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Below is a comprehensive list of all dental schools in Canada. Click each dental school name to learn more.

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Dental School Acceptance Rates


Below is a comprehensive list of all dental schools in the US. Click each dental school name to learn more.

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The Ultimate Guide to the ADEA AADSAS Dental School Application Process


Understanding the ADEA AADSAS

The AADSAS (Associated American Dental Schools Application Service) is the application service for the majority of dental school applicants across the U.S., and it is administered through the American Dental Education Association (ADEA). Applying to study dentistry requires a lot of time, thought, and effort, with an admissions process as robust as any professional program. If you’re considering a future career as a dentist, you’ll want to have a good sense of the application process well in advance of compiling your application materials, crafting your essay(s), and logging into the AADSAS website to get to work. This blog will help you understand the AADSAS and the application timeline, help you navigate the various sections of the application, and will provide you some tips to ensure you’re on track with all of the application’s various components.

What is the ADEA AADSAS?

The AADSAS is the primary application service for most students applying to dentistry programs in the U.S., and is administered by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA – you will often see this application referred to as the "ADEA AADSAS"; though it is sometimes simply referred to as the AADSAS). There are some exceptions, but most dental schools require students to submit their applications through AADSAS. Note that dental schools in Texas are a big exception here, as medical, dental, and veterinary school applicants in Texas use the unique TMDSAS application. As well, foreign-educated dental graduates apply through yet another system, the ADEA CAAPID (Centralized Application for Advanced Placement for International Dentists).

Each year, the AADSAS opens in early-June

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Dental School Personal Statement Examples


Dental School Personal Statement Examples

We'll first dive into some dental school personal statement examples then we'll go over our proven strategies to help you create your own from scratch! 

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Dental School Personal Statement Example #1

"In the final moments of a key game in a hockey tournament, I jumped over the boards and onto the ice without putting my mouth guard back in place. It was attached to my helmet, but I had a chance for the puck, and I took it. Moments later, an opponent’s stick caught me in the face, knocking out my front tooth. Play stopped, and my team found my tooth on the ice. I looked to the bleachers. My mom was already on the phone getting initial instructions from our dentist for saving the tooth. Within 15 minutes, we were outside the clinic as my dentist unlocked the door, despite it being a Saturday night. As I was treated within half an hour, my tooth could be saved by stabilizing it as it healed. Until that moment, I thought of my dentist as someone I only saw every six months; I hadn’t seen her as a critical part of my healthcare team.

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5 Hardest Dental School Interview Questions and Expert Answers


It is imperative that you begin your dental school interview prep as soon as possible. One useful way of preparing for this important step in the application process is to review sample questions and expert analysis. This will help you understand what makes for an ideal answer, and how you can build such ideal answers using your own ideas and insights. 

In this post, we'll cover 5 of the most difficult dental school interview questions (panel/traditional and multiple mini interview), each followed by expert responses and commentary:

Dental School Interview Question #1: "What is the one detail in your application you would like us to overlook?"
Dental School Interview Question #2: Scenario: Radiation Fears
Dental School Interview Question #3: Economically Disadvantaged Patients
Dental School Interview Question #4: Helping the Aging Population
Dental School Interview Question #5: Dentists' Mental Health

Dental School Interview Question #1


What is the one detail in your application you would like us to overlook?


This question asks you to face head-on and talk about something you’d probably like to avoid discussing, if possible. It might also be thought of as a limitation question (e.g., “What is your greatest limitation?”), or a question about your challenges (e.g., “Tell us about a time you failed”), and, as such, may be something you’re understandably hesitant to address. No one likes to talk about their weaker spots, particularly in a high-stakes, high-stress situation like an interview! However, it's best to own up to the low grade, or the gap in extracurriculars, or whatever that weak-spot might be, by re-framing it with a growth mindset. Think of this question as an opportunity to show how you have developed grit and determination to overcome academic disappointment, or to focus attention on the transferable skills you’ve developed from your experiences. As long as you are able to learn from the experience, no loss, misstep, or set-back is truly a failure.

The responses to a question like this will be highly individualized, but let’s walk through the process with a few examples, which can help you work on this in the context of your own life and experiences.

Strategy: Accentuate the Positive 

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