Looking for an MBA essay consultant? MBA consultants can be excellent professional tools to help you get into very competitive MBA programs, such as the Kellogg Business School. MBA essay consultants guide students on how to write MBA admissions essay, how to craft an essay that stands out and provides personalized, one-on-one feedback. Aside from your GMAT scores and your MBA resume, the MBA essay is the most important part of your application, so creating the best one possible is very important. Students often ask if hiring an MBA essay consultant is worth the investment, and while it may not be for everyone, it can be the right move for many students who need an extra hand with their MBA application. In this blog, we’ll look at what MBA essay consultants do, why the MBA essay is so important, how to write an MBA essay and a guide on finding the right MBA essay consultant for you.

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What MBA Essay Consultants Do

MBA essay consultants offer students professional help in applying for MBA programs, providing guidance and feedback on writing excellent admissions essays or MBA personal statements. Similar to college essay advisors, MBA essay advisors provide student assistance with the written sections of your graduate school application and focus specifically on MBA programs. You can find MBA essay consultants who specialize in essay help, or you can hire an MBA admission consulting service.

Plenty of students hire professional assistance when applying to college or grad school. But many wonder if hiring an admissions consultant or MBA essay consultant is worth it. If you want to know how to get into grad school or a prestigious and highly competitive program like an MBA, a grad school admissions consultant or MBA essay consultant can make the difference.

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Why the MBA Admissions Essay is Important

MBA programs are notoriously competitive, especially at the top business schools. Almost all will require you to submit an MBA admissions essay or other writing samples like a diversity secondary essay as part of the application. And the admissions essay is heavily taken into consideration for admissions decisions. Want to know how to get into Harvard Business School or the Wharton School of Business? You’ll need an excellent MBA admissions essay, high GMAT scores and an overall strong application to stand out among thousands of applicants. In fact, admissions experts agree that the MBA essay is the second-most important part of your application, after your GMAT score.

How your MBA application is weighted

MBA essays are crucially important to getting that acceptance letter, so hiring an MBA essay can be well worth the time and money. Especially if you want to get into your top-choice school or avoid having to go through a long and grueling admissions process alone.

Although MBA essay consulting won’t be a necessity for all students, it can be extremely helpful for many types of students, including students who aspire to attend very competitive programs. For example, the Stanford Business School accepts only 5% of its applicants. International students, students who need to strengthen their overall application or any applicant who struggles with writing are prime candidates who can benefit from MBA essay consulting.

How to Write an MBA Admissions Essay

If you already know how to write a college essay, you’ll be familiar with the short essay format. An MBA essay is almost identical. Keep it short, with one paragraph for the introduction, a maximum of 3 paragraphs for the body and one final concluding paragraph. For an MBA essay, don’t exceed more than 2 pages. Aim to keep things concise, to the point and highly polished. MBA programs want to see that you can be detail-oriented, highly focused and persuasive in your writing. The MBA essay is your chance to demonstrate these skills. And luckily, an MBA essay consultant can guide you on writing one.

An MBA essay consultant provides professional help for students in three key areas:

Where to Find MBA Essay Consultants

Where do you look to find an MBA essay consultant? It’s different than looking for a tutor or writing coach. MBA essay consultants are highly specialized professionals, and they provide laser-focused advice and guidance on getting into MBA programs. They don’t show you how to write a short essay, they will coach you on writing specifically for MBA graduate programs.

A quick internet search will turn up hundreds of results for professional MBA essay consultants. But there are other options if you want great recommendations and to narrow the search a bit. It’s likely you have a set budget and short timeline to work with, so it’s in your best interest to hire an essay consultant early and quickly. Application deadlines approach fast, and you need time to write a killer essay on top of preparing the rest of your application. International students can also speak to their international student advisor to see if they offer essay writing help or have any recommendations.

Here are some great ways to find an MBA essay consultant, aside from diving into personal internet research:

Guide to Hiring the Best MBA Essay Consultant

Anyone considering hiring an MBA essay consultant or similar professional service wonders if college advisors are worth the cost and investment. Or they want to know how to sort through the hundreds of available consulting services to determine the best fit for them. With so many excellent services and hundreds of five-star reviews, how do you choose the best MBA essay consultant? How do you get excellent service on a budget?

These are important questions. And a quick internet search will reveal dozens of options. How do you sort through these to find the best choice for you? In general, look for a consultant that provides one-on-one coaching and personalized feedback, rather than just a formula to follow or a standardized guidebook. An MBA essay is meant to be highly personal and genuine, so look for those personalized services to match. Below is our quick guide on finding the right MBA essay consultant for you.

1. Think About Cost

Cost is a huge factor for plenty of students. An MBA is already a big expense, and there may be a tight budget for the application and admissions process. If you’re fortunate to have a scholarship or funding for your degree, there may be money specifically for consulting services. If so, definitely take advantage and use this part of the budget to hire a good MBA consultant service. Depending on the level of service you’re looking at, MBA consultants can cost anywhere from a few hundred for basic services to over $10,000 for comprehensive, multiple-school applications. For a basic MBA essay tutoring experience, expect to spend on the lower end of this estimate.

2. Don’t Just Read Reviews

Reading reviews can be a quick way to determine the level of satisfaction an essay consultant provides MBA students. But there are dozens of five-star-rated consultants. How do you know which one is the best for you? Don’t rely on reviews alone to make your own evaluation. Check out a consultant’s services, prices and advertised expertise. Are they a former MBA student? Admissions expert? Communications specialist? Try to find an MBA essay consultant who knows their stuff and understands how MBA admissions work. To put it in perspective, don’t ask MBA students how they wrote a winning essay. Ask someone who has successfully coached MBA students just like you. To bake an amazing cake yourself, ask an experienced baker for their secrets.

Preparing for your MBA interview? Check out our tips:

3. Evaluate Your Options

Many MBA consultants offer free initial meetings for students to gauge their services. Take advantage of these initial consultations and ask plenty of questions! How many years of experience do they have? What’s their professional background? What’s their success rate? Their strategy for teaching students? What does their consultation process look like and how long does it take? Make sure the service you eventually choose matches your expectations and needs. Think of the initial consultation as a job interview where you are the interviewer. Grill them on their professional services and how they operate. Top consulting services will be able to answer all your questions without issue.


An MBA essay consultant can be your secret to success when applying to prestigious MBA programs. MBA essay consulting may not be the best choice for everyone, but it can be an excellent experience for students who want to improve their writing and communication skills or created a well-rounded MBA application to start their graduate degree off right. If you decide to invest in an MBA essay consultant, it’s best to start looking now and get started on your MBA essay writing early.


1. What is an MBA essay consultant?

MBA essay consultants coach students on writing winning admission essays for MBA programs. MBA program admissions are well-known to be highly competitive and a well-crafted essay counts for a large part of your overall application.

2. Is an MBA essay consultant worth it?

An MBA essay consultant isn’t necessary for everyone, but they can make a huge difference for students who struggle with writing, international students or applicants who need to add an edge to their application.

3. How much do MBA essay consultants charge?

MBA consultants charge anywhere from a few hundred for more basic services to over $10,000 for all-inclusive, comprehensive packages. Prices can add up quickly, but for simple MBA essay consulting, prices can be more reasonable.

4. What do MBA essay consultants help with?

MBA essay consultants help guide students on writing excellent MBA admissions essays, including planning structuring and editing your essay. They can also provide feedback on your writing and help you to brainstorm the personal anecdotes you’ll include in the essay.

5. When should I hire an MBA essay consultant?

Hire an MBA essay consultant if you want to offset weaknesses in other parts of your application or you generally struggle with writing. It’s also best to hire an MBA essay as early as possible, so you have the time you need to draft, write and revise your essay before the application deadline.

6. Where do I find an MBA essay consultant?

The internet offers plenty of MBA consultants with varying services. You can also ask your professors, university faculty or your college advisor for recommendations.

7. How do I find the best MBA essay consultant?

Finding the best MBA essay consultant can be tricky, but you want to evaluate your options based on price, services offered and the professional background of the consultants. Take advantage of free initial consultations and be sure to ask plenty of questions before you sign on.

8. Can I pay someone to write my MBA admissions essay?

Yes, there are services that offer to write your MBA admissions essay for you, but this is not a good idea. Admissions committees want to hear your genuine voice in your essay, and it will be clear to them during the admissions interview if you are not the same person who wrote your admissions essay.

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