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Real BeMo MCAT Reviews

We know you are shopping around for the perfect MCAT prep course. We would too! If you are looking for BeMo MCAT reviews, make sure to check out real student testimonies and feedback. For example, you can check out video testimonies of students who worked with us or go to Trustpilot to review independent, verified reviews from students who worked with our medical school admissions consultants directly.

Here're some third party verified reviews you can read:

Review of our initial MCAT prep session

Review of our Supportive Mentors

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And the ultimate review of our services here. And feel free to browse our reviews on your own on TrustPilot.

Or see students' reviews with your own eyes here:

We strongly caution you from giving too much heed to BeMo MCAT reviews on Reddit Premed and other premed forums, like Premed 101. Whether they are positive or negative, these reviews are written anonymously, and we cannot truly verify whether we actually worked with these students. They may not be true medical school applicants at all! Whatever they have to say, take it with a grain of salt.

Why You Need MCAT Help

For many students, the MCAT is the most dreaded component of the medical school application process. Some of the most common questions students ask us are “How hard is the MCAT?” and “How long is the MCAT?” This is understandable. This 7.5-hour exam tests you on such a wide variety of topics and evaluates such an enormous range of skills that it’s inevitably going to intimidate students.

Some students go as far as searching for medical schools that do not require the MCAT to avoid writing the test. So, what does it mean to have a good MCAT score? Why do students go out of their way to ace the MCAT, spending hours on creating their MCAT study schedules and then weeks, if not months, on studying for the MCAT?

Because according to the latest AAMC data, MCAT scores receive the highest importance rating from medical schools. This means that, along with your GPA, the MCAT is the most important academic metric schools consider when you apply. This also means that many schools might not even get to your other application components if you do not meet their MCAT standards. This way your medical school personal statement or the AMCAS Work and Activities section will be left unread. So, while the admissions process is claimed to be holistic, GPA and MCAT are still the domineering metrics in your medical school application.

Another very common question students ask is "Should I retake the MCAT?” This is a question you do not want to ask yourself and which is why professional MCAT prep help might be the right choice for you – retaking the MCAT is even more dreadful than taking it the first time. Why? There are several reasons:

All this leads us to say that proper MCAT preparation is key. Whether you are taking the MCAT for the first time or the third time, it’s important to get the help you need to ace this test.

Why BeMo Helps with MCAT Prep

All the reasons we list above should not make you believe that we think the MCAT is a test that can really evaluate your suitability for medicine. Some studies suggest that the MCAT does not indicate future performance or suitability for medical school. Yet, students must perform well on it to be even considered for medical education.

The truth is, the admissions process to medical school is incredibly picky and competitive. Students jump over tremendous hurdles to just apply, such as sitting the MCAT, writing their medical school personal statements, sending off their medical school secondary essays, and so on. Medical schools feel the right to be as choosy about their candidates as they wish to be. But it’s often a totally different story for the applicants. Students often consider themselves totally lucky if they get accepted to at least one school, out of the 10 or 15 schools they apply to in an application cycle. Your MCAT score has a tremendous effect on what schools you can apply to, and therefore the schools you can get into. But is it right to give the MCAT such power?

The problem with med schools focusing too much on the test results is that some students may be better at test-taking, while some students may be worse. We believe that this does not make them more or less suitable for this profession. This is why BeMo helps with MCAT prep. We believe that the MCAT is not a great indicator of students' ability to become doctors, and therefore believe that the playing field should be leveled. Our MCAT prep programs aim at developing necessary study skills and learning strategies to ace this test, as well as test-taking strategies that help students with this admissions requirement.

Why should you mistrust MCAT Reddit? Check out our reasons below:

How BeMo Helps with MCAT Prep

So, how do we help and what would you learn if you prepare with us?

We Do Not Teach Content, But We Teach How to Apply Your Knowledge

First things first: we do not teach our students MCAT content. This is closely tied to why we have an MCAT prep program in the first place – we only want to level the playing field between students who truly study and work hard to prepare for medical school. This means that they have done their homework by taking the necessary medical school prerequisites or working with MCAT tutors and science tutors who help them learn the necessary knowledge. While we can help with pointing out what concepts should be covered, what MCAT physics equations or MCAT chemistry equations you should know, and what high yield MCAT topics to focus on, we will not teach you this content from scratch.

We help students organize their study plans and, most importantly, we help them learn how to apply their content knowledge. The MCAT test format is very unique, so even the most knowledgeable and academically prepared students have trouble applying their knowledge to passage-based and discreet passages on the MCAT. How do we do this? Read on below.

We Teach Test-Taking Strategies

So, we have established that even the most brilliant student with extensive scientific, social science, and liberal arts knowledge can have trouble applying their brilliance on the MCAT. This is why you need top-notch test-taking strategies to ace this test.

At BeMo, we teach you to understand the complex MCAT format and how your knowledge and skills need to be used to find the correct answer. Often, students think that only the MCAT CARS section tests their critical thinking and analytical skills, but this is not so. Even MCAT biology questions or MCAT psychology require you to read through every passage critically, pull together relevant points from the passage, and apply it to the question you are being asked. This way, you combine the passage information, your knowledge, and your skills to tackle these passages. Every MCAT section requires you to use many skills at once: reading comprehension, critical reasoning, data analysis, and more.

We will teach you how to approach each passage and use your already existing skills to answer each question correctly.

Looking for help with MCAT CARS? Check out how our tutors can help you!

We Teach Life-Long Study Habits

What’s more, we teach you how to develop the best study strategies and skills, such as organizational abilities, time management, critical thinking, and planning ahead. If you are planning to become a doctor, the MCAT is far from being the last test you will take. If you are on your way to becoming a physician in the US, you will be faced with USMLE Step 1, 2, and 3, or the COMLEX series if you are planning to become a doctor of osteopathy. If you are planning to attend one of the medical schools in Canada, anticipate the enormous MCCQE Part 1 exam when you plan for residency. All in all, the learning habits you build now will serve you long after you complete the MCAT. This is hugely important for your success as a physician.

At BeMo, we help you build these healthy study habits. The students we help leave with life-long strategies that they use after they complete their entrance exams like the MCAT, LSAT, GRE, and so on. They develop good judgment and organizational strengths that allow them to succeed in further examinations, including OSCEs, bar exams, NCLEX, and so on.

We Motivate Students to Ace the Test

All our programs are designed to eliminate obstacles to higher education. Whether the program is for-profit or free, it is created to motivate, help, and inspire personal development. For example, our free DocShadowing opportunity is available for free to anyone who’s interested. This program removes any geographical and time limitations by allowing students to access it from wherever and whenever is convenient to them.

Similarly, we design our MCAT consultations with the intent to encourage and help students get into their dream schools. In fact, our Ace the MCAT & Get Into Medical School Competitions inspire students to be their best selves and have a choice when it comes to their career path. The conditions of the competitions are simple: whoever gets the highest MCAT score with our help and who gets into the most medical schools in Canada and/or the US with our help can receive $100,000! We help our students get the highest scores possible with our MCAT prep help and make their medical school applications stand out, so this results in more acceptances and therefore the students have a choice when it comes to their medical school admissions.Tthey have more schools to choose from and pick the school that is right for them.


If you are wondering how common it is for students to sign up for MCAT prep help, you are not alone. Getting help from MCAT tutors and signing up for MCAT prep courses is a common step for students who wonder how to study for the MCAT and how to start studying for this intimidating test. Furthermore, studies show that socio-economic and financial background does not significantly affect whether students sign up for MCAT prep help. Take a look at these figures:

The percentage of students who used MCAT prep services from households with less than $80,000 yearly income was not much lower than the percentage of students from households with more than $80,000 annual income. Furthermore, the percentage of students who come from households with $80K annual income who used medical school prep help is higher than the percentage of students from higher-income households.

Why does this matter? Because it further dispels the myth that only “rich” applicants get help and get into medical school. With our interest-free installment plans, any student, from any socioeconomic background, can afford the help they need. We save students a lot of time and money by helping them avoid the dreaded re-application process.


1. Where can I find BeMo MCAT reviews?

We strongly advise you to visit our Trustpilot reviews and our students' testimonies on YouTube. 

2. How does BeMo help students ace the MCAT?

We teach students how to apply their knowledge on the MCAT. The unique format of the test makes it difficult for students to approach each passage and question. We can help you develop the appropriate strategies to read the passages, teach you how to read MCAT graphs, how to work on MCAT timing, and more. 

3. Why does BeMo even have an MCAT prep program?

We believe that everyone deserves access to their dream career. The MCAT is claimed to assess your knowledge and academic prowess, however, it is also a standardized test. Some students are better at taking such tests than others, so we want to help students develop the necessary skills to ace the MCAT.

4. What other prep programs does BeMo have?

We can help with any part of the medical school admissions process, including essays, work and activities sections, CASPer, interviews, and so on.

5. Can BeMo help with other standardized tests?

Yes, we can! We can help with any standardized tests, including LSAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, and so on. 

6. How can you guarantee my MCAT success?

We are famous for bold guarantees. This is because we are absolutely confident that we can help you get into the program of your dreams. Our 93.5% success rate speaks for itself!

7. How much does BeMo MCAT prep cost?

We have a variety of programs available, so you can choose the one that is best suited for you. Don’t forget that we also offer interest-free installment plans. 

8. What other resources can I use to prepare for the MCAT?

You can always check our blog for detailed and informative MCAT articles, such as the MCAT physics practice questions and answers or the MCAT psychology practice questions and answers. Browse our blog to find more useful articles! You can also check out our YouTube instructional videos to help you prepare!  

To your success,

Your friends at BeMo

BeMo Academic Consulting 

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