Meharry Medical College was formed in 1876 by the Freedmen's Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church in an effort to educate freed slaves and extend quality healthcare services to the most vulnerable segments of the society. To further this mission, Meharry Medical College continues to make these educational opportunities available to students from underrepresented groups. The College is also known for research in the field of health disparities. With a medical school acceptance rate of 1.61%, it is a struggle to get accepted into this medical school. This blog is your guide to securing admission to the Meharry Medical College.

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Mission Statement

“Meharry Medical College is a global academic health sciences center advancing health equity through innovative research, transformative education, exceptional and compassionate health services and policy-influencing thought leadership. True to its legacy, Meharry empowers diverse populations to improve the well-being of humankind.”

Available Programs

As one of the top medical schools in Tennessee , Meharry Medical College offers a variety of health and clinical programs. 

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Academic Curriculum

The Meharry Medical College has an integrated curriculum for the first year which includes modules for basic, clinical, and social sciences. These modules include Principles and Practice of Medicine, Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics, Gross Anatomy, and Embryology; also included are Integrated Neuroscience, Immunology, Principles of Infectious Disease and Foundations in Human Disease and Treatment. The curriculum for the second year revolves around a series of organ systems. Finally, the clinical years includes courses such as: Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, Surgery, an ambulatory rotation served in an urban or rural underserved area, internal medicine sub-internship, capstone, and Radiology.

Grading System

Meharry Medical College has a grading system in which the coursework is assessed in the following grades: A, B+, B, C+, C, F, P, S, or U. These grades appear on each student’s official transcript and on the report given to them at the end of each semester. The preclinical and clinical departments are expected to also support the allocated grade with a narrative along with the letter grade for students.

Check out a quick recap of Meharry Medical School acceptance rates, available programs, and interview formats:

Application Timeline

The following is the general timeline of the Meharry Medical College.

Admissions Statistics 

Following are the admissions statistics for Meharry Medical College:

  • Total Number of Matriculants per Year: 115
  • Success Rate (Overall): 1.61%
  • Success Rate (In-state): 25.21%
  • Success Rate (Out-of-state): 73.91%
  • Success Rate (International): 0.86%
  • Average Accepted GPA: 3.52
  • Average Accepted MCAT Score: 503 

Meharry Medical College Overall Acceptance Rate:

Recommended Courses

Meharry Medical College requires that all potential applicants have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in United States or Canada. Applicants must have attained a grade point average (GPA) between 3.5 and 4 to be considered. Following are the medical school prerequisites required for students applying to the Meharry Medical College:

Are you wondering why prerequisites and recommended courses are important?

Tuition and Debt

  1. Total cost of attendance for in-state and out-of-state students: $92,596
  2. Percentage of students receiving financial aid: 92%
  3. Average debt of graduating students: $273,732 

Funding Opportunities

Meharry Medical College has an Office of Student Financial Aid that helps students advise on the various funding opportunities available to help them meet their professional goals. This advice includes but is not limited to the application process, options available for funding, consumer credit and debt management. Students at the Meharry Medical College have access to a variety of funding sources including medical school scholarships (both internal and external), grants, work study and loans. These funds are allocated to students based on academic achievement and financial need. Students need to remain cognizant of the fact that the amount of funds available are susceptible to change from one academic year to the next and need to plan their finances very carefully. 

Scholarships and Grants

There are a few scholarships and grants available to students at the Meharry Medical College. Several students are awarded the Honors Incentive Scholarship who have performed exceptionally well in their undergrad. It covers their total tuition and fee for the first year. However, funding is not automatically available for the next years and is based on academic performance. The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholarship Program pays for students’ tuition and fees and other expenses including textbooks, clinical supplies and instruments, laboratory expenses, uniforms and travel expenses for one clinical rotation. The Tennessee Black Conditional Grant Program (TCG) is available to African American residents of Tennessee applying to the Meharry Medical College. The State of Tennessee also supports Tennessee residents accepted at the Meharry Medical College through a grant offered by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. The = grant is approved by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC). Funding is contingent upon availability of funds from the State and the student maintaining excellent academic performance. 

Federal Loans

Students unable to afford the program have two options available under federal direct loans program which are Med Direct Unsubsidized loan and a Direct Grad PLUS loan. To qualify for the Med Direct Unsubsidized loan, students need to fulfill two requirements: the first is Entrance Loan Counselling and the second one is a Master Promissory Note.

Selection Factors

The Admissions Committee selects students based on a comprehensive review of their cognitive abilities, personal traits, and characteristics of the candidates. Some of the other most important selection factors also include academic performance, MCAT scores, letters of recommendation, research experiences, research statement or medical school personal statement and secondary essay, as well as the extracurricular activities. Applicants must also complete the CASPer test, one of the components of the Altus Suite. CASPer is a pre-requisite to the Meharry interview. If you have not completed it, you won’t be interviewed. Don’t forget to practice with CASPer questions and realistic simulations before you take the actual test.

Candidates shortlisted based on the above criteria are invited for an interview where their non-cognitive abilities are assessed. While the Meharry Medical College prefers students from minorities and disadvantaged background, its goal is to attract students from a broad range of demographic background and diverse cultural and educational experiences. Meharry College does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, state of residence or handicap. 

Interview Formats 

The selected candidates will be interviewed in a traditional interview format by the Meharry Medical College basic science faculty or Meharry School of Medicine staff. Interviews of all selected candidates will be in-person. 

Check out some of the most common medical school interview questions you should prepare for:

Acceptance and Waitlist Information

Latest acceptance notices are sent to students by June 1st. Candidates have a maximum period of 3 weeks to respond. Deferred entrance requests are entertained on a case-by-case basis. 

Contact Information

Meharry Medical College website

Meharry Medical College Admissions website


1. How early can I apply to Meharry Medical College?

Applicants can apply to the Meharry Medical College by completing the AMCAS online application process in June.

2. Does Meharry Medical College have a Supplementary Application?

Yes, Meharry Medical College has a Supplementary Application process. Applicants should fill the Supplementary Application and pay the $65 fee once they have been invited to do so by the Meharry Medical College.

3. Does Meharry Medical College have an Early Decision Program?

Yes, Meharry Medical College has an Early Decision Program in which an applicant applies only to Meharry Medical College and is guaranteed a notification by October 1st. For the Early Decision Program, all required documents must be received by the AMCAS no later than August 1st. Students not accepted under the Early Decision Program can be considered as regular candidates and can also apply for other schools. Students accepted through the Early Decision Program are automatically considered for scholarships.

4. When does the Admissions Committee at the Meharry Medical College begin reviewing applications?

The annual review process of applications begins on August 1st each year and continues until all the positions in the class are filled.

5. What is the minimum GPA I should attain to secure admission to Meharry Medical College?

The Admissions Committee at Meharry Medical College only considers applications with a science GPA of 3.5 and above.

6. Is the MCAT a requirement for applying to Meharry Medical College? What is the average MCAT score accepted by the Admissions Committee?

MCAT is a pre-requisite for applying to Meharry Medical College. All candidates need to provide their MCAT scores. The MCAT scores cannot be more than 3 years old to be considered valid. Successful applicants at Meharry Medical College have an average MCAT score of 503.

7. Do I have to attain a bachelor’s degree before applying to Meharry Medical College?

Yes, applicants require a bachelor’s degree to be considered for admission to the Meharry Medical College.8. How many recommendation letters do students need to provide? Applicants need to provide at least 3 recommendation letters no later than their junior year.

8. How many recommendation letters do students need to provide?

Applicants need to provide at least 3 recommendation letters no later than their junior year.

9. Is it mandatory to take CASPer before the interview?

All applicants need to complete CASPer before the interview. CASPer allows Meharry Medical College to asses the soft-skills of potential applicants.

10. How important is a personal statement for an application?

Personal statement is a very important part of the application. Applicants are expected to write a well-thought-out personal statement without errors and cliches. Another important tip is to avoid including your name in the personal statement.

11. What are the secondary essay prompts?

The secondary essay prompts at the Meharry Medical College? Following are the essay prompts for secondary essays at the Meharry Medical College from the previous years:

Why do you wish to attend Meharry Medical College, School of Medicine?

Please describe a personal situation of failure, significant challenge or a major obstacle that you have overcome. Include a description of your coping skills and lessons you learned about yourself from that situation.

12. When is the best time to visit Meharry Medical College?

Meharry Medical College offers tours to both individuals and groups all around the year. However, campus tours for individuals or groups of less than 5 individuals are scheduled only on Friday at 10:00am or 3:00pm. 

13. What are some of the most important criteria for the Admissions Committee at the Meharry Medical College?

Admissions Committee at the Meharry Medical College selects applicants based on their academic performance (in both graduate and undergraduate courses), personal characteristics leadership and community service experience and awareness and potential for success in the medical profession.

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