An MBA essay writing service provides students with professional essay writing help and coaching for MBA admissions. Some services also provide fully written MBA admissions essays to students, although these kinds of services should be used carefully, as they are not all legitimate or trustworthy. If you’re working on your MBA admissions essays, be sure to check the common MBA essay questions and answers you might see on your application so you can get started. In this blog, we’ll learn what MBA essay writing services are, what you need to know about them, and where to find help with your MBA essay writing.

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What are MBA essay writing services Are MBA essay writing services legit? Should I use an MBA essay writing service? How to find MBA essay writing help FAQs

What are MBA essay writing services

MBA essay writing services work just like essay writing services for high school or college students but are targeted towards MBA applicants or MBA students. An MBA essay writing service provides students with advice and feedback on their MBA admission essays and coach them how to write strong essays which stand out during the application process. Some services also employ professional essay writers which students can hire to write essays for them from scratch.

Consider the competitive MBA acceptance rates in the USA and MBA acceptance rates in Canada, having a stand-out application is crucial. MBA programs are selective and accept applications from sometimes thousands of students. To get into the best MBA programs in Canada and the US takes work and a top-notch application. Of the most important parts of an MBA application, the MBA admission essay is one of them. Writing a killer MBA essay can be your ticket to acceptance to a top MBA school. However, since writing is a skill which comes naturally to everyone, plenty of students look for ways to get help writing their essays or consider hiring someone to write their MBA admission essay for them. This is where an MBA essay writing service comes in.

How important your MBA essay is to your application

Essay writing services vary in the services they offer and the cost of those services. MBA essay writing services typically charge more since these essays are written for graduate programs, not college applications, and then determine the cost based on the content and length of the requested essay. However, you can expect to pay between $30-60 for a short essay and over $100 for a longer essay. For MBA admission essays, the cost can rise above even $200 for essays which will get you into a competitive MBA program.

Before students look into hiring an MBA essay writing service, they wonder: are these services legitimate?

Are MBA essay writing services legit?

MBA essay writing services, like similar services for college and high school students, are not considered illegal. You can hire a professional writer to write your MBA admissions essay for you, but this should be done with caution. There are hundreds of MBA essay writing services out there, and not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. Students need to be very careful they are not paying for access to someone else’s work or receiving essays which were plagiarized. Submitting a plagiarized or stolen essay can not only get a student’s MBA application thrown out, but they may also not be able to apply for any MBA program in the future. Many MBA programs consider hiring someone to write your admissions essay for you to be academic dishonesty or unethical and will not accept an essay that was not written by a student themselves.

So, while it is not illegal to hire an MBA essay writing service, it should be done carefully to ensure you get professional, trustworthy help with writing your MBA admissions essays. Under the umbrella of MBA essay writing services you can also find an MBA essay consultant or MBA admission consulting services, which are both professional services which can help you with your MBA application or coach you on writing your admissions essays. Be sure to research any professional MBA essay writing service before you commit to one, to be sure they are legitimate. A few things to look out for are to see if the service you’re looking to hire has:

  1. Certified consultants to help you
  2. Provide one-on-one, personalized help
  3. Work with you to create an original, plagiarism-free essay

If a service is selling essays that have already been written or is making guarantees or promises which can’t be backed up, it is a sign it is not a good service. You can also check student reviews to see what others have to say about a service. It’s always a good idea to do your research when looking for MBA application help or essay writing services.

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Should I use an MBA essay writing service?

An MBA essay writing service can take away some of the stress of applying to an MBA program and give you one less task to tackle. Many students look for someone to write their admissions essay because they don’t have the strongest writing skills, or they don’t have the time to write an MBA personal statement. However, it is better to write your own MBA admissions essay. The admissions essays, including the personal statement, will be far from the last essay you’ll need to write as an MBA student and later, a business professional. Writing your MBA essays is not easy, but luckily an MBA essay writing service can help coach you on how to write a killer essay that’s all your own. Or, if you need to submit an MBA video essay instead of a written one, they can advise you on how to create an awesome video essay for your application. So, while an MBA essay writing service can certainly help you, it’s always best to write or create your own MBA essay and craft the best application possible.

Here are out top reasons for writing your own MBA essays:

How to find MBA essay writing help

MBA essay writing is not easy, and it is a skill that requires practice and time to master, like any other. If you’re struggling to write your MBA admissions essay, there are some quick ways to find tips and help. You can read some MBA personal statement examples to get some inspiration in writing one for your own application. MBA essay writing services will sometimes offer essay revision or review, which can be useful for feedback or advice on how to strengthen your essay. Some MBA essay writing services also host essay writing workshops to teach you the basics of essay writing and how to start writing one for an MBA application. Many of these services offer both free and paid resources to help students learn how to write essays or write better ones, so take advantage of the available help that’s out there.

Here are a few other avenues you can explore for writing help with your MBA application, too!

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1. Are MBA essay writing services worth it?

MBA essay writing services can help students learn how to write strong MBA application essays which get accepted; however, these kinds of services should be used carefully. There are many services out there which are not legitimate or provide students with plagiarized or stolen work. If you decide to use an MBA essay writing service, look for one which is legitimate and professional, and works with you to write your own essay instead of writing it for you or selling you someone else’s work.

2. What are MBA essay writing services?

MBA essay writing services work much like college essay writing services but focus on students applying to MBA programs. These services help coach students on writing their admissions essays and in some cases can be paid to write a student’s essay for them.

3. What does an MBA essay writing service cost?

MBA essay writing services can cost upwards of $100 for a single essay, depending on the length and content of the essay and the program the student is applying for. MBA essay writing services are more specialized since they are writing essays for graduate school, so the prices tend to go up compared to college essay writing services.

4. Are MBA essay writing services legit?

MBA essay writing services are not illegal, however they are not all legitimate. There are hundreds of services out there, and they do not all provide quality or plagiarism-free work. Many MBA programs also consider all essay writing services to be unethical or dishonest, so they are best used with caution.

5. How do you write an MBA essay?

To write a strong MBA essay, start with an interesting “hook” or first sentence to introduce yourself and draw the reader in. Your introduction should explain why you want to pursue an MBA and what your background is. Your body paragraphs will expand on your motivations, career goals and the reason why you chose a specific MBA program. Your conclusion will wrap up your above points and restate why you are a great candidate for an MBA program.

6. How much do MBA essays matter?

Aside from your GPA, GMAT score and work experience, your MBA admissions essay is the most important part of your application. Your essay is a critical piece of your application and admissions committees will consider your essay when deciding if you get into a program.

7. What matters most for MBA admissions?

MBA admission committees consider an applicant’s GPA, GMAT score, admission essay and work experience when deciding who will be extended an interview invitation. After this, the MBA admissions interview is the part of the application which clinches the acceptance.

8. Where can I get help with my MBA essay?

MBA essay writing services, MBA admissions consulting, or a grad school advisor are all excellent places to look for help with writing an MBA essay. Professional feedback and coaching from a quality service is the best place to get help writing a strong MBA admissions essay.

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