The popularity of Reddit Premed and other online discussion boards such as MCAT Reddit, Residency Reddit and Premed101 Forums has forged them into a form of authority on topics ranging from the most reputable real estate company in your city to what kind of pet food is best for kittens. And while the information on Reddit can sometimes be helpful, Reddit visitors should be aware of the risks of taking these discussions too seriously, especially when it comes to making life and career choices. In this blog, we’ll explore considerations you should make before turning to Reddit for medical school advice, and what your options are for premed resources.

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Why To Avoid Reddit Premed: 4 Reasons to Consider Reddit Premed: The Positive Side Other Free Resources For Premeds Conclusion

Why To Avoid Reddit Premed: 4 Reasons to Consider

1) Questionable Sources

Reddit, while popular for diverse advice, often lacks reliable sources, especially concerning crucial decisions like medical school applications. Despite its broad user base, the platform is rife with hidden agendas, self-promotion, and misinformation. Medical school hopefuls, facing pressure and uncertainty, may turn to Reddit in the absence of readily available guidance from overwhelmed premed advisors. However, the advice found on Reddit is not curated and may be driven by individuals’ personal biases or commercial interests. This creates a risky environment for making informed decisions about something as significant as a career in medicine.

Want to know why any sort of premed reddit, MCAT reddit, or CASPer reddit should be avoided? Check this out:

For instance, when you come across Reddit discussions that vehemently promote or dismiss a medical school, MCAT study schedule, research opportunities, etc., you should be vigilant. If you are deciding between programs or careers - like DO vs MD- be sure to take anecdotes on Reddit with a grain of salt These posts may have some hidden intent, or they may be entirely false or subjective.

2) Lack of a Personalized Approach

Thousands of premed students use Reddit boards to communicate and discuss the medical school application process, extracurriculars for medical school, what kind of GPA and MCAT score is competitive this application cycle, common medical school interview questions and their overall application experience. This is understandable; unless you have gone through this process yourself, you will have a difficult time understanding what the medical school admissions process is like, and it’s normal to be curious or hungry for information. This is why premed students congregate in discussion boards like Reddit – this is moral and emotional support during a very difficult time of their lives.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the stories and advice you find on Reddit 1) Cannot be verified and 2) May not be applicable to you. There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter experience when it comes to medical school admissions; your experience with your application process may be completely different than an anonymous Reddit user. This is why a personalized approach to advice, MCAT studying and interview preparation is preferential for most – and highly recommended.

3) It’s a Source of Anxiety and Negativity

Some students won’t be accepted to medical school or find success on their chosen path; it’s not far-fetched to assume those students may tell their truth on Reddit. But just as your response to “why do you want to be a doctor?” will not be like anybody else’s, your experience will be just as unique. Sometimes premeds start comparing their achievements and accomplishments with those of others online. They start doubting themselves, questioning whether their clinical and shadowing experiences are impressive, or whether their medical school recommendation letters will be as strong. This is the wrong approach to medical school application prep. 

Instead of increasing your levels of anxiety and doubt by thinking about the achievements of your peers, you must work on your application to convey to the admissions committees why you’re the right candidate for medical school. While your competitors can brag on Reddit that they are a shoo-in at the Ivy League medical schools, do not waste your time and sleep on contemplating how you compare with other Reddit Premed users.

4) Lack of Accountability

Reddit Premed advice suffers from a critical lack of accountability, presenting two main issues. Firstly, individuals offering advice are not responsible for the outcome; their guidance may not be effective, and they're not obligated to address any resulting issues, leaving you without support if their suggestions fail.

Secondly, deceit and misinformation are rampant, making it difficult to verify claims. For example, users may post misleading success stories or hide important details about their application processes, such as late submissions or incomplete requirements, which can lead to misconceptions about the admissions process. Professional advisors, in contrast, provide accountable and reliable support tailored to ensure your success in medical school applications.

Reddit Premed: The Positive Side

While there are valid concerns about using Reddit for premed advice, it’s important to recognize the platform's potential benefits when navigated wisely.

Yes, although we strongly advise against Reddit, we can’t deny that it can be a valuable resource for premed students seeking community support and diverse perspectives during the strenuous medical school application process.

Access to a Broad Community: Reddit’s premed community, such as /r/premedcanada or /r/premed, is vast and inclusive, offering a platform where students from various backgrounds share their experiences and insights. This extensive network can provide encouragement and a sense of solidarity, especially valuable in the isolating journey of preparing for medical school.

Diverse Perspectives and Resources: Reddit users contribute a wide range of viewpoints and personal anecdotes about the medical school journey. These stories can offer practical tips and strategies that are not always covered in traditional advising sessions. Additionally, users often share resources like study guides, interview tips, and links to helpful websites and webinars, which can be incredibly beneficial.

Real-Time Feedback and Support: One of the standout features of Reddit is the immediacy of feedback. Users can ask questions and receive answers relatively quickly, which is particularly useful for urgent advice or last-minute tips before interviews or exams. The dynamic nature of Reddit conversations can provide quick access to information and immediate support from peers who have undergone or are currently experiencing similar challenges.

Anonymity and Honesty: The anonymous nature of Reddit allows users to ask questions and express concerns without fear of judgment. This can lead to more open and honest exchanges and can be particularly helpful for discussing sensitive topics like test anxiety, dealing with rejections, or personal hardships during the application process.

While it’s crucial to approach advice on Reddit with caution due to potential inaccuracies and biases, the platform can offer genuine support and valuable information when used as a supplementary resource alongside professional guidance. As always, it’s advisable for students to critically evaluate the information they receive, cross-reference with reliable sources, and consult with knowledgeable advisors to make the most informed decisions about their medical career path.

Other Free Resources For Premeds

Forums like Reddit and Student Doctor Network are not the only, and certainly not the best, free resources you can use to help you get into medical school. The entire BeMo team works hard every day to promote access to education and create free educational content for students aspiring to attend professional programs (we have hundreds of blogs)! The content you find on our website truly reflects the practices we implement during one-on-one sessions with our students, whether it’s the MCAT CARS strategyhow to prepare for CASPer, or how to prepare for your Multiple Mini Interview

We make this information available to all medical school hopefuls because we truly believe in leveling the playing field when it comes to medical school admissions. We do not keep this information secret because we want you to succeed. Many of our admissions experts are MDs and DOs who have personally gone through all the steps in preparing their medical school application components, residency application components, and getting that coveted license to practice. They have personally prepared for the MCAT, spent weeks strategizing their med school interview answers, went over hundreds of interview questions, and know the ERAS and CaRMS systems inside out. All the methods, tips, and strategies you read in our blogs have been tested and approved by experts.As you are reading this, you might be wondering, Is BeMo Academic Consulting worth it?” or, more crucially, ‘should I pay for admissions expertise if I can find it online for free?’ and these are valid questions. While you can learn about our approaches online, you cannot receive personalized, expert feedback if you do not work one-on-one with our consultants. The number one key to our students' success has always been the feedback and constructive criticism they receive from our consultants. Whether you’re seeking mock MCAT CARS practice, CASPer, or interview prep sessions; working one-on-one brings the benefit of detailed comments and advice on how to improve your areas of weakness and enhance your understanding of certain components:

“I enjoyed working with Margaret during BeMo’s premed research program, specifically in the research workshop. Margaret went above and beyond in addressing all my inquiries, providing thorough explanations, and offering additional resources to enhance my understanding of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Her expertise and dedication truly made the learning experience invaluable. I highly recommend Margaret and this program for anyone looking to delve deeper into research methodologies.” Shane Hughes, Former BeMo Student

Why you should avoid premed forums to get into med school:


It is completely up to you to decide you whether you want to get professional help or not. And while Reddit is full of great stories of personal triumphs and setbacks, you should be careful to use these stories to help your application. It is normal to turn to the internet community for advice but be vigilant about the information you encounter. Keep in mind that relying on Reddit or any other internet discussion board in making a decision about your career might not be the best idea. While the internet community can share its experience with you, your path to becoming a physician will be unique. And remember, we are always here to help!

1. Should I avoid all and any premed discussion forums at all costs?

Online forums can be used as sources of information, but do not make them your number one resource. Additionally, don’t trust everything you read in those forums. Remember the reasons why you should exercise caution when it comes to Reddit and other boards like it: they contain questionable information from questionable sources, there’s a lack of accountability and personalization, and, Reddit can bring a high dose of anxiety, misinformation and stress along with it (if it’ taken too seriously).

2. Can I get into medical school without the help of Reddit Premed and other discussion boards? Where can I find helpful information?

Yes, you can! Many students who get into medical schools accomplish this without the help of forums and advisors. There are many resources for students looking to enter the medical profession, including program websites and admissions professionals. You can find a list of helpful resources for your medical school application here.

It might be wise to look for a professional medical school advisor. Medical school admissions consultants have often gone through the medical school application process themselves or have extensive training and knowledge in the medical school admissions process. They have a strong educational background, extensive knowledge, a personalized approach, and therefore are in the best position to help you get accepted.

3. Why BeMo and why are you so confident you can help me get into my desired program?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Outstanding success rate
  • The ONLY firm with scientifically designed and proven programs.
  • The ONLY firm with a 100% satisfaction and get in or your money back® guarantees for select programs.
  • The ONLY firm that heavily invests in research and development of a new fairer admissions screening tool.
  • The ONLY firm with rigorously trained and tested admissions experts with over 53 years of combined experience.
  • We're not the best at everything but we're the leaders in strategic planning, application review, interview, and CASPer preparation.
  • Unlimited mentorship included with select programs.
4. Do I have to pay the entire cost of your programs upfront or can I pay in installments?

We can create a personalized, custom installment plan for your payments.

5. What are the positives of using Reddit for premed advice?

Reddit offers premed students a broad, supportive community and access to a diverse range of perspectives and resources. Its real-time feedback mechanism and the anonymity of the platform encourage open, honest discussions and quick advice on urgent queries, making it a valuable supplementary resource during the medical school application process. It does NOT replace the value of advice and coaching from a seasoned advisor or consultant, and you must take it with a grain of salt, but Reddit isn’t ALL bad.

6. Could I request to have a refundable trial interview mock to get an idea as to whether I should be choosing the limited sessions or unlimited package with BeMo?

We do not offer trial mock interviews for our interview preparation as all our experts are practicing professionals such as doctors that need to be compensated fairly for their time. You can click here to learn more about our interview prep programs. You can certainly start with our Silver program which allows you to have the one mock interview + feedback session, but you can always upgrade to a higher program at any time, you just need to pay the difference in the program prices and you would unlock the additional sessions!

7. Could you please explain what "unlimited" means in the Platinum interview program? Does this mean I could potentially book a mock interview every second day if I wanted?

The Platinum program is highly personalized and is designed to be completed strategically to prepare you as effectively as possible for your interviews as opposed to as many sessions as possible, which can actually hinder your performance and cause you to sound over-rehearsed and robotic. The program comes with unlimited sessions until our experts are 100% confident you are ready for your interviews. Interview skills are behavioral type skills and so they take a while to develop. Bashing out session every other day is not the appropriate way to develop and harness these skills. The feedback sessions are intensive, and your brain needs time to absorb and process between sessions otherwise the next session will be ineffective.

We want you to reach peak performance and then maintain and not burn out. Every student is different and we want to make sure that you are effectively preparing for your interview, so some students need fewer sessions, some need more sessions. As we monitor your progress along the way, we will modify and adapt the scheduling for your personalized plan.

8. How many medical schools require CASPer and how much time should I allow for preparations with BeMo?

Firstly, take a look at the list of medical schools that require CASPer. Every student is different with regards to how much practice and time they need for CASPer - some students need less practice and maybe only 1-2 weeks and some need a lot more practice and feedback to be fully ready within 1 to 2 months. The key is to have personalized feedback from a CASPer expert every step of the way, so we can help you improve with every session you go through. Our programs come with full-length realistic CASPer SIMs and one-on-one feedback sessions with a CASPer expert, with packages for every timeline and level of practice required.

9. Who are your consultants?

Our team of professionals includes medical doctors, as well as a variety of practicing professionals including scientists, researchers, and experts who have been on admissions boards. Regardless of their backgrounds, they are all highly knowledgeable and trained specifically for the admissions process. We only hire 5% of the consultants who apply for this role, so rest assured, you will be working with only the very best from all across North America! You can click here to learn more about the bios and credentials of our fantastic team members that you would be working with. You can also click here to watch a demo of one of our experts reviewing a personal statement.

10. What is your success rate?

Great question! For students that get to the interview stage in our unlimited programs, our success rate two years ago was 93.5%, and last year, although we are still awaiting a few more results, we had a 100% success rate with the same program.

To your success,

Your friends at BeMo,

BeMo Academic Consulting

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