How can college essay advisors help me boost my chances of getting into my dream school and succeeding once accepted? This is a common question. Whether you are trying to get into one of the best undergraduate business schools or you're unsure of what you want to study in college, you will most likely need to write a personal statement or a common app essay for your application. Essays are a challenging part of the college application process, and they play a significant role in the admissions committee's decision. This post will go over everything you need to know about college essay advisors and how they can help you through this difficult process and beyond.

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What exactly is a college essay advisor? Do I need a college essay advisor to get into college? How much does a college essay advisor cost? Tips for choosing the right college essay advisor Conclusion FAQs

As colleges become more and more selective, being an intelligent, well-rounded student is no longer enough to guarantee college admission. SAT scores, IB or AP classes, GPA, and extracurriculars still matter, but college essays and letters of recommendation have started to carry more weight for many schools. In other words, the college essays portion of the college application is now more important than ever, so hiring a college essay advisor is worth considering.

What exactly is a college essay advisor?

Essentially, they are college advisors who can help you with as little or as much as you want when it comes to writing your personal statement or college essays. That can include, but is not limited to the following:

Do I need a college essay advisor to get into college?

Some people are able to write a good essay by themselves or with the help of friends and family, so you don’t need one to get into college. Still, we highly recommend that you get one for a variety of different reasons that we explain better below:

College is competitive

We’re probably not the first ones to tell you this, but we’re going to mention it again because that’s what this really boils down to. The college admissions landscape is getting more competitive every year, so students need a strong application that stands out from the crowd to gain an admissions letter—especially from top colleges. Even the easiest Ivy League schools to get into are seeing an increase in the number of applicants they get every year, but their acceptance rate is either the same or lower. There is even more pressure to have a great application when you consider the fact that most colleges in the US have a rolling admission system.  

That’s where college essay advisors come in handy. They have an in-depth understanding of the world of college admissions. Not only have most of them gone through the process themselves, but they have helped other students go through it. They actually know what schools are looking for as opposed to just assuming what’s competitive. They are also trained to decipher all the “admissions talk” on college websites. Advisors are simply better suited to help students put their best foot forward, especially for college essay writing.

Do you need to write a common app essay? Here are some tips to write one that will impress admissions committees:

Writing college admissions essays is challenging

Writing these essays is a challenge for people who have done it before, let alone a prospective college student who’s still trying to figure out how to create their high school resume. Unfortunately, we are very rarely taught about writing academic essays or personal statements in school, so even gifted writers or A+ English students don’t automatically have the tools needed to write an essay that will impress the college admissions committee.

If you’ve ever watched a show with high school seniors getting ready to apply to colleges, you’ve probably watched the scene where an admissions expert comes to give a talk about college applications and mentions that they’re tired of reading the same kind of personal essay. We’re trying to say that, unfortunately, without guidance, students are just not that original when it comes to college applications. They are often too focused on writing what they think the admissions board wants to hear, which shows in their final essay.

On the other hand, good college essay advisors have gone through this process multiple times. They will have the tools and strategies necessary to brainstorm great, original topics for college essays and the experience needed to make the final essay as strong as possible.

Learning lifelong skills

The personal statement or supplemental college essay is the first in a string of many academic papers that students will have to write while they complete their degree. After gaining admissions, students can start learning how to write better essays as time goes by, but working with a qualified college essay advisor will give students a solid basic knowledge of essay writing. A good advisor will not write the students’ essays for them. Instead, they will walk them through the entire process – from brainstorming to drafting and polishing - and give the students strategies that they can use to strengthen their essays. Thus, giving students the tools to be better critical thinkers and writers. These abilities will come in handy during college and beyond.

Additionally, writing a college admission essay is more than writing a regular school paper because it requires a lot of self-reflection. Writing a personal narrative with the guidance of an expert can allow students to stop and think about themselves as a person and what they want from college and the future.

Advisors save you time, stress & money

Personalized feedback

Often, students rely on their own skills and the help of high school guidance counselors, but while those are valuable resources, they’re simply not enough. High school guidance counselors work incredibly hard and do their very best. Still, they simply cannot prioritize individual students and provide the same kind of personalized feedback that a private advisor can. A private college essay advisor will be able to spend more time with individual students and guide them through the process in a way that is specific to the students’ needs and goals, instead of general assumptions or the school’s best interest. 

Would you like some more advice on how to write a stellar college essay? Check out this infographic:

How much does a college essay advisor cost?

Much like any other valuable service, college essay advisors cost money. There is, unfortunately, no way to get around that. The cost of a college essay advisor will depend on many different things. Like the exact services you need, your location, and the advisor themselves, of course. On average, advisors charge about $150 per hour, and comprehensive package fees range from as low as $1000 to a high of $10,000.

Hiring a college consultant can be a significant cost, especially for students with limited resources. However, the right college essay advisor is worth every penny for all the reasons that we mentioned above. You have to keep in mind the fact the fact that the services of a college essay advisor can also save you money. The skills that you learn while working with them will come in handy throughout college and afterward as well. Furthermore, it is far more expensive to apply to multiple colleges a second time. 

Tip: College Admissions consulting firms will typically offer this college essay drafting and reviewing as part of an application review bundle. The bundle would include help with college admission essays and other parts of the college application, which can get tricky for prospective students and their loved ones. Furthermore, the companies may have different payment options for these bundles, like installments or payment plans.

Looking for some additional advice on how to write college essays and personal statements that will help you stand out? This video is for you:

Tips for choosing the right college essay advisor

If after further reflection you decide that a college essay advisor is a good investment, you should take the time to search for the right one for you. After all, you will be paying them your hard-earned money and trusting them with helping you while you take a crucial step in your academic journey. So, to help you, here are five tips to help you choose the right college essay advisor:


Applying to college is a lengthy, complex, and often overwhelming process. One of the main reasons for that is that students are not taught how to write personal statements or admissions essays in high school. With college admissions getting increasingly competitive and essays becoming a more important part of the application process, the cost of a college essay advisor could be worth it for you. Make sure you follow the guidelines outlined above to find the advisor for you.


1. What is a college essay advisor?

College essay advisors are admissions specialists who guide and advise students to write personal statements or college admissions essays.

2. What exactly do college essay advisors do?

They help applicants brainstorm topics for college application essays. They also help them draft, edit and polish those essays to make them as compelling as possible. In doing so, they teach students to be better writers.

3. Do I need a college essay advisor?

You do not need one, but we highly recommend getting one as they will significantly improve your essay, thus increasing your chances of college admission.

4. How much do college essay advisors charge?

The average is around $150 an hour. Package deals can cost anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 depending on the services required.

5. I usually get ‘As’ on my papers; should I still get a college essay advisor?

We do not doubt that you are a great writer, which will make this process easier for you, but college admissions essays are about more than just good word choice. You need to know your audience, and no one knows admissions committees like admissions consultants and college advisors.

6. Can my high school guidance counselors be my college essay advisors?

Guidance counselors can provide a lot of great advice. Unfortunately, they usually don't have the resources to give individual students the personalized feedback needed to write the best essays possible. On the other hand, college essay advisors can actually prioritize individual students and help them write a compelling admissions essay.

7. How do I find a good college essay advisor?

Take the time to research the advisor. Check their website for their qualifications, success rate, and success stories. Check their Trustpilot reviews as well to find out what past students have to say.

8. I am an international student. Can I use the services of a college essay advisor?

Yes, you may, and we do recommend that you do. We offer our services online to help you from almost anywhere in the world. Reach out to our team to discuss how we can help you.

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