What is the best MCAT prep course? Read student stories and triumphs as they share how BeMo’s MCAT prep course can help you increase your MCAT score!

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What Is the Best MCAT Prep Course? Nikita’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 507 to 523 on My MCAT Kamilla’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 505 to 520 on my MCAT Julie’s MCAT Prep Journey: From 505 to 521 on My MCAT Erica’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 506 to 520 on My MCAT Anna’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 504 to 519 on MY MCAT Michael’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 500 to 518 on My MCAT Sarah’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: Fom 502 to 517 on My MCAT Howard’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 489 to 512 on my MCAT Abby’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 500 to 510 on my MCAT A Word of Advice from Our MCAT Experts FAQs

What Is the Best MCAT Prep Course?

The answer might seem obvious, right? The best MCAT prep course is the course that gets you your desired MCAT score! But how to choose the right one?

In my experience, no two students are the same. Every student I work with has a unique learning style and needs. This is why a one-on-one MCAT prep course might be the best option for you if you are looking to improve your MCAT score. The personalized feedback and attention to your needs you receive in these sessions can greatly improve your MCAT skills, whether it’s your MCAT CARS strategyMCAT timing, or knowledge of the MCAT content. 

However, before you jump into signing up for a course, read testimonials and experiences by other students to see what kind of MCAT prep course would work best for your learning style. The MCAT prep course stories below will help you weigh all the pros and cons of learning in our course, so you can make a sound decision that is right for you.

Nikita’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 507 to 523 on My MCAT

As someone who was consistently scoring around 507, I found my MCAT prep challenging until I met Dr. Narusis through BeMo. His approach to tutoring was transformational, focusing not just on rote memorization but on understanding the underlying logic of the MCAT questions. This deeper insight, coupled with practical test-taking strategies, allowed me to excel and achieve a score of 523, far beyond my initial expectations.

Kamilla’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 505 to 520 on my MCAT

My experience with BeMo's MCAT prep course was beyond educational—it was game-changing. My tutor, Simon Marmura Brown, not only clarified complex topics but also taught me how to analyze my own learning and adjust my strategies effectively. Starting with a baseline score of 505, his patient and insightful tutoring helped elevate my understanding and practice scores, achieving a 520 on my final practice tests. His support didn’t just prepare me for the MCAT; it gave me a robust foundation for medical school.

Julie’s MCAT Prep Journey: From 505 to 521 on My MCAT

My MCAT prep began with anxiety and a low practice MCAT score of 505. When I found BeMo’s MCAT prep course, BeMo expert Dr. Narusis tailored our sessions to focus on my weak points, particularly MCAT CARS and psychological/social sections. His methodical approach and encouragement helped me understand the core principles and apply them effectively. By the end of our sessions, my confidence soared, and I scored a 521 on the MCAT. This experience not only improved my test scores but also transformed how I approached learning in stressful situations.

Erica’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 506 to 520 on My MCAT

Before BeMo, I felt overwhelmed by the breadth of the MCAT content, stuck at a practice score of 506. Working with Megan, my tutor, changed my outlook. She provided not only academic support but also motivational advice that helped me manage stress and study more effectively. Her tips on time management and critical analysis led to a significant score improvement to 520 on the actual exam, renewing my enthusiasm and confidence in pursuing a medical career.

Anna’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 504 to 519 on MY MCAT

My MCAT preparation felt stagnant until I joined BeMo’s MCAT prep course. Initially scoring 504, I struggled particularly with the biochemistry sections. My tutor, Dr. Henry, introduced innovative learning methods that clarified difficult concepts and integrated real-life applications, making study sessions more engaging. His supportive nature and strategic guidance helped me increase my score to 519, a testament to the effectiveness of personalized tutoring and persistent effort.

Wondering if you need an MCAT prep course or tutor to get a good MCAT score? Watch this video:

Michael’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 500 to 518 on My MCAT

When I started with BeMo, my MCAT prep was scattered, and my initial score was 500. Working with Elissar, my tutor, we developed a structured MCAT study plan focusing on MCAT high-yield topics and test-taking strategies. Elissar’s patience and insightful feedback during our intensive review sessions helped me grasp complex concepts and apply them under timed conditions. This strategic overhaul was crucial, lifting my MCAT score to 518, which felt like a true reflection of my potential.

Sarah’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: Fom 502 to 517 on My MCAT

My first MCAT attempt was a wake-up call. Scoring a 501 was demoralizing, but BeMo’s MCAT prep course, particularly the sessions with Hanlin Liu on chemistry, really made me believe I can and will do better. Hanlin personalized my study plan, emphasizing active learning and critical analysis, which were game-changers for me. His mentorship helped elevate my understanding and application of the material, resulting in a final score of 517. This journey not only prepared me for the MCAT but also instilled a deeper appreciation and understanding of the subjects that I will need to know as a future physician.

Howard’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 489 to 512 on my MCAT

When I first approached BeMo, I was overwhelmed by the MCAT preparation. My initial practice scores were disheartening, barely reaching 498. Through BeMo's focused sessions, especially with Simon who helped clarify my doubts and misconceptions about test strategies and content, I gradually saw improvement. Our sessions revolved around understanding complex scientific concepts and applying them practically, which significantly boosted my scores. By the end of my prep, I achieved a 512 on my MCAT, a score I initially thought was out of reach.

Abby’s MCAT Prep Course Journey: From 500 to 510 on my MCAT

My MCAT prep course experience with BeMo was transformative. My MCAT tutor Rene focused my efforts on critical reasoning skills, which were my weakest, and helped improve my practice test scores from the initial 500 to a confident 510. She not only personalized my study plan according to my life’s schedule but also enriched it with strategic insights that were crucial for tackling the MCAT effectively. BeMo’s MCAT prep course made a daunting journey much more manageable and led to a confident MCAT day.

Keep these in mind before you enroll!

A Word of Advice from Our MCAT Experts

Will the MCAT determine your worth as a physician? No, not really. As our expert Dr. Monica Taneja, MD, says:

“MCAT and GPA are important as screening tools. But, they won’t be the end all for you to get in or be rejected from a school” – Dr. Monica Taneja, MD

We at BeMo don’t necessarily think that the MCAT is the best way to evaluate your potential. We believe that students have unique traits to offer that cannot be quantified by numbers and that your experiences and abilities are not limited to such tests. For example, one of our students, Allison, who applied to medical schools in Texas and got into the Dell Medical School said that her new hobby – woodworking – got brought up in all her medical school interviews, unlike her MCAT score or her GPA. She notes that sometimes “it’s the thing you find weirdest about yourself” or the “things that make you different” are ultimately what are going to “make you stand out the most.”

However, because the MCAT is commonly required for admission to medical school, it is still important to score well on this test. To score well on the MCAT, you’ll need the proper tools. This is the point of our MCAT prep course, to provide you with the strategies and knowledge of how to ace this test so you can have a better shot of getting accepted to the medical school of your choice.


1. What are the different types of MCAT prep courses?

The most common types of MCAT prep courses are either group courses or private courses. We recommend one-on-one private courses, as they allow for more focus on your personal improvement. 

2. Will an MCAT prep course actually help me improve my MCAT score?

A private one-on-one approach is sure to help you improve your score, as long as you put in the work.

3. What are the benefits of taking an MCAT prep course?

In the short-term, it will help you improve your score and keep you accountable. In the long-term, it will save you money, since you will not need to retake the MCAT again!

4. Are MCAT prep courses worth it?

Yes, if you just want a one-stop shop where you can access all materials, instruction, study schedules and so on, an MCAT prep course could save you a lot of stress.

5. Can I get a good MCAT score without an MCAT prep course?

Yes. A lot of students take the MCAT without enrolling in any prep course and manage to achieve their desired score. 

6. Which is the best MCAT prep course?

Logically, whichever course will help you the most. We recommend one-on-one prep courses and tutoring, such as our own MCAT prep course.

7. What are the disadvantages of MCAT prep classes?

In the short-term, MCAT courses are expensive. But they save you a lot of money in the long term by helping you avoid retaking the MCAT.

8. How can I find an MCAT prep class that is right for me?

Before signing up for the course, do read the independent reviews of the course and talk to some ex-students to get an impartial assessment. Following these few guidelines can help you make the right decision about which MCAT prep class to pick.

To your success,

Your friends at BeMo

BeMo Academic Consulting

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Juan Carlos Vazquez

If i struggled in particular pre-req or two –– would you recommend retaking these courses first before beginning to study for the MCAT?


BeMo Academic Consulting

Hi Juan Carlos! Thank you very much for your question. If you are going to retake a course, you must also restructure your study strategies. Simply retaking a class using the same learning habits might not result in better learning and understanding, or a better grade. The key to successful MCAT prep is developing the right strategies and tactics that allow you to maximize your learning, critical thinking skills, and knowledge of MCAT content. Retaking a class might help, but you must work on your personal study habits to increase comprehension and knowledge of content. I hope this helps your decision. If you have any more questions, let us know!

BeMo Academic Consulting

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