Can you trust BeMo Academic Consulting? And can you trust BeMo Academic Consulting reviews on Reddit? Firstly, you should never turn to Premed Reddit, MCAT Reddit, and Premed101 forums for reviews of consulting services like BeMo and for help with the admissions process - such online platforms aren’t reliable sources of information! It’s like any other public platform on the internet – some good advice is mixed in with a whole lot of unsubstantiated information from sketchy sources that set themselves up as the ultimate authority. As a student looking to maximize your chances of pursuing your dream career, it isn’t a good idea to blindly trust everything you read in unverified online forums.

In this blog, we’ll explain all about the mission, programs, and services of BeMo Academic Consulting and address some of the common misconceptions that come up in BeMo Academic Consulting reviews. If you have more questions about BeMo or how we can help you achieve your academic and professional dreams, reach out to us on BeMo Academic Consulting Reddit page!

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Common BeMo Misconception #1: Is BeMo ACTUALLY worth the money? Common BeMo Misconception #2: It’s all a “scam”! Common BeMo Misconception #3: Is BeMo’s expert feedback useful? Common BeMo Misconception #4: Will BeMo help me get accepted into med/grad/law school? Conclusion FAQs

Searching for BeMo Academic Consulting reviews on Reddit and Premed101 forums? You must be wondering how many of those reviews are genuine and how many come from disenchanted students or our competitors. How can you differentiate between genuine criticism and malicious spreading of misinformation? This is the curious nature of internet psychology – whether it’s restaurant reviews or consulting service testimonials, our mind naturally focuses on the 1% negative comments over the 99% positive comments!

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Here are the facts – while we are not perfect and always learning, the MAJORITY of BeMo Academic Consulting reviews are positive, as evidenced by our thousands of review (and counting!) student testimonials on TrustPilot and our 93.5% success rate. Despite the fact that we are consistently successful in our mission to help students achieve their educational dreams, there’s inevitably misinformation put out about what we do – whether it’s a student who did not follow our advice and failed to get into the school of their dreams, or a vicious competitor out to destroy our reputation for self-gain. Is there any merit to such comments? In this blog, we’re going to address some of the common misconceptions discussed in BeMo Academic Consulting reviews. 

Common BeMo Misconception #1: Is BeMo ACTUALLY worth the money?

We already discussed is BeMo worth it, in another article you can read. Some of the most common misguided comments you’ll see when reading the few bad reviewers that even admit that they have never used BeMo dispute whether or not our services are worth it, with the follow-up suggestion that you can apparently get ALL the advice, information, and guidance you need from premed subreddits, Facebook groups, “free” premed advisors at your school or other online forums. These commentators seem to be posing the question – "why pay for BeMo’s expert services when you can just become an expert yourself?"

Well, let’s consider the two options before you. On BeMo Academic Consulting’s side, we have trained and qualified professionals, admissions experts, and a range of tried and tested success strategies to help you with everything from test prep, application review and interview prep such as MCAT study schedules and practicing MMI questions to CaRMS interview prep and AACOMAS application prep. We offer personalized, one-on-one services that are absolutely value for money, helping students achieve success where they might otherwise have failed. Our one-on-one sessions are conducted online, as per the convenience of our students, and focused completely on providing in-depth feedback that they can actually use. We stand by the value of the services we offer, and our success rates speak for themselves.

On the side of Reddit, you have –

  1. Unverified sources of information that could easily be inaccurate or out of date – there’s no official verification and therefore no way of knowing
  2. Hidden personal or commercial agendas that lead to biased comments that purposefully disseminate incorrect information
  3. Immature, superfluous, inaccurate outbursts couched in malicious language posted by users with a total lack of accountability

Is this really where you want to get your information from when deciding on your future? It would be highly irresponsible to rely on Reddit forums to become an “expert” in admissions when there’s absolutely no official or verified sources out there and a lot of personal agendas you aren’t privy to. Being on the internet gives people the freedom to say whatever they wish, and you have no way of knowing where they’re coming from or what their experience actually was.

The question of whether or not our services are “worth the money” depends entirely on you. Our services represent an investment in your future. It’s all about the cost-to-value ratio and it’s better to invest in a reliable, worthy source of help than gamble on the random bits of information you might pick up on Reddit.

For example, would you feel comfortable asking some random Reddit users to provide personalized feedback on your graduate school statement of purpose? Would they even be able to provide you with any level of detailed, practically useful feedback? Can they provide tested strategies to help you brainstorm ideas for your college essays? Can you set up mock Altus Suite prep sessions with kind (or unkind) internet strangers you met on Reddit?

The fact is, at BeMo, we can provide the highest level of specialized, customized feedback that you simply won’t get elsewhere. In their testimonials, our students frequently talk about how impressed they were with the professional evaluation and detailed feedback they received, and how useful they found our brainstorming and strategy sessions that helped them see their life in a new light and therefore write better statements and essays. Yes, a certain amount of generic advice is available on the internet, and if you’re confident enough, you could rely on that to get your acceptance letters. However, if you know that’s not enough for you, and you need more personalized help, BeMo’s experts are here to help you.

Common BeMo Misconception #2: It’s all a “scam”!

Some BeMo Academic Consulting reviews on Reddit or Premed Forums take a leap from “maybe not be worth the money” all the way to “it’s a scam!”. This is a blatant and malicious lie, often spread by competitors looking to tout their own services – as you can tell when the very next sentence is a recommendation to try so-and-so other consulting service which is sooo much better! While most students would be able to see through such obvious marketing tactics disguised as “unbiased comments”, we would still like to address the claim to clear away any doubts.

Firstly note that when we have asked such individuals if they have used our services so we can learn what has gone wrong, they usually indicate that they have never used our services. So how can someone have any reasonable opinion about a service they have never used? Secondly, at BeMo, we value the right to education above everything else, and our grand vision is to ensure equal access to education for everyone, irrespective of their background. Our student-centric, learning forward approach seeks to provide students with the tools and guidance they need to find success. This vision informs the way we create policies, conduct programs, and provide our services. There is no scam here – we genuinely want to help, and our policies and services are the proof in the pudding.

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Common BeMo Misconception #3: Is BeMo’s expert feedback useful?

Before signing on to any service, it’s natural to wonder about the credentials of the consultants who you will be working with. If you’re seeking out BeMo Academic Consulting reviews about this aspect of our services, you should focus on student testimonials from actual students who have enrolled with us, used our services, and completed the admissions process.

We can freely admit that feedback is often subjective, and we welcome constructive criticism that helps to further improve and perfect our consulting services. It’s also a fact that for some students, one aspect of our services may be more useful than another. For instance, students who are already very good public speakers with excellent communication skills may not need coaching on answering common interview questions such as “tell me about yourself” or “what is your greatest weakness”. These same students might greatly benefit from our MCAT prep programs to help them get a good MCAT score.

It is true that there are students who succeed in their applications, MCAT, CASPer, and interviews by simply using our free content online. These students have an easier time applying our strategies to their own circumstances. However, there are many students who need a more personalized approach, and our one-on-one customized feedback is the primary aid that helps them perfect their essays, solidify CASPer question strategies, and improve their confidence during interview prep.

That’s why we offer free initial strategy session to help you identify which of our programs can actually benefit you. If you’re just looking for information, or you’re still on the “research” phase of your application, you’re free to tap into the wealth of up-to-date knowledge we provide in our free blogs, videos, and books. At the end of the day, our goal is to help deserving students put their best foot forward in their applications. If you are looking for more personalized help, our expert feedback is your best bet.

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Common BeMo Misconception #4: Will BeMo help me get accepted into med/grad/law school?

BeMo has successfully helped students with their admissions journey across different educational arenas, including TMDSAS applications, residency personal statements AACOMAS admissions, OSCE prep, and much more. Our services focus on giving you all the tools and resources YOU need to excel in every aspect of the admissions process. We have an amazing success rate of 93.5% and a 91% referral rate. In addition to our 100% satisfaction guarantee (not provided by most schools and educational firms), we provide several results-based guarantees, including our famous get in or your money back, residency match guarantees, and score increase guarantee – that’s how confident we are in our services! But we have a simple request – that you follow all our advice and implement all of our feedback and complete the required number of sessions because coaching only works if you listen to your coach.

Ultimately, whether or not you’re accepted into the school of your choice depends on the efforts you put in – we cannot write your TMDSAS personal characteristics essay or take that tricky MCAT Psychology section for you! What we can do, however, is equip you with all the tools you need to make your own success story. 


Sorting through all the information available on the internet about the admissions process can be an overwhelming process for students, and we understand that. The fact that you’re even looking for BeMo Academic Consulting reviews on Reddit (or anywhere else) before you sign up for our services shows that you’re interested in only the best, most reliable admissions consulting programs. We understand that. We hope that the above answers you questions. We think that the quality of our services, our many, many glowing students’ testimonials, and our astonishing success rates, speak for themselves. And as we keep growing and improving, we at BeMo will always keep working towards our ultimate goal of helping students achieve their educational dreams, no matter what their background. If you're still on the fence at all, start with a simple free strategy call and then sign up and give us a try. We have a simple 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can try us absolutely risk free. Either-way, we hope you'll do well in your academic and career journey and we're here to help you anyway we can.


1. What makes BeMo Academic Consulting’s paid services worth it?

At BeMo, we offer customized, individual feedback for every aspect of the admissions process, from personal statements and essays to interviews, test prep, and application preparation. Our focus is offering guidance led by qualified admissions consultants who KNOW what they are talking about and can help you address the weak points of your application. When you enlist the help of professionals and experts, it gives you a peace of mind and confidence during your admissions season that you simply won’t get relying solely on the advice of random strangers from some social media website. Not to mention, you’ll be saving yourself the time and effort of wading through the reams of information online to identify truth from lies. Our goal is to help each and every student become the best version of themselves and put their best foot forward in every stage of the application process, and our student testimonials show how successful we are in this mission. That’s what makes us worth it!

2. Can BeMo’s admissions experts actually help me?

It’s hard to answer this question without knowing more about you, your background, your academic goals, and the gaps in your application. That is why we offer a completely free initial strategy call where we discuss your own application as well as our services to identify if, and how, we can help you. What we can say for sure is that if you are facing a challenge with your admissions process, we can provide tried and tested strategies as well as customized prep and feedback from admissions experts to help you out. Contact us for a free strategy session to learn how we can help!

3. What is BeMo Academic Consulting’s mission?

BeMo’s ultimate mission is create a world where everyone gets access to the education they deserve, regardless of their race, religion, economic background, gender, culture, or age. To do this, we provide expert mentorship, tools, and resources to help students achieve success in the admissions process. We also provide free online resources to our students in the form of informational blogs, videos, and books about the admissions process. We also advocate for reforms to address the biases in the admissions process.

4. Are BeMo’s programs expensive?

At BeMo, we charge a reasonable fee for the expert services we provide, and we stand by our offerings. The most important thing is to focus on the cost to value ratio and to figure out if BeMo is a worthy investment to help you safeguard your future. If you’re underconfident about any aspect of your application, enlisting our services could give you that edge to help ensure your entire application season doesn’t go to waste. Why take the risk of getting only rejections and having to take a gap year before med school and re-apply? Plus, we offer installment plans to help students pay the fees in a more convenient way.

5. Can’t I just use Reddit/Facebook to get all the application information I need?

We wouldn’t recommend that you rely on online platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, or Premed forums to get your application information. Remember that these platforms may be “free” but that unavoidably means that there’s absolutely no quality control when it comes to the kind of advice you’ll get there. How will you know what’s an admissions fact and what’s just some other student’s unverified assumption? How will you differentiate between unbiased suggestions and the workings of the infamous social media “hive mind”? You’re putting your future in jeopardy if you rely solely on Reddit or other such forums as a source of information. While they may sometimes provide great advice or interesting first-hand experiences, there’s no guarantee about the authenticity of the sources.

6. How does BeMo’s 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

For any of our one-on-one consultations, if you’re not happy with the quality of the consultation, immediately after the session you can ask for a full refund and we will give it to you, provided you are a new BeMo student and don’t access any further services. We may ask for proof of your application to verify that you did not make use of any of our strategies and feedback, but once that’s proven, you’ll get your money back. You see, we want to make sure we are actually helping every single student enrolled with us, rather than just taking their money despite their dissatisfaction.

7. What kind of reviews does BeMo have?

Majority of BeMo Academic Consulting reviews are highly positive testimonials from grateful students who could achieve their admissions dreams, thanks to our help. If you check Trust Pilot, as well as our many students’ testimonial videos, you’ll find that thousands of students speak positively about our detailed, customized feedback as well as our expert-led strategy and brainstorm sessions. [RB1]Hi Zhenya – I can’t find exactly where we have these testimonials culled together for students to check out – can you suggest any other review sources we can add here? As an alternative to Reddit.

8. How many students has BeMo helped?

So far, BeMo has helped students achieve success. You could be next!

9. Who are the admissions experts at BeMo?

BeMo Academic Consulting’s admissions experts are BeMo qualified consultants who are highly trained and knowledgeable about the different aspects of the admissions process, including practicing professionals from the best schools who have experienced and successfully navigated the admissions process themselves.

To your success,

Your friends at BeMo

BeMo Academic Consulting

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