Is BeMo Academic Consulting worth it? Is BeMo any good? Why should students work with admissions experts? …These are questions we get all the time, and are happy to answer. While most of our students understand the value of our services, we know to some, it may seem like a lot of time, effort, money, and unknowns; we get it! And, we’re here to put some of your concerns to rest. By the end of this article, you’ll see why working with BeMo is totally worth it, considered a solid investment in your future, and why our services are supported enthusiastically by thousands of students!

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Why Consider BeMo? Working With An Admissions Expert: Short-Term Cost vs. Long-Term Investment Working With An Admissions Expert: Other Considerations to Make We Stand Behind our Work

Why Consider BeMo?

Being granted admission to your program of choice isn’t a walk in the park; most rejected applicants attempted to ‘wing it’ and in many cases, those who were accepted had some form of admissions preparation and guidance.

There any many parts of the admissions process where students benefit from working with a professional. For example, almost 50% of students end up re-writing their admissions tests such as the MCAT, at a huge cost of time, money and energy. This alone can help you weigh costs vs. benefits. If you're confident in your ability to write the MCAT, then perhaps you’re wondering, ‘can a medical school advisor or medical school admissions consultant help me with my medical school interview preparation or medical school application?’

The answer to your question is, yes! Many of our students come to us for personalized interview preparation:

“My interview prep session with Dr. Joseph Narusis at BeMo consultancy was invaluable. He provided comprehensive insights into my answers. His personalized feedback and practical strategies were exceptional. From structuring responses to providing key talking points, the tips he provided were super helpful. Thank you for the wonderful session.”Anusha, Former BeMo Student

There are a few clear reasons why one might consider working with a BeMo consultant: to receive advice and help from an expert on their application, to prepare for the entire admissions process, or for difficult components such as the MCAT or interviews where personalized feedback and advice is invaluable.

…But, what about the cost?

Working With An Admissions Expert: Short-Term Cost vs. Long-Term Investment

There’s no avoiding the question of cost – and there shouldn’t be! In this case, cost is better perceived as an investment, as working with an admissions expert can help you in the long run. We encourage you to consider the following points when thinking about cost vs. investment:

Investing in Admissions Expertise

Though there is an initial cost to hiring our Admissions Experts, the long-term benefits significantly outweigh the expense. This includes saving on repeated application fees and avoiding delayed earnings from potential reapplications.

Costs of Applying

The application process involves various expenses—application fees, travel for interviews, etc., which accumulate quickly. You don’t want to have to pay that twice (after being rejected)…

Efficiency and Success

BeMo’s proven coaching on applications, essays, CASPer, MMI, and interviews enhances your admission chances, at a lower cost than reapplying after a rejection. Avoid the loss of potential annual earnings by maximizing your chances of success the first time.

Return on Investment in Admissions Coaching

While the cost of our coaching services is an upfront expense, the potential lifetime earnings of professionals far surpass this initial outlay. Consider the high annual salary of a medical doctor, typically $250,000. Each year delayed in starting your career represents a significant financial loss compared to the cost of our services.

Affordable and Accessible Services

We offer interest-free installment payments, and provide free access to many of our resources—videos, courses, and books—to ensure our services are accessible to all aspiring professionals.

The Value of Knowledge

As Benjamin Franklin stated, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Investing in our services equates to investing in your ability to successfully navigate competitive admissions, securing both career satisfaction and financial independence.

Strategic Investment

Preparing for professional or graduate school is the largest investment in your life, necessitating smaller, strategic investments to ensure entry into these competitive programs.

Working With An Admissions Expert: Other Considerations to Make


Time is a precious resource, especially in the context of preparing for admissions processes like CASPer tests, interviews, writing personal statements, and strategizing how to complete every step effectively within your strict application timeline. This can be difficult to schedule and navigate alone; time is of the essence! That’s why working with an expert can help:

“Met with [a BeMo consultant] today for my first Med App Strategy session. He was very helpful in informing me of my options in preparing to apply to med school as well as timelines of what I need to complete when. He helped me come up with a realistic plan of action going forward as well as timelines for each step. I really appreciate the time he dedicated to my session!”Olga, Former BeMo Student

Consider two scenarios: In the first, you quickly prepare your application or interview without expert guidance, likely leading to reapplication due to overlooked nuances and an incomplete understanding of the admissions landscape. The second involves receiving feedback from friends or family, who, despite their best intentions, may not provide the critical insights needed for success.

At BeMo, we emphasize "PERFECT practice makes perfect."

Our Admissions Experts, who understand the system intricately, offer objective and thorough guidance, ensuring your preparation is not only correct but effective. This expert intervention reduces preparation time significantly. For instance, our typical review process includes multiple rounds of feedback on application essays, ensuring each iteration improves significantly upon the last. This structured approach accelerates your readiness and enhances the quality of your submissions, drastically increasing your chances of success on the first attempt.


To put it plainly: our services work, and our students love working with us!

Our Admissions Experts are deeply devoted to student success, helping each student refine and present their best selves, using techniques with proven effectiveness. This double-blind study shows students in our program increasing their MMI and CASPer practice scores by 23-27%, following multiple coaching sessions. As such, we’ve seen first-hand that CASPer and MMI are highly coachable, and that BeMo’s preparation methods work.

As well, you can check out our ever-growing list of Student Success Stories, with students gaining admission to graduate and professional programs of all kinds, all over the world. The enthusiasm of students for our programs speaks for itself!

Here is a list of schools where BeMo’s students have gained acceptance – as you’ll see, our students have been accepted to the most competitive programs globally such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, law, nursing, PhD/Master's, physician assistant, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and many more. We’re also now collecting video reviews from students, and you can view that playlist here.

Additionally, prestigious schools like McGill University and the University of Michigan have recommended BeMo’s resources for medical school admissionspreparing for the MMI, and preparing for the CASPer test. In fact, their Career Centers keep our books in their collections!

Finally, you can look at our TrustPilot Reviews, where hundreds of students have reflected honestly on their experiences working with BeMo. When students succeed, we succeed; when students are satisfied, we are satisfied.

The Value of Mentorship

What it is like to work with a BeMo consultant during the application process? It’s like having a mentor; which can certainly impact your success.

While it is true that success looks different for everyone, when you consider successful authors, professional athletes, or iconic innovators like Steve Jobs, they all shared one common element: mentors. From Einstein to Aristotle, top performers across all fields have relied on the guidance of those more experienced to save time and enhance their wisdom.

There’s no reason to struggle and attempt to do difficult things on your own, when you could learn from people who have been there before. At BeMo, our rigorously selected consultants are deeply familiar with the admissions process, equipped to coach you through it effectively, ensuring you articulate your qualities persuasively and maximize your potential.

“Noora Darwish [BeMo Consultant] is simply amazing! Her guidance and support have been invaluable to me. Whether it's advice on academics, career decisions, or just navigating life, she always knows just what to say. I feel incredibly fortunate to have her as a mentor.”Anonymous, Former BeMo Student


Our students often recognize that our guidance transcends mere application techniques, impacting their broader professional development. We focus on teaching lifelong skills, ethical reflection, and effective self-presentation, which are valuable not only for admissions but throughout their careers. Don’t just take it from us…

“Shaughnelene [BeMo Consultant] was absolutely fantastic during our session! Her insights truly elevated my answers, making them more professional and packed with important buzzwords that really made me stand out. I can't thank her enough for such a productive session with BeMo!”Reza, Former BeMo Student

This commitment extends beyond just achieving admissions success; it’s about nurturing the next generation of respected professionals and fostering thoughtful, reflective practitioners in various fields.

We Stand Behind our Work

Finally, we stand behind the work we do. Our programs come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and select top programs even come with a Get In or Your Money Back® Guarantee. It’s simple: if you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied. We are confident in the services we offer, which is why we put our (literal and proverbial) money where our mouth is! Come work with us and see for yourself!

To your success,

Your friends at BeMo,

BeMo Academic Consulting

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