Master of Business Administration (MBA) Application Tips


Is an MBA program right for you?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a lucrative opportunity that is highly sought after by the go-getters of the business community and the knights of the office. So how can you increase your chances of acceptance?

Before you even consider doing an MBA, you need to consider the investment of time and capital and the outcome you’re hoping to achieve, just like a business mind ask yourself this simple question: to invest or not to invest! At the end of the day your plan should be to maximize the return for your master’s degree!

Reports show that the average salary of an MBA graduate can range anywhere between $30,000 and $375,000. Even among the best schools (which by the way is where you should only look into if you have your eye on the corner office) there are many socially responsible grads that fill the low paid positions for the cause or pursue a low paying job at a start-up. This explains the gap in income, however if you are doing an MBA to grow your income, you need to get into a great school and the competition cannot be any more stiff.

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