A dental school advisor can be an absolute game-changer when it comes to applying to dental school. How? That’s precisely what we will go over in this blog post. So whether you’re still trying to figure out how to become a dentist or you’ve already got your eye on one of the dental schools in Canada or the US, this post will give you some valuable information about dental school advisors, the services that they offer, and the different ways in which they help dental school applicants.

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What is a dental school advisor? 

The process of becoming a dentist is almost as complicated as the journey from high school to medical school. Students have to take the necessary prerequisite classes, prepare for and take the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT), choose the right dental schools, and finally prepare applications to those schools. Doing all this can get pretty overwhelming, and it is easy to get a few things wrong when you don’t have the guidance of someone who knows this process inside and out. Additionally, dentistry has become more popular over the last few years, and consequently, gaining admission to a dentistry program is more competitive.

Dental school advisors help students navigate this complex process, provide the tools they need to create a solid dental school application, and help them prepare for some of the most difficult dental school interview questions. This can include curriculum planning in college or as early as high school, preparing students for the necessary exams, preparing the applications, writing the dreaded dental school personal statement, and financial aid. Their job is essentially to advise and guide students as they go through the entire process.

Need to work on your dental school personal statement? These two examples can help make sure yours is on the right track:

How do dental school advisors help students? 

Dental school advisors provide precious information:

Most people are not familiar with Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) or the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) dental application process, but dental school advisors have to be. As professional advisors, they have gone through this process multiple times with different students. They also have to keep up with dental school admissions trends and other changes in the field, making the information they bring to the table very valuable.

One could argue that a lot of information is now available online or on blogs like the one you are currently reading. However, you need to keep in mind that while this information can be very beneficial to you, it is also general and not specific to your situation. Many things may not apply to you, and others could even harm your application. A dental school advisor would provide more personal service. Their personalized feedback would be specific to your application and how to make sure it stands out.

Dental school advisors maximize your chances of acceptance:

The number of schools that offer dentistry programs is rising, but so is the number of applicants. In other words, if you look at dental school acceptance rates, you will notice that they are getting more competitive. A high DAT score and a good GPA are just not enough anymore. To become a dental school student, you need to submit a compelling, well-rounded application, and that's where things get tricky because being an excellent candidate does not mean you have the skills necessary to convince the admissions board of this fact.

For example, your academic records might be excellent, but unbeknown to you, your interview skills may be lacking, or you might not know how to write a strong personal statement. Dental school advisors can work with you to identify the weak points in your application and help you improve on them. Thus, significantly improving your chances of getting admission to your chosen dental schools.

Interested in seeing some of the key points from this blog summarized? This infographic is for you:

Dental school advisors save applicants time, money, and stress:

Applying to and going to dental school can be expensive. So can be the services of a dental school advisor (we will talk about that shortly), but these costs are worth investing in because they are worth it in the long run. Dental school advisors make it less likely for you to have to pay application fees several times and dental school leads to a pretty healthy salary after graduation. Furthermore, good advisors can help you find financial aid opportunities and help you apply for scholarships that you may be eligible for. 

Having someone who knows the dental school admissions process inside and out can also save you a lot of time and effort. Often, applicants have to spend a lot of time researching the schools they are interested in, the application process, and different application components. This time doesn't even include the hours necessary to brainstorm, write and edit application essays or practice for the interview. Working with a dental school advisor, who has done this before and can therefore answer your questions faster than a dozen different articles, can save you a lot of time. It also saves you from a lot of trial and error. A good advisor will know the skills and values that the admission committee will be looking for and help you showcase those qualities in the best ways.  

Last but certainly not least, working with an admissions expert will help put your mind at ease. The application process can get overwhelming and stressful, mainly because it involves a lot of different components that are difficult to get right when you do not have the right information. For example, no one can predict the exact questions that you will be asked during an interview. Still, dental school advisors can help you review and practice answering the most common and the hardest dental school interview questions. This gives students a better idea of what to expect, which goes a long way towards reducing nerves.

Dental school advisors teach students valuable skills:

While helping you prepare your application, dental school advisors will give you strategies, study techniques, and other skills that you can use in dental school and beyond. For example, if a dental school advisor helps you brainstorm and craft your personal statement, they will do so by teaching you ways to improve your critical thinking and writing skills. Both are skills that students use several times in dental school and during their careers.  

Dental school advisors also give students a solid foundation for the professional world by teaching them how to prepare for interviews. A good advisor will provide students with strategies for answering questions specific to dental school and general questions that are very popular in academic and professional settings, such as "tell me about yourself" or "what is your greatest limitation?".  

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How much does a dental school advisor cost?

Dental school advisors can get expensive. The actual cost you will have to pay will depend on your chosen advisor and the services you need. On average, you're looking at $150 per hour or anywhere between $1000 and $8000 for a comprehensive application review package. That said, most firms offer private pay plans, such as installments. They also allow you to tweak the different packages to suit your needs.

We know that an installment plan doesn't make up for the fact that $ 1000 can still be a high cost, especially when you consider all the other fees that you'll need to pay shortly after. What you need to keep in mind is that this is an investment that pays high dividends. Dentists have a low unemployment rate, and their average yearly salary is $126,000 in Canada and $161,000 in the United States. Dental school advisors can play a significant role in getting you closer to that salary. Furthermore, they can help you find and apply for financial aid, thus saving you time and money. 

What should students look for in a dental school advisor?

Not all dental school advisors have the credentials or experience necessary to help you. Furthermore, not every qualified advisor is right for you. So, if you do decide to use the services of a dental school advisor, here are five things to keep in mind as you search for one: 


Getting into dental school is hard, and it gets more challenging every year as the profession becomes more popular. To increase the chances of admission, students need to make sure every aspect of their application is solid. Dental school advisors help students achieve that goal by helping them through the entire process and giving them tools that will help them throughout their academic journey. Their services can get a little pricey, but it will be well worth the investment if you follow the tips outlined above and find a qualified advisor. 

Still have questions about the dental school application process? This video might help:


1. What's a dental school advisor?

Dental school advisors are professionals who guide and advise students on every aspect of their dental school application prep. This includes planning your path to dental school and preparing your application to dental school.  

2. Do I need a dental school advisor?

Not every student needs one, so the answer is really up to you. That said, we recommend that you get one because they can significantly improve your chances of admission into this very competitive program.  

3. What should I look for in a dental school advisor?

Look for an advisor that is qualified and experienced. You should also make sure they have good independent reviews.

4. Can I get into dental school without a dental school advisor?

Yes, you can. However, we must remind you that becoming a dentist is a long, laborious, and difficult road. A dental school advisor can be a significant help as you try and navigate that path.  

5. How much do dental school advisors cost?

The price varies greatly. Most advisors have application review packages and private payment plans, but you can expect to spend about $150 per hour on average.

6. How hard is it to get into dental school?

It is hard, and it gets harder every year as the profession becomes more popular among students. To get into dental school, you will need a compelling application that stands out.  

7. What skills do dental school advisors teach you?

Working with an advisor can significantly improve your critical thinking and writing skills. Additionally, you will learn high yield study techniques and great strategies for answering interview questions. 

8. Does BeMo Academic Consulting have Dental school advisors?

Absolutely! Book a free consultation now to find out how our expert advisors can help you. 

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