A dental school letter of recommendation sample can help you understand what this supporting document can do for your application and your chances to get in! If you are eager to learn everything about obtaining your letters of recommendation, then you have come to the right place! In this blog, we include three strong dental school letter of recommendation samples and outline what you can do to help your writers prepare your reference for the AADSAS dental school application process or any other dental school application you may be working on. Strong letters of recommendation can really help you stand out among the crowd, as the dental school acceptance rates are highly competitive. With that being said, let’s dive in!

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What is a Dental School Letter of Recommendation? Whom and When Should You Ask? How Many are Needed and Length Why is a Recommendation Required? When to Submit How to Request One How to Request Through the AADSAS Application How to Submit What Should a Recommendation Include? Dental School Letter of Recommendation Samples Conclusion FAQs

What is a Dental School Letter of Recommendation?

A dental school letter of recommendation is an objective evaluation of your skills, experiences, and, most importantly, suitability for dental school. Dental school letters of recommendation are sometimes referred to as letters of evaluation. They are usually written by persons of authority who have spent a considerable amount of time with you in a professional setting, such as professors, supervisors, managers, and so on. The writer has to address the relevant qualities, skills, and personal characteristics that make you the perfect candidate for dental school.

As you can tell, other people play a significant role in this part of your application. Thus, it is crucial for you to start building positive relationships with your superiors as soon as possible.

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Important note about your letters: When completing your dental school application process through the AADSAS portal, you have the option to waive your rights to view your evaluations. While it might be tempting to take a look at your letters of recommendation, it is best if you waive your rights to do so – waiving your right to see your recommendations will ensure the admissions committee that the letter is objective and that you had no influence on the writer.

Whom and When Should You Ask for a Dental School Letter of Recommendation?

Many dental schools ask for specific references and have their own requirements when it comes to the title or position your referees should occupy. For example, some schools will ask you for a specific number of recommendations from science professors, while some may insist on getting a letter from a dentist whom you have shadowed or worked with. But generally, you could ask for dental school letters of recommendation from:

Remember that a lot depends on your personal circumstances. For example, if you have just graduated from college, then you will most likely be required to submit academic references. However, if you have been part of the workforce for some years, a dental school may request a letter from your employer. Read the instructions provided by the school very carefully before you approach anyone to write your letters.

Some colleges do provide a committee letter of recommendation or a composite letter of recommendation. These may be submitted instead of individual letters of recommendation if the dental schools you are applying to allow it. However, individual letters are more common. Just remember to stick to the specific guidelines laid down by the dental schools you are pursuing when you start planning your references.

Remember to ask those who know you well. If a professor did not work with you directly or did not personally mark your papers, then it’s best to ask someone else. You want the writers to provide details of their personal experiences with you, so they must be very familiar with your strengths and skills. Additionally, if you are asking a professor for a reference, your grade in their class should be above a B+.

You should ask for a dental school letter of recommendation no later than 6-8 weeks of your desired submission date. Ideally, the writers should be aware of your desire to go to dental school months before you apply. Then, at least 3 months before your deadline, you can ask them if they would support you. This would give you extra time to approach others if they decline. Once they agree, you can remind them of this agreement a few weeks before deadline and provide them with all the supporting docs.

How Many are Needed and Length

Usually, dental schools in Canada and the US require three dental school letters of recommendation for your application, but if you are submitting your application through AEDA AADSAS, you can upload a maximum of four letters. And we strongly recommend getting four letters if you are applying via AADSAS, even if your schools require only three. This way, the admissions committees will not wonder why you could not find that extra writer to further support your ambition.

Some schools may have their individual requirements when it comes to the number of letters they want to see, so it is best to check on the individual requirements for every dental school that you are applying to. But keep in mind that if you are applying via AADSAS and your chosen schools require more than four letters, the writers of your 5th or 6th letter will need to send in the recommendation directly to the program since AADSAS does not allow the submission of more than 4 letters.

Keep in mind that your letters should not address any specific school – they should be general, so you can send the same letter to multiple schools, either via AADSAS or school-specific application portals.

You can also check in with a dental school advisor to learn the optimum number of letters of recommendation for your application. They may be able to suggest the best possible writers as well.

The ideal length for a dental school letter of recommendation is one page. One page should be sufficient enough to provide details about your suitability for dental school. Remember, the admissions committee wants to see only relevant information, so your letter should be concise.

Why is a Dental School Letter of Recommendation Required?

If you are at the stage of collecting information about a letter of recommendation for dental school, chances are that you have gone from wondering how to become a dentist to how to prepare your dental school application correctly. To understand how you can get strong dental school letters of recommendation, you must know why they are required. A dental school letter of recommendation gives the admissions committee an opportunity to learn about you through the eyes of others. Not only will it help them understand how you can contribute to the success of their school if they accept you, but they will also get the objective opinion of other professionals in the dental field. This opinion is important! Here are a few other reasons why a dental school letter of recommendation is required:

When to Submit

Your dental school letters of recommendation must be submitted through the AADSAS portal when you are submitting your application along with your other documents. Usually, you should be able to provide your dental school letters of recommendation by June. Each school has its own application deadline and hence you should keep those in mind and complete your application before the stipulated deadline. You should keep in mind that dental schools will only consider your application once everything is submitted including your dental school letter of recommendation.

For the dental schools in Canada, you should provide your letters of recommendation along with your application and other documents such as DAT scores to the schools which you have selected usually by the beginning of December or earlier as specified by the school’s individual requirements.

How to Request One

Since you request a dental school letter of recommendation from someone you know personally, it is best to talk to them in person about your request. This is because by asking in person, they will remember you quicker. If they agree, you should provide them with the necessary documents such as your resume, draft of a personal statement, your CV, and transcripts to make their task easier. You should convey the deadline clearly and provide them sufficient time. Remember to ask for strong recommendation specifically. You do not want a mediocre recommendation letter for your application!

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If it is impossible to ask in person, write a polite email requesting the letter. Do not forget to remind your potential writer of how they know you. For example:

Dear Prof. Smith,

I hope this message finds you well. I greatly enjoyed taking your Evolutionary Genetics course last semester and still consider it one of the best courses I took at Colorado State University. I am applying to dental school in the Fall and I was wondering if you would you be willing to write a strong recommendation on my behalf. If this is something you would consider, I can send you supporting documents to aid you in this process.

Thank you,

Beth Johnson

If the person you have chosen declines, it is best to respect their decision and find another person who knows you well and with whom you have/had a strong professional relationship. A person with whom you have worked closely and who knows your interests is most suited for this job.

How to Request One Through the AADSAS Application Portal

The request for a dental school letter of recommendation can be made via the AADSAS portal when once you begin your application on the portal. You can submit a request through the following process:

You must have a prior discussion with the persons recommending you as mentioned in the previous section because you do not want this request to be a surprise for your writers. Only after your discussion with the writers you can send a request for a dental school letter of recommendation through the AADSAS portal.

How to Submit

Your dental school letter of recommendation is submitted through your AADSAS application portal. The person to whom you have sent the request for a letter of recommendation will be able to submit the reference.

If you are applying to dental schools in Canada, you can submit your dental school letters of recommendation along with your application for every individual school.

What Should a Dental School Letter of Recommendation Include?

A dental school letter of recommendation should include the following information:

Dental School Letter of Recommendation Samples

Sample #1

Dear Admissions Committee,

It gives me immense pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Regina George in support of her application for the dental program at your university. I have known Regina for the past three years in the capacity of her Microbiology and Biochemistry professor in her 4th and 6th semesters of college.

In the time that I have spent with her, Regina has been a sincere and diligent student with a keen enthusiasm for research. In her 4th semester, when I was teaching her Microbiology, she undertook a research project on “Bacterial profiles of saliva in relation to diet and lifestyle factors” where she expressed her interest in the field of oral microbiology. In her 6th semester, she completed a project titled “Effects of fluorides in drinking water on teeth” where she came up with some interesting findings on her topic, such as the negative impact of fluoride in drinking water and the potential harm caused by artificial fluoridation to human body.

By the time she was in the 6th semester, Regina had decided to pursue dentistry after college. I was thrilled to learn about her goal of becoming a dentist because I am certain that dentistry will provide her the perfect platform to gain knowledge and exercise her abilities in helping other people. Through her activities and academic performance, I can say that she has gained several skills that I believe will be helpful in dentistry. For instance, in her tenure as the student lab assistant in the biology lab, she demonstrated fine motor skills along with management and organization of the lab. She helped first-year students in getting familiar with experiments in the lab and resolved their queries.

As an academic instructor for the past 15 years, I come across youngsters with budding talent from time to time. However, what distinguishes one student from another is their willingness to put in efforts to use their talents in making the world a better place. I am happy to find that Regina is one of those individuals who always go the extra mile. As a student, she is not limited to just finishing her classes and passing her exams. Apart from regular classes, I recall her attending several workshops organized in college related to different practical topics in Chemistry and Biology for additional knowledge.

She understands her responsibility as a student and participated in several voluntary teaching activities. She has contributed as a volunteer to several campus events and served in youth organizations around the campus. She led the “Campus Dental and Oral Awareness Program” along with a team of students and created an annual event that promotes awareness of healthy dental practices. Her sincerity towards eliminating the dental and oral health care disparity among the common population motivates her to work hard.

With that being said, I am in full support of Regina’s position in the post-graduate residency program at your dental school. Her capability and competency make her an ideal fit for the school. I am sure that whatever endeavors she takes up in dental school, she will show an exceptional performance. Being a part of your dental school will enable her to achieve her dreams and serve society as a knowledgeable dentist with the scope of changing the world for the better.


Arnold Thomas, PhD

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Sample #2

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing this letter of recommendation in support of Ben Giles for the dental program at your university. I have known Ben for two years now as he has assisted me with patients in my private dental practice in New York City. In the time that I have worked with him, Ben has proven himself as a hard-working and determined individual. Ben started working with us in the second year of his college. For the first quarter of his tenure at my office, he worked at the reception where he impressed most of my patients in a short span of time through his friendly manner. With his people skills, he made patients comfortable while they waited in the office.

While it is normal for people to complete their defined job duties, Ben is one of those people who always goes over and beyond what has been assigned to him. He has often filled in for the people on the team on the occasions when they have called in sick. This also demonstrated his eagerness to learn new things through voluntary participation in different clinical duties. Once he had unofficially taken different responsibilities around the clinic, I started taking his assistance on the regular dental procedures. He was quick to demonstrate his dexterity and attention to detail by helping me with tooth extractions and fillings in his first month of assisting me. 

Ben’s understanding of biology and theoretical knowledge has always supported him while understanding how practical dentistry works. It will be a great benefit for him in the future when he attends dental school and trains to have his practice. For example, his theoretical endodontic competency was appropriate when he assisted me in a root canal treatment for the very first time. The case was complicated because the patient had two previously failed root canal treatments. Through the case, he learned the impact of unhealthy eating and hygiene habits on a root canal treatment. Additionally, his sharpness for grasping new things will be his asset in the dental program which joins as he became adept with pouring dental impressions in just a week.

Having observed Ben in his daily actions around patients and otherwise, I believe that he is a perfect fit for dental school. He was always successful in calming down patients with fears related to dental procedures, He accomplished this through his soothing talk with an added touch of the personal connection he had with the patients. Due to this, I can personally attest to his good character and his genuine desire to help people as a practicing dentist. I am confident about his success in his pursuit of dentistry and I highly recommend him for the dental program at your distinguished institution.


Shirley Walton, DDS

Sample #3

Dear Admissions Committee,

Thank you for giving me the pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Craig Marsh, an excellent undergraduate student whom I had the pleasure of knowing for the past two years. I have been both a professor and a mentor to Craig in the time that I have known him. I taught him Anatomy in his junior year. I find him a highly motivated and individual who puts sincere effort into his studies. He demonstrated these qualities by coming prepared for his anatomy classes. He would review the textbook prior to the class and ask questions in the class. He did not fear sharing his own perspective on the concepts and actively participated in class discussions.

Even after clearing the course in Anatomy with flying colors, Craig continued working with me as a teaching assistant for first-year students. He had scored an A grade in Anatomy and I decided to offer him the opportunity of helping other pupils. He performed his duties with a great enthusiasm and had built a good rapport with the pupils. This was evident from their comfort in approaching him with their questions.

Apart from his academics, he participated in different activities on campus. He served as the president for the Pre-dental Association at the college. In this role, he helped other member students with resources to decide of dentistry was an ideal career path for them. His clarity on his own future goals enabled him to aid other students in choosing their objectives. Along with this, he promoted and educated the university students about oral health by working in collaboration with the society members. He had demonstrated his effectiveness as a team player by helping his association in securing venues for organizing dental hygiene awareness events for everyone. 

His one more remarkable characteristic is his problem-solving attitude and he seeks to learn whatever he can from every situation. He had once organized a poster-making competition in college for the World Oral Health Day. However, the number of participants who turned up was very low. Instead of being disheartened, he decided to go to root of the problem and discovered that people had not much to say when it came to oral health awareness because they themselves were less informed. This led him to become more active in creating awareness about oral and dental health.

Craig had often discussed his career aspirations of becoming a dentist and I fully support him in his dream. As I am aware of his academic grades and his interpersonal skills with people, I am confident in his capacity to succeed in his career as a dentist. I wish to give Craig my highest recommendation for dental school and I am sure that he will be able to succeed in the dental program through his integrity and hard work.


Shawn Anderson, PhD


Obtaining a dental school letter of recommendation might seem complicated, but with the right preparation, you will be able to obtain strong letters that will contribute to your overall application. Just as dental school personal statement examples can guide you to completing your own personal statements for your application, a dental school letter of recommendation sample can help you to understand what goes into a letter of recommendation that you will be receiving and how you can help your writers compose the best letters for you. And for an even smoother dental school application filing experience, you can always get dental school admission consulting services for guidance. 


1. How many dental school recommendation letters are required?

Typically, three letters of recommendation are required for dental school unless otherwise specified in the requirements by individual dental schools.

2. How long should a dental school letter of recommendation be?

A dental school letter of recommendation should be one page long, or approximately 500-700 words.

3. What should a dental school letter of recommendation include?

A dental school letter of recommendation should include the recommending person’s opinion about your skills, character, and suitability for dental school. The narrative should be based on their personal experiences with you.

4. How to submit dental school letters of recommendation?

You can directly submit your letter of recommendation through the AADSAS portal when your application opens up. If you are applying to schools that do not use AADSAS, you will need to submit your letters to each school separately.

5. Can I submit an AADSAS application without a letter of recommendation?

You can submit your AADSAS application without letters of recommendation. These can come in later. But your application will not be considered by dental schools unless all components are submitted.

6. How to know who can write me a strong dental school letter of recommendation?

Choose writers with whom you have worked for extended periods of time and who have expressed support and enthusiasm regarding your skills and abilities.

7. When to ask for a letter of recommendation?

Make sure that you are providing sufficient time to the people who are writing you letters of recommendation. It is certainly not a task that should be completed in a hurry and hence do provide them with at least 6-8 weeks. They can only submit the letter of recommendation once your application opens up, so talk to them in advance regarding this.

8. Should I submit new letters of recommendation if I re-apply?

Yes, you are required to submit updated letters of recommendation if you are re-applying for a dental school.

9. Who should be my dental school recommendation letter writers?

You should ask for a dental school letter of recommendation from one or two of the professors who have taught you essential subjects for your degree. Apart from your professors, you should take other letters of recommendation from the dentist whom you have shadowed. You can also approach your employer or a non-science professor for a fourth letter of recommendation if you have to provide it.

10. Can I read my letters of recommendation before the writers submit them?

You have the option to take a look at your dental school when your dental school letters of recommendation are submitted via AADSAS portal. However, not viewing your letters of evaluation is a better option because the this will be considered honest by the dental schools you are applying to.

11. How should I thank my writers for supporting my application?

After having the initial discussion with your chosen recommender, you should thank them through an email and provide supporting documents which can help them write the letter of recommendation. Then, a week before your application on the AADSAS portal opens up, you should thank and remind them that they will be receiving a submission request. Lastly, when you receive the notification of submission, you should send them a thank you email.

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