The goal of getting a good MCAT score drives many applicants to use a variety of resources available to them, including MCAT Reddit and Premed Reddit, and premed101 forums. And while it’s totally understandable to seek help online for how to study for the MCAT, you should also know that getting your information about the MCAT from Reddit is a risk. In this blog, we will discuss why using MCAT Reddit as your source for MCAT prep is inadvisable and what other FREE resources are available to help you prepare for this challenging exam. If you are looking for more MCAT prep advice, reach out to our experts via BeMo's MCAT Reddit page.

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Why You Should Avoid MCAT Reddit #1: Risk of Trusting MCAT Reddit Users You Do Not Know #2: Questionable Information About the MCAT #3: Unsuitable Advice #4: Reddit Cannot Help You Develop Lifelong Skills #5: Untested and Impersonal Prep Strategies What Free MCAT Prep Resources Are Available? FAQs

Why You Should Avoid MCAT Reddit

The MCAT (and the preparation associated with it) can be stressful, thus many premeds turn to the internet for advice, including the premed forums and MCAT-related forums such as MCAT Reddit. Here, premeds expect to find plenty of free advice on studying for and acing the MCAT.

At a glance, it may feel validating and comforting to read first-hand anecdotes from others who have been in your shoes. However, we always advise students to take these anecdotes with a grain of salt…taking anonymous, unvetted advice from strangers on the internet can be risky.

You have probably heard many unsettling stories about how hard the MCAT is and how long the MCAT is, and these may be exasperated (or lacking context) on Reddit.

On Premed Reddit threads about the MCAT, you may find biased horror stories. While there is certainly some good advice and some really helpful people on the MCAT Reddit forums, you have to be careful, and should probably avoid it and seek out more reliable advice. Here are 5 reasons why we feel this way:

#1: Risk of Trusting MCAT Reddit Users You Do Not Know

This is probably the most obvious reason for avoiding MCAT Reddit as a serious source of information. By entrusting your MCAT test prep strategies to Reddit users, you are taking a huge risk. One of our consultants openly shared that the most challenging part of his own MCAT preparation was “balancing MCAT prep with school, extracurriculars and other commitments.” – Dr. Neel Mistry, MD, University of Saskatchewan School of Medicine

Students who face a similar challenge may feel that turning to Reddit will offer them valuable insight – but just as everybody has a unique learning style – everybody has different strengths and preferences when it comes to studying, too! Working with an advisor is the best way to combat this; rather than trusting in what worked for a fellow Reddit user.

“Dr. Henry's tutoring has been a game-changer in my MCAT preparation. His consistency, coupled with a personalized approach, sets him apart. Not only does he have a knack for breaking down complex concepts, but he also takes the time to remember personal aspects of my life. This builds a unique student-professor bond based on trust and understanding. His explanations are concise, making foundational concepts breeze through. Thanks to Dr. Henry, I feel well-equipped for success on the MCAT.” – Sunny, Former BeMo Student

MCAT scores greatly affect medical school acceptance rates, so you do not want to take preparations for this test lightly, nor do you want to trust somebody else’s personal approach to studying

Not only do you not know the validity of the statements other Reddit users make, you also do not know whether they have actually taken the MCAT or whether they have really done as well as they say they did; you’ve never met them. It is simply unreasonable to believe everything you read on Reddit, so do not trust users who boast 528 MCAT scores or know the "secret trick" to acing the MCAT.

#2: Questionable Information About the MCAT

There are genuine threads on MCAT Reddit that offer tips for MCAT prep, but you should also know that the majority of Reddit threads are not reliable sources of information. Like with most topics, MCAT Reddit boards are filled with unfiltered, blunt and misleading opinions or information.

This phenomenon is present on a variety of Premed forums and even Residency Reddit. Some posts boast about acing the MCAT without any preparation, while some claim that there is only one legitimate MCAT prep company (these are typically posted by the representatives of this prep company). Furthermore, there are posts about the unfairness of the test that dishearten future test-takers.

MCAT Reddit may worsen your anxiety which does not help you prepare mentally and cognitively for the test. You’ll come across negativity and over-inflated positive anecdotes. While nobody can deny that the MCAT is a difficult test, thousands of students have successfully written it and went on to achieve their dream of becoming a doctor. Those who work with advisors also gain valuable skills and motivation that they can utilize beyond their test day…

“Noah Heichel was the best tutor that I have had so far! He not only helped me get through the material effectively and efficiently but, took the time to provide me with study methods that will help me not only for the MCAT, but also when I make it to Medical School. He also was super positive and even when talking about a stressful test, left me feeling positive and motivated to keep going.” – Anonymous, Former BeMo Student

Bottom line is that those who boast about the easiness or the difficulty of the MCAT are probably not the best sources of information and advice. Why? Well, the former are anomalies who do not have to prepare for a 7.5-hour exam, while the latter struggled so much during the test that you probably do not want their advice in the first place.

Learn what makes the MCAT challenging in our infographic:

You should also keep in mind that Reddit is often used by businesses to promote their own hidden agendas. Some are also keen to use Reddit as a defamation platform to attack their competitors. Be vigilant of anyone who vehemently dismisses alternative study strategies, MCAT study schedules, or uses rude and contemptuous language towards other Reddit users or prep companies. These tend to be written by prep agencies who are after your attention and money. 

#3: Unsuitable Advice

Reddit users are not typically a reliable source of information about higher education, especially when it comes to competitive programs like medicine, dentistry, law, and so on.

Remember – everything on Reddit is biased – and anecdotes aren’t always factual. There’s no way of proving whether or not each user is being truthful and authentic.

It is worth pointing out that not all information on MCAT Reddit is false. There are people who genuinely want to share their experience and divulge information about their prep tactics and methods to other Reddit users. While this information is not false, it is often one-sided, and might not be applicable to your situation whatsoever.

For instance, a CARS strategy for slow readers will be of no use to a test-taker with high reading comprehension already, or tips on acing the MCAT biology questions may not be of interest to someone who is struggling with MCAT physics equations. That’s why working 1:1 with an expert is highly recommended:

“I always have great sessions with Ariel, either CARS or Psych, he definitely helps me identify my strengths and weaknesses and gives me helpful advice about answering tricky questions.” – Ana, Former BeMo Student

There are Reddit users out there who genuinely want to share what worked for them in preparation for the MCAT. However, it is wise to remember that not all advice can be applied to your circumstances. And, there are different versions of the MCAT within the same year; what you hear from test-takers in one cycle might not apply to another!

Just because someone has taken the MCAT before doesn’t mean they are qualified to offer advice!

Do you know the sections that compose the MCAT?

#4: Reddit Cannot Help You Develop Lifelong Skills

As previously mentioned, Reddit users are not really investing their time, effort and knowledge into preparing you—a total stranger—for the MCAT. They might not understand the content, know how to use test-taking strategies, or even what version of the test you’ll write (compared to theirs). Additionally, MCAT prep should include more than content revision: it should be about reading, comprehension, analysis, attention to detail, stress management, and so on. All of these skills cannot be developed by reading Reddit posts. They are honed using diligent MCAT prep strategies.

As you know, your MCAT preparation tactics should always include CARS prep. While some students find biochemistry or MCAT physics questions very challenging, this does not apply to everyone. However, CARS is notoriously challenging for most students. This MCAT section is very difficult to prepare for because you cannot simply memorize formulas or terminology to ace it. More than often, you hear that CARS is impossible to prepare for. Alternatively, students often hear that they must cover as many MCAT CARS practice passages and questions to do well in this section. In truth, this is not enough.

Because of this being a challenge to many, it’s not uncommon to hear of students having to have to take the MCAT twice:

“I was aiming for over 510 [on the MCAT] but initially scored 497. After a month off, I prepped for six more months, improving to 510 nearly a year later.” – Kannan, Former BeMo Student, Western University of Health Sciences

Not wanting others to have to take the MCAT twice is why it is common for Reddit users to share their CARS prep tactics. There is a sort of comradery between MCAT test-takers regarding the difficulty of this MCAT section. However, as we stated prior, working 1:1 with a tutor or prep agency is very likely to provide you with more accurate, personalized tips than an anonymous forum would.

Your MCAT CARS strategy should involve the development of your reading and comprehension skills. These skills take time to cultivate but they are essential for becoming a successful professional. In some ways, building lifelong skills and knowledge should be the focus of your MCAT prep, not finding quick tricks on Reddit that might help you ace the test.

Learning reading comprehension and how to improve attention to detail by taking an MCAT course (for example) are skills that you can carry with you through life, beyond the MCAT…but they take time to learn, and often require expertise to guide you!

Want our MCAT prep help? Here's one of our student success stories:

#5: Untested and Impersonal Prep Strategies

As you may have gathered from this article, your success on the MCAT depends on your personal preparations and studying. No amount of advice from your family, friends, classmates, or Reddit users, can instill in you an intrinsic motivation to succeed.

When one of our own consultants reflected on her own MCAT journey, she noted that:

“I focused on high-yield strategies. I knew that because I didn’t come from a science background, that science subjects would require my greater focus. I worked with an in-person prep company in my hometown.” – Dr. Monica Taneja, MD, University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Ultimately, your MCAT score will heavily depend on your study habits, how sufficient your study strategies were, and how much time you put into it. It requires more than just being good at the MCAT subjects. As Dr. Taneja shared, “Practice tests help you learn to maintain stamina through the duration of the test, and they allow you to practice questions before the actual test.”

The study strategies you read about on Reddit are not designed by professional MCAT tutorsMCAT prep course administrators, or medical school advisors. When it comes to MCAT prep, a one-size-fits-all approach should be avoided at all costs.

You may think this is irrelevant but prep techniques and review strategies are most effective when they have been devised by professionals who have previously tested them and proved them to be effective for a variety of students.

The Reddit user who shared their learning strategies may have succeeded, but:

  1. We do not know if this person is being earnest. Maybe they are not disclosing some other tactics they used to ace their test or the fact that they used a prep company.
  2. Their success does not guarantee that their methods will be effective for your MCAT prep.

Does this mean you cannot get external help? Absolutely not! You are encouraged to use legitimate resources that can help you prepare. There are MCAT prep professionals who can work with your schedule, concentrate on your needs, and customize prep plans for your learning style. Additionally, there are dozens of free MCAT prep sources you can use to organize your own study schedule and increase your chances for success!

If you are looking for an MCAT tutor, check out our infographic for choosing the best MCAT professional:

What Free Resources Are Available to You?

Understandably, you want to compare your study tactics with others’. Discussion boards and online forums are often a source of companionship for premed students. However, we strongly encourage you to avoid using these threads to build your own MCAT prep strategy for the reasons we listed above. Feeling a sense of belonging during MCAT prep and medical school applications is great – especially if you are a non-traditional applicant who feels lonely in their endeavor. But remember that MCAT Reddit cannot be a serious source of information.

Here are some examples of free, reliable MCAT prep resources you can check out:

Many of these resources are available to you for free on our website and social media. Whether you are planning your study schedule or looking to figure how to start studying for the MCAT, we have compiled a series of detailed, informative blogs and videos that can help you make sound decisions regarding your MCAT prep methods and schedule the optimal MCAT test date for you.

“I really enjoy the one-on-one sessions with the BeMo consultants. I like that the session are tailored to my strengths and needs and I appreciate the advice I get on how to tackle questions on the MCAT sections.”- Ana Stanciu, Former BeMo Student

Remember, BeMo is not your only option, but if you are looking to work with an expert on your MCAT journey, reach out for a free initial consultation!


1. Should I use MCAT Reddit for test prep?

We would strongly advise you to avoid using MCAT Reddit as a source of information about the test and prep strategies. There are many reasons to be cautious, but the main are that the information provided may be unsuitable or questionable. 

2. Is everything I read on MCAT Reddit unreliable or false?

Not everything you read on MCAT Reddit is meant to misguide you. Some users genuinely want to help you, so they share their personal experiences related to MCAT prep. However, this advice is untested and the source of the information, i.e., the user, cannot be authenticated. There is no way for you to know whether this person has truly studied for the MCAT using these strategies or whether they are lying. It is a big risk to put your MCAT success in the hands of unknown and unreliable people. While it’s normal to browse the internet and see what worked for other MCAT takers, it is not advisable to follow tips and study methods of unfamiliar, often anonymous, Reddit users.

3. Is there a better online forum for MCAT prep?

No, online premed forums are not a good place to find study strategies and tips for acing the test. Just like MCAT Reddit, all these forums are not reliable.

4. What should I use as my primary prep source?

First of all, you should visit the AAMC's official website to learn the latest information about the test. The AAMC also provides you with guidelines and advice for how to prepare for the MCAT.

5. What other prep resources are available to me?

You can use tested and professionally approved prep tactics you find on authoritative sites like ours. Not only do we provide thorough guidelines for every MCAT section, but we also review sample questions and expert analysis of correct answers. Make sure to visit our blog for most up-to-date information on MCAT prep and when you should take the MCAT.

6. Why would I buy your paid services if you give your information out for free?

The information we provide in our blogs and videos is the same information we give to our students in one-on-one consulting sessions. However, one-on-one consultations are more personalized. We have the chance to address each student's needs and tailor their MCAT prep specifically for their circumstances.

7. How should I start my prep?

You should always start your MCAT prep by figuring out your baseline. To do this, you must take an MCAT diagnostic test. This practice exam will demonstrate your strengths and weakness, as well as introduce you to the test format.

8. Is taking practice questions enough, or is there another way to study?

Doing practice questions is a good study strategy for the second half of your MCAT prep plan. The first part of your prep will mostly consist of active study strategies while reviewing the exam content. Once you cover a substantial amount of MCAT content, you can move on to practice questions.

Additionally, remember that practice questions is not enough for MCAT CARS prep. You must do challenging reading and analysis of text to prepare for this test section.

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