized feedback on your writing or proofread your letter for you. If you’re not sure how to begin writing your PA school cover letter, keep reading for our expert tips and PA school cover letter samples.

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Dos and Don’ts of PA School Cover Letters

PA School Cover Letter Samples

Below we’ve included some PA school cover letter samples to help guide you on writing your own! For more cover letter examples or tips, check out our grad school cover letter guide or our nursing school application cover letter examples. If you’re a new PA looking for work, read some physician cover letter examples for professional cover letter samples.

Sample PA school cover letter #1

[Contact information]

Dear Dr. Liz Wendong,

I’m writing this letter as part of my application to the Physician Assistant studies program at [X University]. I believe I am an excellent candidate for this program due to my experience and medical skill. I am applying to this program thanks to a desire to change my career path, and I am excited to being studying to be a PA.

For the past 5 years I have worked as an EMT and through this position I have gained invaluable medical expertise and communication skills. I have worked extensively with patients in a variety of medical emergencies and situations, learning to keep calm under pressure, adapt to a rapidly changing problem and how to communicate quickly and effectively with patients and my fellow EMTs.

I have always been interested in the medical field and I made the decision to become a PA so I could work with patients in a more diverse environment, where the focus is on more long-term patient care and treatment. While I will miss the sense of accomplishment that comes from treating emergencies, I think becoming a PA will suit me long-term as I aim to expand my medical knowledge and skillset.

I believe my experience, and my recommendation letters from my superiors, show that I am a perfect candidate to study as a PA. I believe I will contribute greatly to this program and that your program will teach me even more about the medicine, allowing me to grow as a medical professional.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this letter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Camilla Watson

Sample PA school cover letter #2

[Contact information]

Dear Director Mohamed,

I am excited to write this letter today to apply for the Physician Assistant program at the University of [X]. As you will see in my application, I have worked hard to gain many hours of both clinical experience and shadowing hours under my belt so I can be prepared for the challenges of becoming a PA.

In preparing my application to PA school, it was important to me to gain plenty of hands-on experience and shadowing to learn what the day-to-day job of a PA is like and what I can expect from the profession. I shadowed for a period of 6 months with Dr. [Name] at the [Hospital Name]. No day was the same as the last, and I absorbed the advice and teaching of Dr. [Name], building a strong relationship with him and the rest of the hospital staff. His mentoring helped me both personally and professionally. He advised me on what to expect as a working PA, how to find jobs that would fit me and what kind of career options were available to me. He also coached me on proper patient care and communication and took the time to work with me on my medical maneuvers and technical skill. I am grateful for all of his time and help, and I sincerely believe his aid has been the best preparation for me in this application journey.

It was crucial for me to gain some direct patient experience, so I applied to work as a medical scribe in a local health clinic in my community. Working at [Clinic name], I discovered the ins and outs of patient consultation and communication as I handled the more administrative and record-keeping tasks required of a busy clinic. It was very rewarding to once again be able to meet so many different patients from the community and get to know them from my assisting position.

These experiences have solidified my choice to become a physician assistant, as I found them to be educational and personally and professionally fulfilling. I look forward to beginning my studies in your program this fall so I can continue to learn about this exciting and rewarding profession.

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.

Kind regards,

Alex Smith

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Sample PA school cover letter #3

Dear Dr. Coulsen,

I am writing this cover letter regarding my application to the [University Name’s] Physician Assistant program. I believe I embody the values and traits required of an excellent physician’s assistant, as reflected in my academic scores and my research experience. I chose [University Nam] because the PA program is one of the best in the country and can offer me the best educational experience.

As outlined in my application, my GPA is well above the minimum requirements at 3.9, and I graduated first in my class during my undergrad. I also scored a 329 on my GRE, which was above average for my group. I know that at [University] a strong academic showing is preferred, so I studied hard to complete both my undergraduate courses and my GRE with flying colors. I believe I am more than ready for the challenges of studying to be a PA and that my academic rigors have instilled in me the necessary skills to succeed in a high-pressure academic environment.

I also sought out experience to bolster my application, as I am aware that a good academic showing is not enough to make a great PA. I wanted to learn everything I could about the profession and the medical field, and I enjoy reading and research, so I pursued a research internship at [University B] with Dr. [Name]. Dr. [Name]’s research centered on health care policy and how rapidly changing policies in recent times have affected hospital workers’ mental health and attitude towards health care. Working under Dr. [Name] was a truly rewarding experience for me, as it introduced me to the inside of the health care system and those who hold it up, and the struggles everyone in this profession faces. This experience has shaped how I think of myself and my chosen career, and how I might contribute to the field as a trained PA.

I hope you will agree that I am a qualified and eager candidate for this program, and that I have shown my dedication and enthusiasm for the challenges ahead. I look forward to hearing from you soon and getting the opportunity to introduce myself in person.

Thank you for your time.


James Abbott


1. What is a PA school cover letter?

A PA school cover letter is a short, formal document attached to your school application or PA job application. It is essentially an introduction of your candidacy.

2. How should I format a PA school cover letter?

A cover letter needs to be formatted as a professional letter, and include your contact information, a formal greeting, 3-5 paragraphs for the introduction, body and conclusion, followed by a professional sign-off.

3. How long is a PA school cover letter?

A cover letter is typically no more than one page long, or 3-5 paragraphs.

4. How do you “pitch yourself” in a PA school cover letter?

To pitch yourself in a cover letter, you want to show why you are the best candidate for a PA school or job position. First, show your knowledge of the program and your understanding of what it’s looking for in applicants by explaining how you meet or exceed requirements and what you will contribute to the program. Talk about why you have chosen to study as a PA and what your personal motivations or career goals are. Finally, explain how the PA school will contribute to your learning and development as a future PA.

5. Do you need a cover letter for PA school?

While it is not usually a requirement for PA school, including a cover letter in your application can significantly help your chances of getting an interview and getting accepted.

6. What should be included in a PA school cover letter?

Include key details about your professional experience, skills, education and accomplishments. Demonstrate that you have done your research regarding the school by discussing how your values and mission align with that of the school.

7. What should you avoid in a PA school cover letter?

Avoid using too many details or launching into lengthy anecdotes. Keep it short and to the point and only include the most important information in your application. Don’t restate information from your application but provide context for it or explain why it makes you a great candidate.

8. Does a cover letter for PA school increase my chances?

Yes, a cover letter can definitely increase your chances of getting into PA school, since it provides another written component for admission committees to evaluate you on and highlights the most important sections of your application, helping you to stand out in the applicant pool.

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