Are you a student wanting an honest answer to the question of “Is BeMo a scam?” Look no further! BeMo Academic Consulting is a top admissions consulting company, known for advocating for fair and unbiased admissions, and providing exemplary consulting services for students looking to get into various higher education programs. Don’t let a few malicious posts by competitors in premed Reddit forums sway you – there are thousands more positive, glowing testimonials about the amazing work that BeMo does on a daily basis.

In this blog, you will learn all about BeMo’s vision, the genuine, impressive services that BeMo provides, how BeMo helps students, and why students love BeMo!

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Why BeMo Exists: Our Vision and Philosophy What Programs Does BeMo Offer and Do You Even Need Them? How BeMo Helps Students Students Love BeMo! Conclusion FAQs

Is BeMo a scam? Thousands of positive reviews from students who have achieved their educational dreams, thanks to BeMo’s help, prove otherwise! We want to take this opportunity to address the misinformation put forward in certain Reddit and Premed101 forums. Though the majority of posts related to BeMo Academic Consulting reviews on Reddit are overwhelmingly positive, some posters claim that BeMo is a scam. As you can guess from the contents of these posts, the motivation behind them is not to provide honest criticism in good faith (which we always welcome!) but to purposely spread misinformation about our products and services. Whether the posters are competitors looking to promote their own products or disgruntled students who did not follow our instructions and failed to get into their dream programs, their claims have no basis in reality.

BeMo Academic Consulting is known for its student-centric, highly effective admissions consulting services, and it’s not just an empty claim – we have a proven track record with a success rate of 93.5% and a 91% referral rate. Every year, our students achieve their educational dreams, with our help. The reason behind our amazing success rate is clear: we know what we’re doing, and we do it really well.

Haters Gonna Hate. Watch our reply video to an elitist, premed hater:

Why BeMo Exists: Our Vision and Philosophy

BeMo was founded by Dr. Behrouz Moemeni with one clear purpose: to provide admissions consulting services to help students get into their dream programs, irrespective of their social, economic, or cultural background. This is the core of our company vision, as we believe that every student deserves the chance to get a fair shot at higher education.

We advocate for fair admissions practices. We help students put their best foot forward and maximize their chances of success in the admissions process. We provide student-centric, personalized services designed to help students develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. There’s no scope for a scam! We are a team of highly motivated admissions experts who passionately believe in fair and unbiased admissions and want to genuinely help every student achieve their educational dreams.

Right from your first free initial consulting call with us, we are completely upfront and straightforward about the extent of our services, the cost, the benefits, and the strategies we use. We also don’t want you to sign up for any services that you don’t really need! That’s why we offer that first free strategy call – we’re not trying to “sell” you anything. We want to brainstorm with you to identify the right combination of consulting services you need and will most benefit from.

We offer a range of different offers and features such as 100% satisfaction guarantee and get in or get your money back guarantee because we believe in the effectiveness of our services! We are committed to creating continuous ah-ha moments as part of their learning process for our students; that is only possible if the student too is fully motivated to follow our guidance as a path to their future success. Our student relationships are built on mutual trust and that’s why you’ll see so many student reviews talking about how useful they found our services, how it helped them achieve their dreams, etc.

Why you should avoid Premed Reddit:

What Programs Does BeMo Offer and Do You Even Need Them?

One claim often touted on online forums is that consulting services such as ours are trying to sell services that aren’t really needed. For example, some MCAT Reddit posters claim that you don’t really need any MCAT prep courses to prepare for this exam, and therefore, any company that offers such services is a “scam”. Such claims are obviously based on the posters’ limited and subjective personal experience. Sometimes these are even good faith posts, based on the posters’ own experiences, but even then, they should be taken with a pinch of salt. How can these posters accurately assess your strengths, weaknesses, and requirements? Their self-study MCAT study schedule may have worked for them, but it’s possible that other users who have a different study style or a different academic background would need additional help to achieve a good MCAT score.

Similarly, some posters on CASPer test Reddit claim that you don’t even need to prepare for this test at all! This could be true for a small section of students who already have the skills needed to ace the CASPer test, but most students need to complete at least 8 weeks of CASPer test prep to ensure a good result.

That’s why it’s dangerous to listen to claims from random posters on this internet. Their advice, even when it’s well-meaning, could set you on a totally disastrous path to school rejections and heartbreak. It’s much better to put your trust in experts who have the experience, knowledge, and strategies to guide you to success.

We offer a wide range of services, and each of our programs is expertly designed and executed to help students with the weak areas of their application. From a complete application review to help with specific tests and interviews such as the MCAT, MMI, CASPer, etc., we want to ensure that any student that needs help with their application can find it with us. We have programs tailored for grad school admissions as well as professional program admissions including medical school, dental school, nursing school, law school, etc.

The higher education admissions process is constantly changing and every year, we review the latest requirements, how much coaching they might require, and add programs to help students with them. For example, our programs for situational judgement tests such as CASPer test prep and MMI interview prep are tailored to every student’s specific needs. The skills needed to excel in these types of tests are often taught in elite schools and colleges and students from disadvantaged educational and social backgrounds often struggle to achieve a good score. Through these programs, we actually help students gain useful skills including communication and interview skills, which will help them have a fair shot at admission. Moreover, skills like these are useful throughout your life and will help you in future interviews and applications as well.

Our programs and services don’t focus merely on numbers and metrics. At BeMo, we want to coach students to become their best selves, for the immediate admissions process and beyond. We can achieve this vision because of high-quality service we guarantee. The following are the three biggest attractions of our programs:

How BeMo Helps Students

Along with consistently maintaining a high standard for the paid consulting services we provide, BeMo also offers many other benefits for students.

Free initial consulting

As we discussed earlier, the purpose of our free initial consulting call is to see if we would be a good fit for you, and to help you identify which of our services you might really benefit from. We don’t charge for this call because we only want to charge you for the useful services we provide! That’s just one of the many ways we are always putting students’ needs first.

Free resources

Besides our paid services, we offer a number of free admissions resources for the benefit of students, including blogs, videos, webinars, e-books, and more. We don’t hold back anything from our free resources! We want to help students find all the information they need related to their application, and we feel good about sharing our best strategies and tips with you to help you along your way. And if you feel you need additional, personalized guidance to get to your goal, then of course we encourage you to sign up for our paid services!

100% satisfaction guarantee

We offer a unique 100% satisfaction guarantee for all students, and all programs. This means that, after your first session, if you’re not happy with the quality of the service you received, you can express your dissatisfaction at the end of the session, and we will refund your money. If necessary, we may ask you to provide proof that you did not use our strategies and tips to complete your application.

Why do we offer this guarantee? It’s simple – because we’re not out here to make money at the expense of helpless students. We are 100% confident about our services and we only want you to sign up for them if you’re on the same page!

Check out this success story from one of BeMo's students:

Students Love BeMo!

Don’t just take us at our own word! BeMo has a proven track record of helping students succeed. We frequently receive glowing reviews from students talking about how much they loved our application brainstorming sessions, or how our personalized feedback sessions helped them gain the skills they needed to ace their applications.

We have received positive student reviews on a variety of different platforms. Check out some of them in the list below:

  • Video testimonials: Watch these video testimonials from students to learn about their experience with BeMo.
  • Positive comments and recommendations on online forums such as Premed 101, and Reddit: That’s right! There are many positive comments about BeMo on these forums as well as balanced critiques that we appreciate, as they help us improve our services.
  • TrustPilot: We have over 3500 reviews on this platform, with a 4.9 rating! You’ll find numerous positive, and often detailed, comments from students talking about how happy they were with the quality of our services.

Remember, this is merely a representative list to give you an idea of many students we have helped! There are many more platforms where you’ll find positive reviews, testimonials, and recommendations of BeMo.


Before we go, we would like to highlight that we are definitely aware of the presence of exploitative admissions services that prey on students’ application season anxieties to make money. That, simply put, is not us! In fact, we strive hard every day to be the exact opposite – to be a source of useful information and expert guidance for students, to be reliable and trustworthy. Our priority is to build lasting relationships with students based on mutual trust, not to make a quick buck and disappear into the sunset. All of our services are designed to prioritize students’ needs and convenience, and we offer world-class admissions consulting for a huge number of admissions processes. The overwhelmingly positive reviews we receive and BeMo’s impressive student success stories prove that we aren’t just making all of this up – we’ve got the expertise to back up the claims!


1. Can BeMo Academic Consulting actually help me?

We can’t really answer this question without knowing more about you, your application, your strengths and weaknesses, educational goals, etc. If you’re wondering if and how we can help, we encourage you to sign up for our free initial strategy call. The goal of this call is to help you identify what kind of help you need and whether any of our services will actually benefit you. If you decide to sign up, you’re guaranteed to receive high quality, student-centric services delivered by trained and qualified admissions experts. Contact us to know more!

2. What kinds of services does BeMo provide?

BeMo provides a variety of different services related to higher education admissions, including complete application review, interview prep for MMI, CASPer, and more, and exam prep for MCAT, OSCE, etc. We offer tailored programs to help students get into grad school as well as medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, and law school, and physician assistant programs.

3. What is the vision behind BeMo?

Dr. Behrouz Moemeni started BeMo with the aim of helping students get into their dream programs, irrespective of their social, economic, or cultural background. We do this by advocating for fair and unbiased admissions processes and helping students become their best selves and gain the important skills they need to ace the applications process. We aren’t focused on numbers and metrics alone; we want to help students develop life-long skills and tools to help them in their professional and personal lives. Our services are completely customized and student centric. We believe that only customized feedback from experts can really help you become the best version of yourself.

4. Who are BeMo’s admissions experts?

BeMo’s admissions experts are certified and qualified practicing professionals. They have deep knowledge and expertise about the higher education admissions process and are trained to coach students to become their best selves.

5. Are BeMo’s programs too costly?

BeMo’s charges a reasonable fee for our paid services, and we stand behind the quality and efficacy of our offerings. Remember, you should consider the cost to value ratio, rather than looking at only the financial expenditure. If you end up with only rejections, you will have to bear the additional cost of re-applications anyway, along with having to deal with the heartbreak of being rejected. In that way, our paid services represent a smart investment in yourself and a safeguard for your dreams of the future.

6. Why should I use BeMo when I can get all the information I need for Reddit or Premed101?

We do not recommend getting all of your application information from Reddit or Premed101, or any other online forums. The internet can definitely be a great source of information, especially during your initial research stage, but you need to be smart about how you filter and use this information. Informal forums like Reddit or Premed101 can help you forge a community with other applicants and relieve some of your application anxiety, but they should not be your primary source of application information and guidance. Remember, the posters there do not have any obligation to be accurate or truthful. A lot of misinformation is mixed up along with the good information and you won’t be able to tell the difference! Even the information that is intended to be actually helpful and useful, could end up hurting your chances of acceptance. What worked for one student may not work for another, and none of these forum posters are qualified and trained experts.

At BeMo, you get expert guidance and customized feedback, tailored programs based on tried and tested strategies, and access to numerous mock tests and exams (as applicable). Our personalized, student-centric approach ensures that the strategies and tips we offer are customized for your specific situation, taking into account your strengths, weaknesses, and requirements. This is the kind of help that can get you concrete results.

7. Does BeMo have good reviews?

BeMo has overwhelmingly good reviews on platforms like TrustPilot, as well as numerous video testimonials and recommendations on Reddit posts. Our expert services help most of our students get into their programs of choice, and that’s why we have such an excellent reputation.

8. How many students has BeMo actually helped?

BeMo has helped 33,532 students achieve their educational dreams. You could be next!

To your success,

Your friends at BeMo

BeMo Academic Consulting

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