If you are wondering “Is BeMo Academic Consulting worth it?”, you are probably also considering BeMo plans and pricing when making this decision. We are here to provide you with everything you need to know about how much BeMo costs. In this article, we will discuss BeMo’s customized plans and pricing and outline how we can always accommodate your admissions journey to meet your budget.

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How Much Does BeMo Cost? A Step By Step Guide to BeMo Plans and Pricing Conclusion: How to Pay for BeMo Programs FAQs

How Much Does BeMo Cost?

Firstly, we want to say that looking for BeMo cost on forums and discussion boards such as Reddit Premed or MCAT Reddit is completely pointless. Why? Because BeMo plans and pricing are different for each student. We customize your program and fee based on your needs when it comes to applications, interviews, standardized tests, and so on. For example, if you are working on MCAT test prep, you can choose to customize your MCAT study schedule to focus specifically on MCAT biology questions or MCAT CARS strategy without spending your time and money on prepping for MCAT psychology or MCAT chemistry questions. In other words, your BeMo program cost will depend on what you want help with, how many prep sessions you need, and how we can assist you with your preparations. So, if you read a BeMo Academic Consulting Reddit review that includes the price the student paid for our services, it does not mean that your plan and pricing will be the same.

How do we determine how much BeMo’s help will cost you? Read on to find out.

Want to hear how we help? Check out a review by one of our own students:

A Step By Step Guide to BeMo Plans and Pricing

1. Free Strategy Call

To determine the cost of your program, we schedule your free strategy call with one of our admissions associates. During the call, our admissions expert will answer your questions, as well as ask you some questions to determine if you are the right fit for our programs. Why is this important? Because we want to make sure you know exactly what you will be getting from a BeMo program. For example, if you are thinking that the admissions experts will write your medical school personal statement for you or that they will write your college essays, you are looking at the wrong program!

Our experts focus on helping you develop important skills that will serve you long after you get into the program of your dreams. They will work with you to improve your writing skills, your verbal communication skill, or more specialized skills like MCAT reading comprehension or answer structures to situational judgment tests. While we help and guide you through the process, your success will depend on you and your motivation to improve. We cannot make you follow our advice or force you to accept our feedback. We are here to facilitate your improvement, but only you can make it happen.

Your free initial strategy call will help both of us determine whether we are the right fit for each other and whether you will get the help you are looking for. And if you are an entrepreneur looking for out-of-the-box recruiting strategies or creative ideas to attract employees, we will discuss whether our partnership program is the perfect way for your business to grow and improve.

2. Customize Your Program and Price

Based on our conversation, we will prepare a personalized prep plan for your needs. For example, one student may be looking for help with medical school admissions essays and interview prep, while another student may simply want help with their CASPer, so they only sign up for our CASPer test prep course. Some international medical graduates look for an OSCE prep course, while others look for IMG residency interview prep only.

Essentially, every student has different needs, therefore BeMo cost is customized based on each student’s journey. During the free strategy call, we will determine how to customize your prep plan with BeMo. You will pay ONLY for the services you truly need and want.

Still not convinced? Check out this glowing review:

3. Keep Customizing Your Plan Throughout Your Journey with Us

Remember, no one at BeMo will force you to sign up for programs you do not need or want. We will simply advise which of our programs and services would help you get where you need to. You are completely in charge of what services you want to sign up for. In fact, our guarantees allow you to test out if the programs we offer are the right fit for you. For example, if after our first MCAT test prep session you realize that our program is not the right fit, we will return your money no questions asked. If after our first essay brainstorming session with you, you see that our methods are not exactly what you are looking for, we will give your money back - guaranteed. All you would need to do to get your money back is let the admissions expert you are working with know that you were not satisfied with the prep at the end of your first session before saying your goodbyes.  

On the other hand, if you sign up for one of our programs and find that it has helped you grow as a professional or a student, you may want to sign up for more – your plan can always be customized even after your initial strategy call! For example, if you sign up for our residency application review services only and get dozens of interview invites with the help of our admissions experts, you may want to continue working with us to improve your verbal communication skills by signing up for our residency interview preparation services. We can easily set up your sessions with our experts to work on your ERAS interview prep or CaRMS interview prep.

Basically, you are in charge of your own BeMo plan and pricing.  

Conclusion: How to Pay for BeMo Programs

Not only are we always open to customizing the plans and the number of sessions you sign up for, but we also offer our students the opportunity to pay in interest-free installments. We know that every student’s budget is different and are always open to working out a payment plan that works for you.

Ultimately, whether you choose to work with us is up to you, but the cost of our programs should never be the number one factor that deters you from signing up for our help. We are always eager to meet our students halfway and work on a payment plan that works for them.

You can be the next success story!

Remember, you are investing in your future, so do not do so blindly. Before you even sign up for a free strategy call, check out BeMo Academic Consulting reviews on third-party platforms such as Trustpilot. See what students say about our services and the kind of help we provide. For example, if you are looking for BeMo MCAT reviews, check out verified reviews from students we actually worked with – see what kind of skills we help them gain, find out what kind of approaches our coaches use, and decide for yourself whether we look like a good fit for you.

Use our free strategy call to discuss your budget and we will let you know how we can work within your means. We want you to succeed! Remember, our mission is to make higher education more accessible to all students, no matter their social, cultural, racial, gender, or economic status – so your wallet will not be the determining factor in pursuing the career of your dreams! 


1. What are BeMo’s plans and pricing?

Every student’s BeMo plan and pricing are different because we create an individual, tailored program for each student. Therefore, there is no standard BeMo plan and price.

2. How much does BeMo cost?

It will depend on the program and your needs. We will create a personalized plan for you, and based on your individual plan we can calculate your BeMo cost.

3. Can I customize my prep plan with BeMo?

Absolutely. You can sign up for whatever services you find useful and leave out programs that you do not want to participate in. Please reach out to our team and we can help out with your planning.

4. Can I pull out of a program if I do not enjoy it?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with our program after the first session, please notify your admissions expert at the end of the session that you no longer want to continue with the program. Note that you must do so at the end of the first session while you are still speaking with the admissions expert, not via email after the session is over.  

5. Can I add more services to my plan after I sign up for a program?

Absolutely! If you sign up for only one program but find that you enjoy it, you can always sign up for other programs. For example, if you sign up for our MCAT prep services first and find that we are the right fit for your learning style, you can sign up for medical school application review services and med school interview help. We will be glad to help you out in every step of your journey! 

6. How do students pay for your programs?

We offer students the option of interest-free installment plans.

7. What do you cover in the free strategy call?

During the initial call, we discuss how and if we can help you reach your professional goals. We want to make sure that our programs are the right fit for you! You can ask us any questions you have, including questions about BeMo’s plans and pricing!

8. Do you ever decline to work with a student?

It can happen if we see that we may not be the right fit for the student. For example, if the student expects our admissions experts to write the admissions essays for them. Our programs are designed to help students develop skills, not do their work for them. 

9. Is BeMo worth it?

BeMo Academic Consulting reviews say it all. We have helped thousands of students pursue the career of their dreams. If you want to learn more about our students' journeys and how BeMo helped, check out their testimonials and hear directly from them whether BeMo was worth the investment.

To your success,

Your friends at BeMo

BeMo Academic Consulting

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